Giving Back Through Built Phoenix Strong

At Built Phoenix Strong, as you work with our Roswell Personal Trainers, our goal expands even further than providing personal training or being your Roswell Fitness Coach. We strive to give back as well. Every customer’s first $1 is donated to their choice of one of two charities. The first being Safari mission. This is an organization that provides business fundamentals to underprivileged areas in Africa. We find this organization to be special because of their strategic education. They teach business principles and fundamentals to those in need.This allows these individuals to build from the education and create businesses and additional streams of income. Far too often programs simply give a group of people money, but this is only a temporary solution. After this money is spent on food, clothes, etc. more money is needed. But with the Safari mission the donations go towards a business education program, which can potentially lead to a generational change. Generational changes can be as powerful as breaking the cycle or chain of being stuck or probably that makes this industry City by teaching them business fundamentals. Working with a Buford Personal Trainer can help you get involved.

Many people are driven and many people work hard but do not know the first thing about creating businesses. For a Roswell Personal Trainer, we try to instill this in our staff. If they can learn to just put that drive into the business it can change the entire financial situation of their families and that is what Safari Mission does. The second thing that we commit to is the Prevent Cancer Foundation. All customers working with a Roswell Fitness Coach or Buford Personal Trainer have the choice to pick which Foundation their first dollar goes to and the prevent Cancer Foundation is a huge one. Every year cancer cure is one of the top funded methods in the fight against cancer. But what if this could be prevented instead of cure. So finding ways to prevent cancer such as different ways of screening, healthy lifestyle, etc. can be huge.

Your Favorite Personal Training Roswell Program Can Help You Give Back!

This could be the key to health and possibly putting an end to cancer and Built Phoenix Strong, any Roswell Personal Trainer wants to be a part of that. It can be life-changing if you put as much into preventing cancer as we do into cure. We talk about this often with our personal training Roswell program. Hopefully this can lead to a breakthrough hopefully you can save one or two lives. It can lead to a change in the way that cancer research is done. Especially intrigued by this particular Foundation because cancer tends to affect the majority of families it tends to end the majority of families preventing this can bring the curve down a little bit. Safari mission can change an entire life cycle and lead to generational wealth.

Education is invaluable – any Buford Personal Trainer can tell you that. No dollar amount can be placed on this, it can carry somebody for the rest of their life if they learn these principles and apply these principles in the right setting It can change everything for a person and also keep these people looking for other ways to build money because they are learning how to make money and what to do with that money once they make it, that is why these principles are so special to our personal training Roswell hearts because we want people to be able to have a way to change their circumstances or where they are at. Safari Mission strives to invest in people that want to invest in themselves. Your Roswell Fitness Coach can educate you more on this process.

Right now. The Safari mission provides a long term strategy for developing leaders while producing effective results. They give these young leaders the tools that they need to survive in life. Not just the next week, all while creating independence for the individuals. In this same situation a majority of organizations would simply hand out the temporary supplies to aid these groups. Our Buford Personal Trainers love this. It is the same as the old saying if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, then you feed him for life. This mirrors the personal training Roswell program and our giveback program as you work with your Roswell Personal Trainer. This collection of long-term strategies is designed to produce results by creating a sustainable lifestyle that will allow these clients and individuals to build all these Foundations day in and day out as well as week in and week out just by providing them with the new foundational education that propels them to the new levels of business and intelligence and success within their life. This can then be taught to other family members as well as future children Etc.

This can end a cycle that was previously present in one single family generation and create a new cycle passing down to the Next Generation. This also provides local empowerment as you work with a Roswell Fitness Coach or Roswell Personal Trainer because it becomes a community thing, because many graduates are building businesses and this is providing new jobs throughout the entire city or state which provides new influx of income for that particular area which can be life-changing for a particular demographic which is why Safari mission is such a great organization to donate our first dollar to. One particularly interesting pillar is the financial efficiency. A Buford Personal Trainer can explain this more. It is very important to learn how money works and how to put it to work so that you can become successful. If you would just give someone money more times than not they will just spend this money, but if they can learn how to invest money and how to make this money grow that is the basic building blocks of success in life and all areas and this can also be passed on to other people within the community. We teach this to our team of Roswell Personal Trainers. There is diligent reporting done on each and every student in order to track their progress as they move to the program and head to the real world as a leader and a business Fundamentalist.

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Not only that but Safari Mission also has gospel based missions which is because the power of Christ is the core message that drives the certain communities to develop and grow and flourish. There are tons and tons of success stories from graduates that made it all the way through the program and began their businesses in the real world many of started seminars, many have started schools and various other businesses just to show how successful Safari mission is and teaching these principles into their students. We try to implement the same thing in our program with your Roswell Fitness Coach. This is why we, as a personal training Roswell provider and all of our Buford Personal Trainers partnered with them to give every customer’s first dollar to this organization in order to help build these foundations reduce, negative trends, and help people succeed in the real world. One client even started a chicken farm which can be a huge business when done correctly. Their website provides monthly updates as well as testimonials of their current and past students and what the experience is like as well as people that have previously donated to the foundation and what they were updated on and what they learned throughout the process it is truly a wonderful organization and we as an organization, and your Roswell Fitness Coach are happy to partner with them and look forward to helping make a change.