You are driving down the road and within a three mile span, you have seen at least five different gyms. It has been years since you have even stepped foot into a gym and you do not know where to even begin. You need to come work with a Buford fitness coach. They are here to help you reach your health and fitness goals. And they will be there for you every step of the way. It does not matter if you have not been into a gym for years, we can start with the basics. We offer a free fitness assessment that puts you through a mock workout with a Buford fitness coach.

You will do some cardio, core exercises, and different compound exercises and movements. The purpose of the free fitness assessment is to allow you to get an idea and a feel for what Built Phoenix Strong is like. This is key to picking the right gym. I guarantee you we are the right gym for you. We are the number one rated and most reviewed gym in Buford. We have trained over five hundred clients that have all enjoyed working with a Buford fitness coach. Organizations like the Atlanta Braves, Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, and University of Georgia Bulldogs have all had athletes that want to work with us during their offseason. When you are trying to pick the right gym, choose the one that makes you feel the most comfortable and with people you enjoy working with.

We greet all of our clients with a warm smile and high energy that makes them excited to work out. We want the personal training session to be the most exciting part of our clients day. We care about our clients and want to help them every step of the way. We want them to reach their health and fitness goals. We believe that our system works and we have something that separates us from our competition.

That is our Phoenix Method. You may be wondering what the Phoenix method is. It was implemented by our CEO and founder Placid Ajoku and includes fitness, nutrition, and accountability. If you follow this method for the next three months, I guarantee you you will see physical results and become so much more confident in your skin. That is what we want for all of our clients. If you go to our website and read all of our reviews and watch our video testimonials, you will know right away that you are picking the right gym. Did I mention we offer the first seven days for one dollar? Yes, one dollar only. You are worth one dollar. You just never know what that could do to change your life. Now is the time to find the right gym, Built Phoenix Strong, come in and jumpstart your healthy lifestyle change. We can help lose weight, gain weight, tone your body, gain muscle, whatever the case may be. Give us a call today to schedule your free fitness assessment!

What’s A Great Buford Fitness Coach?


How often do you Google something like a restaurant or a nail salon before you actually try one out? I am sure you have because in today’s world, we live and die by reviews. If you work with a Buford fitness coach, you will be working with a top rated gym. We are the number one rated and most reviewed gym in Buford. We have tons of video testimonials and reviews written by our clients that explain what we do at our gym and what we are all about. We believe that we do things differently by using our Phoenix Method.

Our Phoenix method was developed and created by our CEO and founder Placid Ajoku when he first opened Built Phoenix Strong. When you work with a Buford fitness coach, you will meet with them for thirty minute personal training sessions anywhere from two to three to four times per week. We have something for everyone. On average, our clients lose either twenty pounds or four percent body fat in their first month. We take our fitness to the next level. You will be doing some cardio, core exercises, and a series of compound exercises and movements with active rest that burns tons of calories and literally shakes the weight right off of you. We have worked with over five hundred clients. Sports organizations like the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Braves, and University of Georgia Bulldogs all prefer to work with a Buford fitness coach during their offseason.

If you are looking for a gym that gives you a high intensity workout, then Built Phoenix Strong is the gym for you. We have worked with professional athletes like NFL running back Kenyan Drake and our coaches help him and work with him in the offseason to stay in tip top shape. He loves coming to Built Phoenix Strong because he can rely on our personal trainers to get the job done. He has even gained more muscle mass by working with our coaches. When you come to Built Phoenix Strong, you will have an experience like no other. You can come in today for your free fitness assessment with our trainers and you may even receive your first seven days for only one dollar. Can you believe your first seven days are only one dollar?

Our clients can not either! The best part about it is you will see real results within your first thirty days training with us and you will lose the weight you have wanted to lose for months. Or gain more muscle mass that you have been wanting. Whatever the case may be. If you sign up for a free fitness assessment with us, you will be greeted by our personal trainers with a warm smile and high energy making you so excited to workout. We want your workout with us to become your favorite part of every day. You have what it take to reach your health and fitness goals, the only thing stopping you is YOU. Get out of your own head and make a healthy lifestyle change now. Give us a call today and we can get you started on the right path? Are you ready to become our next client? If so, what are you waiting for?