You have probably been to a gym before and noticed all the personal trainers walking around or working with their clients nearby. Have you ever thought about working with a personal trainer? If you have or are currently thinking about it, then you need to work with a Buford fitness coach. We are the number one rated and most reviewed gym in Buford. You are probably wondering what makes us so highly appreciated. We believe we set a standard higher than the rest of our competition and offer something different from our competition.

We have trained over five hundred clients. Organizations like the Atlanta Braves, Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, and University of Georgia Bulldogs all prefer to work with a Buford fitness coach. We have trained some of the athletes from these different sports organizations in their off seasons. Our clients can see that we care about them, and we are here to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Our clients are our number one priority. We show up every day to the gym ready to go and greet all of our clients with a warm smile and high energy, getting them excited to work out. We want all of our clients to look forward to their training session and make that the most enjoyable part of their day. Your Buford fitness coach will not only communicate with you inside the gym, but outside of the gym as well. You will have a group message with your coach that is there for whatever reason you need it for.

You do have to upload pictures of your meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday but we also want our clients to know they can ask their trainer anything in that group message. If they have a question about a product at the grocery store. If they are wondering if they should rest for the day or go to the gym before their next session at Built Phoenix Strong. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help you reach your health and fitness goals. If you are looking to lose one hundred pounds, we can help. If you are looking to gain twenty pounds of muscle, we can also help. Our coaches have worked with and trained clients from every end of the spectrum. Some of our clients have been with us for years and years. Our three pillars of health are what we abide by with every one of our clients. Fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Like I said before, inside and outside the gym.

When you leave your session for the day, your relationship with your coach does not stop there. You will send your trainer pictures of your meals, yes every single meal. Then, you will meet one on one for your weekly accountability meeting. This is an opportunity to discuss how you are feeling that week. Whether you feel like you are sluggish, sore, not losing weight. Literally anything. Your coach will also celebrate things you did really well that week like holding your plank for a minute straight or increasing weight in dumbbell curls. These are all examples of what is talked about during the accountability meeting. I promise you we are going to hold you accountable every step of the way. Come join us and train with the best!

Why Is A Buford Fitness Coach So Important?


What if I told you you could look your best and feel your best in the next thirty days? You may be wondering how. I am challenging you to make a lifestyle change and stick with it for thirty days to healthy living. Start working with a Buford fitness coach. Come in to Built Phoenix Strong and meet with one of our trainers to see what I am talking about. If you come in for your free fitness assessment, I guarantee you will be motivated to try thirty days to healthy living. Give it your all. If you stick with it for thirty days straight, you will be blown away by your results. Just follow what your Buford fitness coach tells you what to do.

Think about what you want your body to look like in the next month. What if I told you that on average our clients at Built Phoenix Strong lose either twenty pounds or four percent body fat within those thirty days. Follow the three pillars of health–fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Work out with your Buford fitness coach anywhere from two to four times per week. Whatever works best for you. All that we ask is you stick with it for thirty days. Healthy living includes healthy eating. Your body is going to want to eat, whole, healthy foods during the next month with how intense the workouts can be with your Buford fitness coach. At Built Phoenix Strong, we provide a nutrition guide to our clients that gives a breakdown of the foods you should be eating.

You should be eating only foods from this list for the next thirty days. You are going to try to say that you eat out with your family every weekend and that is going to be impossible. Well, guess what? There is an eating out guide too to help you ask for substitutions like removing the butter or salt or extra flavoring that makes the salmon no better than a McDonald’s cheeseburger. I guarantee you that after thirty days, this will become second nature to you and your body will crave healthy foods instead of unhealthy foods. You will also upload pictures of everything you eat to your personal trainer. That means breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This will help you and hold you accountable throughout the thirty days. Speaking of accountability, you will also meet with your personal trainer once a week for a weekly accountability meeting. We take things to the next level and hold our clients to a higher standard. We want to celebrate what you did well that week, what your meals looked like that week, and where there may be some room for improvement. If you follow these three pillars of health for the thirty days to healthy living, you are going to look up thirty days from now and see physical changes, look and feel better in your clothes, and jumpstart your healthy lifestyle change. Give us a call today to start the thirty days to healthy living!