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Are you looking to make fitness a career and not just a hobby? Then Built Phoenix Strong is the place for you to launch your career as a Roswell Fitness Coach or Roswell Personal Trainer. Our personal training career path offers guaranteed promotions and professional development to allow you to change your life while helping others. At Bilt Phoenix Strong you will go from trainer to coach and learn the 3 pillars of health needed to guide clients as a Roswell Personal Trainer to results. We do all the work for you! Clients are provided to trainers so that you can focus on what you love doing most, helping people get in shape! Each position offers weekly evaluation with CEO, Placid Ajoku, the original Roswell Fitness Coach for professional development and accountability. Do you have what it takes to be the next Buford Personal Trainer? Join our team today and be a part of the Phoenix Movement. Something that has never before been done!

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At Built Phoenix Strong we are passionate about developing young professionals in the fitness Industry and we have the best team a new Roswell Fitness Coach or Buford Personal Trainer can join. Our reason why is simple. Far too many hard working people graduate from college with a degree in health and exercise science and other similar fields. They are passionate about health and excited to begin their career. Many of these people then struggle to find a job that aligns with this degree even if you have hope to become a Buford Personal Trainer. Many then lean towards a career in personal training because they are fitness enthusiasts and look forward to helping others stay in shape and achieve their personal training goals. However with a lack of clients and knowledge a majority of these young trainers end up struggling in this field and having to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Eventually leading them to choose between their passion of fitness and a financially stable job. Built Phoenix Strong Personal Training ends all these problems with out systemized career path. We provide our trainers with clients. Our CEO, Placid Ajoku, a Roswell Fitness Coach himself, is one of the top trainers in all of the United States and across other nations as well. With the plethora of clients that demand to use the phoenix method. Coach Placid trains his personal trainers on the phoenix method so that they can help clients reach their fitness and health goals without the trainer having to look for clients of their own. All personal trainers are given automatic raises throughout their duration of employment. Many companies have CEOs that are out of touch with employees. At Built Phoenix Strong our CEO and original Roswell Personal Trainer meets with each personal trainer on a weekly basis. During these meetings we focus on professional development. In order to ensure that each employee is growing week in and week out to become the best professional they can be. This is not offered at any other gym.

What is it Like to Work at Build Phoenix Strong

When employed as a Roswell Fitness Coach at Built Phoenix Strong we provide more than a one stop shop. Instead we give each employee a true career path with several promotion opportunities into management positions. We believe in promoting from within as opposed to hiring from outside. So if you are a hard worker that is ready to make fitness your career and not just a job or hobby. Built Phoenix Strong is truly the perfect employment destination. When working at Built Phoenix Strong you will be surrounded by high energy colleagues. We strive to have the highest energy fitness team in America. Energy is something many people struggle with especially when it comes to working out, getting up early, and balancing a busy work schedule. This is why our personal trainer brings enough energy for both themselves and the client. Learning to be high energy at all times is a great fundamental skill to learn and master in the fitness industry. The further you promote within this field and network. The more important high energy is. We offer flexible schedules to all new trainers. This means you get book sessions within the times you are available. Many places will tell a trainer what time they need to be there and this can be inconvenient if the trainer does not yet have many clients. At Built Phoenix Strong we set the first session for our Roswell Personal Trainers based on availability and then scheduling from that point on is an agreement between the trainer and the client so that all parties are on the same page and accommodated. At Built Phoenix Strong we don’t just have good pay we have great pay. Our Roswell Personal Trainers along with our trainers from all other locations are the highest paid in the industry. This allows a Buford Personal Trainer to make personal training truly a career and not just a job. The teaching that takes place as a Built Phoenix Strong personal trainer is unmatched. You get hands-on training directly from the CEO, Placid Ajoku II. To learn how to not be a good trainer but the best trainer. This mentorship program is completely free with employment at Built Phoenix Strong and many current and past employees have repeatedly stated that it was their favorite part of working at Built Phoenix Strong. Because at other companies the CEO tends to be inaccessible. The reason for this is because when you work at Built Phoenix Strong Personal Training we are a true team. All parts come together to serve the whole. Many gyms are merely a group of individuals that happen to be in the same building. At Built Phoenix Strong everyone knows everyone and we create a culture of uplifting, mentorship[, excitement and winning. Our daily team huddles ensure that any and all questions that an employee at Built Phoenix Strong has are answered. We are big on clarity and integrity. These traits describe each and every member of team phoenix. The thing that is arguably the most important for any prospective employee to understand is that Built Phoenix Strong is not just a company. Built Phoenix Strong is not just a job — you become a Roswell Personal Trainer or a Buford Personal Trainer. What Built Phoenix Strong is, is a movement. We are in the middle of a nationwide movement of health and wellness. The phoenix method is something that has never ever been done before in the history of the health and wellness division. But when you begin working at Built Phoenix Strong as a Buford Personal Trainer you join the movement and it will change your life forever for the better.