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The Built Phoenix Strong Pillars of Health  – Located in Buford and Roswell Georgia!


Built Phoenix strong was founded on the principle of helping our clients resurrect their body working with a Roswell Fitness Coach or Buford Personal Trainer so they can resurrect their life and really see the change that they want in your health and wellness. The first thing that we help our clients to do is install 3 pillars of health number one which is Fitness. We Custom Tailor our workout plans with each client’s goals so they can be successful in their health and wellness. Typically we want our clients to do 3 workouts per week. These workouts are not unintentional. Built Phoenix Strong workouts are very intentional and are derived from compound movements. We help with building muscles that leave you with a nice toned body and improved definition in your body. Many places will not do this which is why we are the highest rated and most of your personal trainer in Roswell. Plus we also give our clients as their Buford Personal Trainer piller number two which is nutrition and when you sign up with us at either our Roswell location or our personal training Buford location you actually receive a free personalized nutrition guide and this guide is a major key to client success because it’s going to help our clients get fast results which many people enjoy. But the most important thing that having a Roswell personal trainer does is that it allows our clients to keep their newfound healthy habits and eating strategies forever to be able to eat healthy forever in a sustainable way which makes life much more manageable. This is why when our clients come in and begin working out with us and their Buford Personal Trainer they lose their weight and they keep that weight off, where as with most places nutrition plans executed by your Roswell Fitness Coach are actually not included with your workout plan to take this time to teach their clients how to eat so as a result they do not have the right guidance in the right nutrition.

So when they train at our Roswell location or our Buford location with their Buford Personal Trainer they will be successful in their workouts. The thing that our clients love the most at Built Phoenix strong is our accountability. These meetings contain metrics that allow you to stay on track and see your goal. Personal Training Roswell Clients Rave about these accountability meetings with their Roswell Fitness Coach because at most places there is no accountability so outside of the 45 minutes to an hour that you’re with your trainer for the most part you do not hear from that person again until it’s time for your next personal training workout session with a Roswell personal trainer, or a trainer in Buford, but sometimes it can be weeks in between.


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A Private Environment for Personal Training Roswell and Buford Locations

We also offer a private environment to our clients. As opposed to being in an overcrowded gym when you train with us that you need in order to see results in a timely manner. Far too often these days people are working out in large groups. They tend to get lost in the back and then they end up seeing little changes in their body and the way their clothes fit and then they get frustrated because they’re not seeing the change that they want it and then two months later they looking for a new place to work out and this cycle continues for months and months out on end and it never gets to where they want to be. We aim to solve all this by combining our 3 pillars of Roswell personal trainer health which are Fitness Nutrition and accountability. Then you have these in place in your life it becomes very difficult for you to hold onto unwanted weight. Instead you gain muscle because you are just put into a healthy lifestyle that goes almost like a well-oiled machine. We also have state-of-the-art stuff. We believe our staff at those Personal Training Roswell and Personal Training Buford contain the highest rated and most reviewed personal trainers in all of Georgia. And that is because our CEO Placid Ajoku II founder of personal training Roswell takes the time to coach and train the staff on a daily basis so they can best serve you and get you to your goals as quickly as possible. Most gyms simply meet the basics with staff and that basic Staffing this means that the staff as well as they do not get any ongoing training instead of getting better they stay stagnant and many times they actually go backwards. And this is not good for the person, the Roswell personal trainer or Roswell Fitness Coach that is going to train the client. That is why we interview and also make sure that at all of our our locations we combined coaching and training for each and everyone working with a Roswell or Buford Personal Trainer.

The Ultimate Combination of Coaching and Training

This combination of coaching and training is going to allow you as a client to have permanent results both inside and outside because you are not inside the gym your entire life and you’re not outside of your entire life either. Before becoming a Roswell personal trainer, our CEO won a national championship coaching Division 1 football in Virginia and set out to help former athletes all across the world getting in shape. The reason why we are so passionate about helping with this is because for many people it is so difficult to get in shape but with the right system laid out for you we can help you get in shape. We, as a team and your Roswell Fitness Coach, will you make sure that we custom craft the right plan towards you specifically so that you are successful as fast as possible. All Roswell clients lose an average of 20 lb in just the first month and the Buford clients do the same and the reason why is because we take the time to make sure that you have all three pillars implemented.


Join us in Buford and Roswell Georgia 

The clients Rave about the friendliness of the gyms and how kind our staff is and how clean they are because this adds to the overall experience of a client. To learn more about what our client experience and what the day-to-day is like simply view the video tutorials and reviews on our website and see what our clients have to say about training with us. Whether you are closer to Roswell or closer to Buford, you really are looking to get in shape and lose that weight and make a permanent change. Built Phoenix Strong is the way to go if you are looking for a Roswell personal trainer, or a personal trainer in Buford because our CEO is responsible for over twenty thousand pounds lost in the last couple years. The phoenix system is the number one way to get in shape, tone your body, and stay that way as you execute every week with your Roswell Fitness Coach or Buford Personal Trainer.