Built Phoenix Strong was founded to help people get into the best shape of their life more times than not people are struggling with their eating and nutrition but they do not know where to begin until they have a Buford fitness coach. In order to truly reach your Health on his goals you need to understand nutrition. We break this down into a customized nutrition guide and this is the key to long-term success and nutrition are example breakfast you’ll have a series of lists and is there a series of meals so one throws need to come from this list, one thirds from the next list, and the last heard from the finalist this will give you some freedom and what you eat while still having you eat healthy said you’re on track for your goals. This takes all the thinking out of it you simply look at the list you pick the food from the list that you like and you’re able to build your meals that way. This is my why our average client lose 20 pounds in just their first month of working with a Buford fitness coach. Many of our clients lose more than 20 pounds and more than 4% body fat in the first three weeks and the reason why is because we break health and wellness down into the three pillars of health fitness nutrition and accountability. And then he jams the one that is missing is accountability no gym is willing to go the extra mile and hold clients accountable to their goals. You can write somebody the correct meal plan you can tell them what to do but if you do not hold them accountable to the specific plan more time is not people will not stick to it and they will fall off because we as people need accountability. We provide this accountability of Built Phoenix Strong on a weekly basis these are called accountability readings every single week we go over the three things that were done wonderfully over the past week and three small things you want to improve on over the course of the next week to make sure that we are on track for our goals this is something that our clients love and there’s a reason why her clients rave and get your medicine results within the first month of training with us. If you are somebody that is looking to lose weight, or build muscle the Phoenix system is the plan for you because other places simply are not willing to give you the accountability that you need. The importance of the three pillars of health is it even one of the three pillars are missing usually success goes missing as well. For example if you have the correct workout plan from a Buford Fitness Coach and you have the right nutrition plan but nobody hold you accountable to that plan typically you do not get the results that you want. If you have the right accountability and the right nutrition plan however you’re not exercising then you won’t get the definition of toning and muscle that you want for your body it Has to be all three pillars.

What Will The Buford Fitness Coach Do For You?


To be healthy and see the changes that you want in your body you must have a plan and a Buford Fitness Coach. Many people get started on their health and weight loss journeys and wanting to work with a fitness coach but they do it without a plan. So they going to the gym and they work out 4 to 5 days a week and I do this for two months and then that person looks in the mirror and they do not see the change that they were hoping to see and the reason why is because they did not have a plan. So the first step to having success in your Health and wellness and working with your trainer is having the right plan. At Built Phoenix Strong we provide a custom tailored plan for you from a Buford Fitness Coach it is going to be a step-by-step plan designed to take you from where you are right now straight to your desired goals without you having to think about it. Many people wonder how this is possible but I, CEO Placid Ajoku the founder of Built Phoenix Strong has trained thousands and thousands of clients and has worked with just about every kind of situation possible. Because of this he is able to tailor the exact plan of each client is going to need because he has seen the situation before and has gotten results with a client in a similar situation. These tailored plans can let the client rest assured that they will see the changes that they wanted to see in their body. This is why clients that work with us lose 20 pounds in just their first month of the athlete resurrection plan. Because we provide a simple system with simply works. We take all the thinking out of it and the light to reach your Health and wellness goals on auto pilot. If you’re somebody that is looking to lose weight or a 30 minute high-intensity compound workouts are going to get you the way you want to be. We break the work out into three areas first is a dynamic warm-up. It is important to warm up your body efficiently before you begin exercise. This case the heart rate going, and also prevents injury which is very important. So we start of the dynamic warm is repeated three times and then we move into court. Cora can never be overlooked because everything we do starts with our core but it is getting out of the bed, or it is getting out of a car, or any other function in life it starts with the core is the basis for all movements so we start our workouts with core. Core gets the most work when it is Tyrus when we do our ab exercise we do not rest will you repeat and repeat until we start to feel the burn in the midsection and this is when you know the core is working efficiently and results are on the way. This lease you having a flat stomach, ass, and a strong chorale at the same time which is phenomenal for our clients. We then move into the main parts of the work out it’s combines dumbbells kettle bells, barbells, and many other equipment but we are intentional about what is piece of equipment is used by your Buford Fitness Coach so the client can get the results that they want during to work out. Far too often China’s do not use equipment intentionally instead they go to the motions and they make the workouts up as they go. We have a work out design repair for you before you walk in that day and I’ll go sit and plead that work out in 30 minutes if you complete the workout in 30 minutes you can rest assured that you will reach your goals by the end of the month. This is all part of the Phoenix system.