It’s the middle of the day, you’ve just had lunch, and you are starting to hit the mid afternoon slump where you feel like you are ready for a nap. Do you ever wonder why that happens? It’s probably because of something you ate for lunch and you have hardly drank any water. You filled up your large cup of coffee to start your day and have maybe had only a few sips of water. The truth is, we are all guilty of this at some point in our lives, but then we decide to make a healthier lifestyle change. The key to keeping your energy high revolves around fitness and nutrition. When you maintain a healthy diet and are drinking plenty of water and avoiding more sugary, caffeine drinks you will start to notice how you seem to have all of this energy even later in the day.

That’s because healthier foods are filled with nutrients and not artificial ingredients that can cause that afternoon crash. While coffee may be delicious and the perfect start to your day, it is not the ultimate solution when trying to keep your energy high. The best Roswell personal trainer will hold you accountable during your workouts and after with sending pictures of everything you eat. The meals typically need to include ⅓ lean protein, ⅓ starchy carbohydrate and ⅓ fruit or vegetable. They also ensure you are drinking plenty of water. Then, once you complete a high intensity, thirty minute workout with the best Roswell personal trainer, you will quickly realize just how much energy you have during the day at work. Once you leave work and drive home, you will still have so much energy that will allow you to get everything done on your to do list.

When you become a healthier person and have more energy, it leads to more success in all aspects of your life. You will start waking up before your alarm clock in the morning, you will complete all of your tasks at work, you won’t skip your workouts. All of these things are just some examples of what happens when you change your lifestyle and your energy starts increasing dramatically. The best Roswell personal trainer will take you through different workout phases based on your skill level and endurance level. As your muscles become more toned and you lose more weight, you will feel like climbing a flight of stairs at work becomes less strenuous than it used to be. You will start feeling like you are ready to try new things whether that be working out on vacation, going for a hike, or alway taking the stairs instead of using an elevator. Remember fitness and nutrition are the main components to keeping your energy high.

Drinking water instead of carbonated drinks is another key factor. When you have high energy, it leads to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. On top of that, the higher energy you have, the more enjoyable you become as a person and people like family and friends start to notice your infectious personality and will want to make their lifestyle change as well. You never know who you could inspire by just starting to make a healthy lifestyle change!

Why Is Our Best Roswell Personal Trainer So Reliable?


We all have certain areas of our body that we are not comfortable with. One of the most stubborn areas of all individuals is the lower stomach. The older we become, the more we start to notice the lower stomach developing with the bloatedness or soft, pudgy feeling. You may be wondering how I work those lower stomach muscles and tone that part of my body. The answer? The best Roswell personal trainer will give you examples of lower abdominal exercises during your free fitness assessment. They will guide through these exercises and start with the basics. One example of this being a plank held for a minimum of fifteen seconds.

This is a great way to build your core strength. Once your core strength increases a little, the best Roswell personal trainer will show you other exercises that work the lower stomach specifically. Our most common example of working the lower stomach is what we refer to as seated leg holds. This is where you are sitting on the ground with your legs a couple inches off the ground and hollowing your body to focus on the lower stomach. Other ways we like to target the lower stomach is by including active rest. Active rest is where you are increasing the intensity of the workout with interval training and doing things like mountain climbers, jump squats, and burpees. These are all great ways to work the lower stomach. After doing these exercises at least two to three times per week, you will start to feel like you don’t have a pudgy stomach when you sit down in a chair or even while you’re driving your car. I’ll never forget one of our clients telling us they did not want their stomach to go over their seatbelt when they sat down in the driver’s seat and thought that is such a good analogy to use during our presentations of how we can help so many other people lose weight and tone the most stubborn areas including the lower stomach.

The best Roswell personal trainer still uses the seatbelt example to this day and a lot of potential clients immediately relate to that scenario. They tell us they have the same problem and want to get rid of that lower stomach as well. If you are looking to work the lower stomach more, then during our workouts we will be sure to work that area by including active rest in your workout, high intensity cardio and lower abdominal exercises for at least the first five minutes. A simple way to work the lower stomach is doing five minutes of planks every single day. This does not require any equipment at all and can be done easily during commercial breaks of your favorite tv show. Instead of sitting on the couch at night watching tv, you can start to incorporate these things into your daily routine that your trainer showed you and not feel guilty binge watching your favorite show every night. Remember, the lower stomach is an extremely stubborn area for all of us but you can use these exercises and interval training to work that area and have a leaner, flatter stomach.