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“One of the greatest personal training experiences with a Roswell Fitness Coach I’ve ever had!! Coach Placid is knowledgeable, patient, accountable and personable! I’ve seen great results only within a few weeks of training and after a few months my whole physique has really turned out great. He has taught me to be more mindful about my nutritional choice to build a lifestyle of that supports great health. It is well worth the investment!!”

– Abigail Bryan

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We put together a proven course of compound exercises and movements. This gives you better results instead of isolating movements limiting the results of your efforts.

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Built Phoenix Strong gives you a coach to guide you through the tailored process keeping you on track to your fitness goals.

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What is the Built Phoenix Strong Method?
Our Three Pillars Rely on the Core Components to Total Health and Wellness:

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  • Icon NutritionNutrition
  • Icon AccountabilityAccountability

The Built Phoenix Strong Proven Method to Health and Wellness

Our results show that with 300-500 former athletes, 93% lose an average of 20 pounds and 8% body fat when joining Built Phoenix Strong in under two months!

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Your body needs proper fuel to help optimize your health and wellness. At Built Phoenix Strong, with a Roswell Fitness Coach, we teach you everything you need to know about proper optimization for your body.

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About Built Phoenix Strong

Our Founder and Head Roswell Fitness Coach, Placid Ajoku II is a former professional football player with a mission to teach fitness to the world!

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Meet the Founder and Developer of the Phoenix Method

1. Fitness

We provide our clients with a success roadmap. This a custom-tailored workout plan constructed of the right movements that will allow their body to see the specific changes they desire. This is important because simply working out can be good for overall health working with a Buford Personal Trainer. But when it comes to seeing visible results and reaching your goals working with a Roswell Fitness Coach, it is important to be intentional about each and every move that you perform during a workout. Each exercise in a Built Phoenix Strong workout has a specific intention behind it, in order to assure that our clients reach their goals. These hand-crafted workouts can lead to results fairly quickly when combined with the next two pillars of the phoenix method, which are nutrition and accountability.

This is illustrated through your Built Phoenix Strong success roadmap working with a Buford Personal Trainer. The success roadmap developed by your favorite Roswell Personal Trainers provides you with the visual step by step process that needs to be completed in order to have the ideal body and health that you desire. Each point in the roadmap is a step with action items that need to be performed on a daily basis. If these actions are performed success is inevitable for a Built Phoenix Strong client. This leads to our clients losing an average of 25 lbs in their first month of the Phoenix method, with the help of their Roswell Personal Trainer or Roswell Fitness Coach. These workouts are made of specific compound movements that lead to visible changes in the body. Many people work out for months but do not actually see any visible changes. Our exercise selection is catered to make your body change both on the inside and the outside.


2. Nutrition

Each Built Phoenix Strong client is provided with a customized nutrition guide to walk through with their Roswell Personal Trainer. This is a long-term solution to healthy eating. Not only does a customized guide allow you to get quick results, but it will make your nutrition sustainable for you long term. As opposed to a diet, which is simply a quick fix, plus your Buford Personal Trainer will hold you accountable. Once a diet is no longer being executed, our bodies tend to go back to where they were before the diet. With a customized nutrition guide you receive flexible eating that is both healthy and sustainable. We do not take an overbearing approach to nutrition. The reason being that we want our clients to enjoy their life while still being healthy, far too often people are led to believe that it is one or the other. They are told that in order to live a healthy lifestyle you have to have a very strict diet and are unable to enjoy your favorite foods. We set out to solve this problem for good by composing a guide made of a series of lists and a series of meals.

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Placid Ajoku II, Former Pro Athlete, Trainer of 700+ Former Athletes, Founder and Developer of Built Phoenix Strong and the Phoenix Training Method

This gives our clients working with their Roswell Fitness Coach some freedom in what they eat while still being healthy. This strategy executed by our Roswell Personal Trainers at Built Phoenix Strong delivers the best of both worlds and gives our personal training clients a sustainable method of nutritious eating. When nutrition is designed in a sustainable form it can lead to permanent results for all Built Phoenix Strong clients. Many clients join after years of trying different diets. And the reason why each diet failed was that the client was not able to sustain the diet long term. Our customized nutrition guides with your Buford Personal Trainer are catered to each client’s lifestyle so that nutrition is not only sustainable but is also enjoyable for our clients. We break our nutrition plans into 3 main meals. The first meal is breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day because it will kick start the metabolism. If a person can kickstart their metabolism first thing in the morning, then they are more likely to burn fat as the rest of the day continues.

If the metabolism never gets a kick start then all day a person is simply trying to get the metabolism going but never get to the point where they are burning fat as they desire. The second meal is lunch, and the last meal is dinner. From there we break each meal into its necessary food groups. Breakfast is composed of protein, carbohydrates, and good fats. Lunch is composed of a larger portion of protein, green vegetables, and a second serving of healthy fat. For dinner, the carbohydrate returns and is combined with protein and good fats. When meals are eaten this way it allows the body to perform like a well-oiled machine.


3. Accountability

Our 3rd pillar of health is accountability. We provide accounting services for each and every Built Phoenix Strong client through their Roswell Personal Trainer. This comes in the form of weekly and monthly accountability meetings with metrics to keep our clients on track towards their desired goals. These meetings are conducted on a weekly basis and involve the client and their trainer. In this meeting, the trainer will refer back to the success road map created for the client and go over the previous week. We let the client know how they performed in the 3 pillars of health. A Buford Personal Trainer will go over what exercises they excelled in over the previous week as well as which exercises will be implemented over the course of the next week so that the client knows what lays ahead for them during their workouts We also go over the client’s meal photos that were sent in over the past week. We provide daily nutrition guidance for our clients in the form of meal photos.

These photos are sent to the client’s accountability group. This group includes the client, their personal trainer, and the head trainer. This is where the client sends in their daily meal photos with the goal of adhering to their provided nutrition plan. We then provide the client with their grade for the week so that the client and the trainer are aware of how their performance ranks week in and week out. The purpose of these meetings with your Roswell Personal Trainer at Built Phoenix Strong is to keep goal setting consistent and never lose sight of the main goal and the number one prize. Which is accomplishing your original fitness goal and being able to maintain and sustain that goal long-term by creating a healthy lifestyle. For many clients, this is the favorite of the 3 pillars of health that we teach at Built Phoenix Strong. The reason why is because a majority of gyms do not provide their clients with accountability. Typically clients do not hear from their Roswell Personal Trainer or Buford Personal Trainer unless it is time for the next workout. At our top notch facility, our clients hear from their personal trainer each and every day.