When people first meet with us and are looking for a new Buford Fitness coach, they often ask what separates us from other gyms. My initial response to them is that we have weekly and monthly accountability meetings with every single one of our clients. Their response is often wow I’ve never heard of anything like that before. Or I have never experienced anything like that before. But it is extremely important to us at Built Phoenix strong that we meet with each of our clients every single week for their accountability meetings and once a month for their monthly accountability meetings. During these accountability meetings, your Buford Fitness coach is going to celebrate the wins of the week with you. For example, you may have gotten a little bit further down on your back squats. Or you may have had an excellent dinner choice last night. Whatever the case may be, we talk about these during the meetings and then we discuss some goals for the upcoming week during your workouts with your Buford Fitness coach. For example, a goal for next week for a client might be that they need to hold their plank for the entire minute. By including these wins and then talking about the goals for the upcoming week with every single client, it really builds value and allows the client to see that their fitness coach really cares about them and wants them to reach their fitness goals. This is why on average are clients see results within their first four weeks of working with us. Yes we can guarantee that you will see results within their first 4 weeks. On average are clients lose 17 lbs or 4% body fat. They also report an increase in energy and just their first 10 days of starting the Athlete Resurrection program. The Athlete Resurrection program is a 3 month plan that is going to get you into the best shape of your life, allow you to maintain a long-term, and without even having to think about it. We combine coach placid’s three pillars of Health. 1. Fitness, 2. Nutrition, and 3. Accountability. by implementing these systems into your life, it is going to get you your results and allow you to keep them forever. On top of that, we include a personalized nutrition guide that is going to give you some freedom and what you eat, while still having to eat healthy. We provide a series of lists and a series of foods for each meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For example, an ideal breakfast would include a lean protein Source, a starchy carbohydrate, and either a fruit or vegetable, with a tablespoon of a good fact. This is just one example of what you can find on our nutrition guide. Another reason that we have weekly and monthly accountability meetings with all of our clients is because your fitness coach wants to coach you and hold you accountable throughout the entire process. By doing so, this makes the client feel appreciated and wants them to continue training with us after their first 90 days.

Can The Buford Fitness Coach Teach Me Lessons?

At Built Phoenix strong personal training, we combine coaching with training. Our detailed coaching strategies allow for permanent results inside and out of the gym. This is why we have clients from professional sports organizations such as the Atlanta Braves, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Miami Dolphins. Because our systems that we have put into place actually work and allow our clients to see results in as little as their first four weeks of working with us. The way we do this is very different from any other personal training service and it starts with the success road map. We create a success road map for every single one of our clients that is going to have step-by-step processes to get them their results. Your Buford Fitness coach is going to put these systems into place in your life and it’s going to get you your results and allow you to keep them forever. It is not going to be your typical workout that may happen at another gym such as LA Fitness where you are just simply moving your body for 30 minutes during the session and you are not actually going to see results month after month. Your Buford Fitness coach is going to continuously change up your workout so that your body never gets used to one specific thing and her body will continuously be shocked. When you do such a thing, it avoids the body from hitting a weight loss Plateau that so many of our clients have experienced when they first meet with us.On top of that, your Buford Fitness coach meets with you every single week for your accountability meeting. During the accountability meeting we talked about the wins of the week and upcoming goals that your coach has for you. Our three main pillars of Health include Fitness, Nutrition, and accountability. We also give our clients a personalized nutrition guide which is going to give them very fast results and allow them to keep them forever. It also makes the nutrition become sustainable so that the body is continuously creating healthy habits and reaching for more fitness goals. This is worth $300, but is included for free in our program unlike other gyms. At other times, they usually charge an additional cost for adding on a meal plan. We don’t do that here because we’re big on combining coaching with our personal training. We have the top-ranked coaches and professional trainers in the state that Coach Placid hand trains himself. We want you to reach your fitness goals which is why we combine all three of these pillars. Our systems that we have put into place actually work and allow you to get results. This is why we are the number one rated and most reviewed gym in Buford. We like to give her clients and private environment. We offer one-on-one or semi-private personal training at Built Phoenix Strong personal training. Call us today to schedule your free fitness assessment and join Team Phoenix!