If you are looking for a Buford Fitness coach, then look no further. At Built Phoenix strong personal training, we have the top-ranked coaches and professional trainers in the state that could Placid hand trains himself. But the way we do this is very different from any other personal training service. We combined our coaching with our personal training. Our detailed coaching strategies allow for permanent results for our clients inside and out of the gym. This allows our clients to avoid hitting that Plateau they may have experienced in the past and allow them to actually see results in as little as their first four weeks of working with us. The way we do this is we combine our three pillars of Health. 1. Fitness, 2.Nutrition, and 3. Accountability. We are going to get you into the best shape of your life, allow you to maintain it long-term, and without even having to think about it. It is going to start with your success roadmap that your Buford Fitness coach creates for you. It is a step-by-step processes to your results. It is not going to be a generic workout that may happen at other gyms which keeps you active and moving, but does not actually allow you to see the results that you want. We want you to reach your fitness goals. This is why we have weekly and monthly accountability meetings with metrics with you to keep you on track to your goals. On top of that we give you a personalized nutrition guide which is going to give you very fast results and allow you to keep them forever. You are also going to hear from your Buford Fitness coach every single day. We create group messages with every single one of our clients so that we can see what meals they are eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This helps the fitness coach hold the client accountable inside and out of the gym. When you do this, it allows the client to have permanent results inside and out of the gym. This is why our clients lose either 17 lbs or 4% body fat and just their first month training 3 days a week. They also report an increase in energy within their first 10 days. We like to have a private environment at Built Phoenix strong personal training. For instance, we offer one-on-one or semi-private personal training for all of our clients. We have found that our clients actually prefer one-on-one personal training because it gives them the attention they need and allows them to feel like they have a fitness family on their side. Today, people are working out in too large of groups at other gyms. When they work out in a large group, they often feel like the trainer is not able to pay attention to them, they are seeing little results, and are getting frustrated. This is why 2 months later, they are looking for a new place to work out and have found the best gym in Buford. When they first meet with us they are blown away by how much communication we provide with our clients on a daily basis. This is what we mean when we say we are coaches versus personal trainers. Give us a call today!