The Phoenix Philosophy

What is the Built Phoenix Strong Philosophy?

Our philosophy is to combine the 3 main pillars of health. fitness, nutrition, and accountability while working with your Roswell Fitness Coach. The combination of these 3 pillars not only allows our clients to see results but also keep those results long-term working with their Buford Personal Trainer.

After years of study, Coach Placid, your favorite Roswell Fitness Coach or Buford Personal Trainer noticed that a majority of personal training programs with Roswell Personal Trainers are lacking at least 1 of these 3 pillars. They either have 2 or just 1 of the 3 pillars. Without the 3rd pillar clients either struggle to get results, or they get results and are unable to keep them long term. This is referred to as “the yo-yo effect” or “yo-yo dieting” etc. At Built Phoenix Strong our clients not only achieve rapid results but create a new permanent healthy lifestyle after mastering each of our 3 pillars of health. This leads a lifetime of results, comfort, and health. This makes our program unique because a combination of these 3 pillars is almost non-existent in the health industry and it leads to hundreds of people starting and stopping over and over again over the course of their life.

We strive to be a permanent solution for your health goals as your Buford Personal Trainer. This is why we take the time to interview each and every prospect to make sure we are a great fit for you and that you are also a great fit for us. The ideal client for us is ready to change and comes to the understanding that if any of our 3 pillars of health are missing from their life, it will be increasingly difficult for them to succeed in their health long term and short term as well. That’s where a Roswell Fitness Coach comes into play.

Roswell Personal Trainer Why Train


Athletes have planned Roswell Personal Trainer workouts weekly from their coaches and as a result, they remain in top shape. Once sports are over, so are the scheduled workouts and the designed workout plans. It is at THIS time that many former athletes realize that they really do not know how to design a workout plan tailored towards their success and as a result they spend the next several months/years jumping from plan to plan in search of results. Or worse, they stop working out altogether. Over the course of several years as a Roswell Fitness Coach, 87% of former athletes are out of shape. Whether that be overweight or too high of a body fat percentage, low energy, short-winded, etc. The Athlete Resurrection Plan is the return of your tailored workouts by a top-notch coach. Our tailored program is strategically composed of the most effective compound movements. Compound movements are a pivotal step in reaching your health goals. These exercises from a Buford Personal Trainer burn the maximum amount of fat, a maximum amount of calories, and build muscle. They do this in the shortest amount of time thus making them the most effective method of exercise in comparison to their counterpart “isolation exercises”. Isolation exercises are great complementary exercises, but Brun only a fraction of the amount of fat that compound exercises do, thus leading them to not produce much of a visible change. Through Coach Placid’s 10+ years of study and experience. He composed a plan that is equipped with THE most efficient and beneficial exercises an individual can do. And lays them out throughout the athlete resurrection program.


Our Roswell Personal Trainer and Buford Personal Trainer customized nutrition guide was hand-tailored by our founder. It is designed specifically to transform your eating habits, appearance, and create a new healthy lifestyle in UNDER 10 weeks.

The reason people don’t stick to their “diets” is because of 1 of 3 reasons

  1. They are eating something they DON’T LIKE
  2. They don’t know what to eat
  3. They don’t know how much to eat of something


The athlete resurrection plan implemented with your Roswell Fitness Coach has a customized nutrition guide that solves all 3 of these issues at the same time. This guide will not only deliver short term results but will teach clients HOW to eat. This allows them to be able to have results for the rest of their life and never have to go through any more fad diets, or cleanses in order to achieve their optimal health. This is a new way of eating that our clients continue as they progress through life. This Roswell Personal Trainer guide is crafted with the best food options available for optimal health while still having flexibility. During his undergraduate study of pre-medicine & exercise science. Coach Placid intently studied optimal foods and eating patterns. He then tested and tested combinations in order to acquire the most effective Roswell Personal Trainer meal guide. It has since led to over 300+ former athletes losing at least 20 lbs and 8% body fat in their first 8 weeks in the program.


For most former athletes, the time when they played sports is also the time when they were in THE BEST shape of their life. Unfortunately, while playing sports most athletes are on a set schedule that is designed to bring them success and they have a team of coaches to hold them accountable. BUT once that coach is no longer present, many former athletes lose that accountability factor and their health takes a pitfall. The athlete resurrection plan brings BACK that accountability coach with a Buford Personal Trainer. Walking down a new path alone and trying to find your way can be difficult and at times discouraging. Our accountability coaches, as you work one on one with your Roswell Fitness Coach, are there to guide you down the path and hold you accountable to the highest standard each and every day. We believe that every person has good days and bad days in their life. But we hold dearly to us your first client consultation and the goals each client told us they were aspiring for. And when those tough days arrive, our coaches are there to remind our clients about why they started this journey, why this journey is important, how close they are to the next step, and what possibilities lay on the other side. In today’s world, the number one Roswell Personal Trainer reason people don’t achieve their dreams in any aspect of life once they’ve started a journey is they stop, right before they reach their destination. At Built Phoenix Strong, with our accountability systems in place, each client is et up to reach that destination