How many different coaches have you had that do not really seem like they are there for you or care about you as a person? At some point in our lives, we have all worked with or experienced a coach like that. I am here to tell you that your Buford fitness coach cares. They care about you not only as a client, but as a person as well. They are going to do and are willing to do whatever it takes to help you reach your health and fitness goals. To see real results and to keep them. To make you more confident. To make you look and feel better in your clothes. To change your life. At Built Phoenix Strong, we are the number one rated and most reviewed gym in Buford. We have worked with over five hundred clients all across the country. Yes we do offer virtual training on top of in-person training as well.

Your Buford fitness coach will communicate with you outside of the gym as well. How many personal trainers do you know that only communicate with you during your thirty minute or one hour personal training session and then that is it? Yeah, I know several and we believe that our accountability is second to none and ultimately what separates us from our competition. We hold our clients to a higher standard and our fitness coaches as well. Your Buford fitness coach will even check in on you on the days that you are not meeting with them for a personal training session. Do you know any other coaches that do that? Probably not many.

At Built Phoenix Strong, these policies were first introduced by the CEO and founder Placid Ajoku. Placid has worked with and trained with hundreds of clients personally changing their lives. He once trained a client for over four years and completely transformed her and her family’s life. They all started living a healthier lifestyle because of her experience at Built Phoenix Strong and all that it has given her. If you just stick with the philosophy and the Phoenix method, I guarantee you you will not be steered in the wrong direction. You may be wondering what the Phoenix method is. It is the three pillars of health that were developed by the CEO and founder of Built Phoenix Strong. It consists of fitness, nutrition, and accountability. You will workout with your coach anywhere from two to three to four times per week. You will also send pictures of everything you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. This will help you know what foods to eat along with a nutrition guide and eating out guide your coach can provide you. Your trainer can see what type of things you are eating and what you need help with. You will also meet with your trainer one on one for a weekly accountability meeting. They want to celebrate your wins with you because they care. They want to change your life and see you gain your confidence back. Give us a call today at Built Phoenix Strong to sign up for your free fitness assessment!