It is that time of the year again where you go into a store and they are already putting bathing suits out. Before you know it, spring break will be here and you are terrified about putting on a bathing suit. Now is the time to remove that worry and fear and begin working with a Buford fitness coach. At Built Phoenix Strong, we can help you be beach body ready year round. We want to make putting on a bathing suit an exciting moment, not an embarrassing moment. We once had a client who was going on a luxurious anniversary trip with her husband to Italy. It was their dream vacation. All she kept telling her Buford fitness coach was how terrified she was to try on her bathing suits for the trip and that she didn’t even want to wear them at the beach. We assured her that in the next three months leading up to that trip, she would be blown away and so confident the next time she tried on a bathing suit if she just listened to her Buford fitness coach and did everything they said to do. She worked out two times per week, sent us pictures of every single meal she ate while following our nutrition guide closely, and met with us once a week for her accountability meeting.

Did I mention she had not really lifted weights prior to coming into Built Phoenix Strong? Well, fast forward to three months later and she is packing for her trip. She tries on her bathing suits and dresses she is packing for her trip and shows a side by side photo of the day she bought the bathing suit to the day she tried it on for the trip. She looked amazing. Her husband even said she had never looked better. She went on her anniversary trip to Italy and had the most amazing time. For one reason, she was celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband, but more importantly she felt so confident and comfortable in her body for the first time in years.

She even worked out while on vacation to stay the course and referred back to her eating out guide as well when they went to different restaurants. What I am trying to tell you is by working with a coach, we can help you get beach body ready. But more importantly, we want to feel confident and be proud of your body all the time. When we first meet with our clients, we ask them what they can see their body looking like three months from now. Even six months from now. By allowing a client to really visualize that and have a clear picture in their mind and know what they want, it makes working with them that much more enjoyable because we know how bad they want it. And we want to have hundreds of more stories like that one client I just shared about. At Built Phoenix Strong, we enjoy working with hundreds of different clients because every client has a different goal and picture in mind. We want to help you every step of the way. Our clients are our number one priority and we want to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

Is There Any Buford Fitness Coach That Works Great?


You go to try on your favorite outfit and you can barely even fit into your clothes. You get extremely frustrated and never want to put on real clothes again. What if I told you you can look your best and feel your best by working with a Buford fitness coach? Trust me, we have had several clients like you that were in the same exact position when they first started working with us. We once had a client who bought the most beautiful black dress for her upcoming vacation. She realized that she did not love the way she looked in that dress when she first tried it on, but would use that as her motivation. She came in to work with a Buford fitness coach and told them her vacation was in three months and she wanted to make that black dress fit better and feel confident in it. She worked extremely hard for the next three months and followed our three pillars of health–fitness, nutrition, and accountability. She asked her Buford fitness coach what she needed to do to lose the weight before the trip and they told her to follow everything they said and she would get the results she wanted.

She trained two days a week with us and sent her coach pictures of every single thing she ate. Whether it was for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She met with her personal trainer every week for their weekly accountability meeting and talked about how she was doing and weighed in on her progress. Fast forward to three months later and it was time to pack the black dress for her vacation with her husband. She tried on the dress and it immediately slipped on and fit like a glove. She had never felt so confident wearing something. Her husband was blown away and told her she looked incredible. She even texted a picture of the comparison to her in the black dress previously and her in the black dress now to her trainer and they were so impressed. I write all of this to say when you look good, you feel good. And at Built Phoenix Strong, we can help you look good and feel good.

Don’t you want your clothes to fit better and to feel more confident in them? You too can be another story for us just like this client was. That was such a successful and honest testimony about one of our clients and her trainer was just so proud of her. If you follow our three pillars of health implemented by our CEO Placid Ajoku, I guarantee you you can look and feel your best too. All the time. We are a proven example of how the Phoenix Method works if you just stick with it. Think about what you want your body to look like three months from now. Even six months from now. Are you going to keep waiting and say I will eventually or are you going to start now? Give us a call today to get started on your health and fitness journey!