You are walking around the mall and smell the delicious aroma of a warm, cinnamon pretzel. You turn the corner and have this internal battle of whether or not you should buy yourself a pretzel. You walk away knowing you just fought temptation! All it takes is the first step of not giving in to your guilty pleasures like the cookies at the mall, the pretzels, or the cupcakes at the grocery store. With the help of the best Roswell personal trainer, you are becoming stronger and better with your diet thanks to the three pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, and accountability. When you decide you want to lose weight or tone up, you have to be all in, including eating healthy while working out 3-4 times per week. Just because you are working out does not mean that you can indulge in sweets, bread, and other unhealthy foods all the time. You have to learn how to fight temptation.

The best Roswell personal trainer will hold you accountable by creating a group chat with you and asking to see pictures of your daily meals. How do you think your trainer would respond if he saw you send a picture of a cinnamon pretzel for lunch? They would probably remind you that a pretzel is not a healthy option for lunch. They will teach you to fight temptation. One of my favorite ways to fight temptation is by replacing it with a healthier option. For example, I am an extreme cheese lover and would eat cheese everyday if I could. However, that’s not realistic and good for my body. I have tried alternatives such as a dairy free cheese that has less fat in it instead of choosing regular cheese. If you are craving something sweet, try eating something like frozen fruit or a fruit cup that still cures that sweet craving.

Fighting temptation for those unhealthier food options is not easy by any means, but when you have someone holding you accountable and providing you with a nutrition guide to clean eating, every meal becomes a little bit easier. The best Roswell personal trainer will provide you with a nutrition guide on top of a customized workout plan that will help you create alternatives and make healthier choices. Another way to fight temptation is to go to the grocery store full or walk around the mall with some snacks on hand.

This way when you walk past that pretzel bakery or are walking the grocery store aisles aimlessly, you won’t even think twice about craving that pretzel or wanting that bag of chips at the store. If you’ve already eaten before grocery shopping, it helps you stick to your grocery list and not buy that box of cookies or cupcakes from the bakery. Before you know it, you will become so disciplined with your eating and a professional at fighting temptation. Instead of craving and wanting unhealthy foods like cookies, cupcakes, and chips, your body will start to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. When you enjoy fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods, you will start to see results and achieve your health and wellness goals. All it takes is the first step to fight temptation.

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You’ve made it to Friday and all you can think about is where you’re going out to eat when you get off work. What if I told you you can still look forward to eating out on the weekends, while still eating clean? Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but the truth is it’s totally possible! So how do you eat clean on the weekends? Well, the best Roswell personal trainer is going to teach you how. They will provide you with a restaurant eating-out guide when you start working out with Built Phoenix Strong. This helps you order healthier options from the menu and ask them to take out some of the extra unhealthy things like butter, salt, and other flavors that contain mostly fat.

A lot of times when you go to a restaurant and order something healthy like salmon, it’s tossed in so much butter and salt that it is no healthier than McDonald’s by the time it reaches your table. It’s important to remember this when you decide to go out to eat on the weekends. When you order the salmon from the menu and refer back to your eating out guide, you will remember to ask for no butter, salt, or creamy sauce they are just putting on top of the salmon. Another example is treating the menu as if you were gluten free and had to order without any gluten. This allows you to eat more clean on the weekends. If your friends tell you they are craving cheeseburgers and french fries from the local burger restaurant, you can ask if they will wrap your burger in lettuce instead or just without the bun altogether. Instead of having french fries, you could order a side salad.

Another big mistake people make on the weekends is eating clean from Monday-Friday and then throwing that to the side on Saturday and Sunday. If you work extremely hard during the week and eat clean, but then binge on unhealthy foods all weekend, then are you taking ten steps back every single weekend. The best Roswell personal trainer even holds you accountable on the weekends to prevent you from making unhealthy choices on the weekends. They will check in with you on Saturday and even Sunday to see what kind of things you are eating and how many meals you are having. This is extremely important because if they did not check on you all weekend and you continued to eat whatever you wanted, then it would show in your performance the next time you had a training session.

Thanks to the best Roswell personal trainer, the chances of that happening are less likely. When you eat clean on the weekends, you feel better all the time, your energy remains high, and you see results quicker. Eating clean is not easy in the beginning, but the more you follow a plan and choose healthier options, the easier it becomes and more clean you will start to eat all the time, not just during the week. This even includes the weekends when it is usually the most challenging because you have plans with family and friends.