Have you ever seen those ads on social media or tv about losing weight in 30 days? Well, this is not one of those ads. This is an example of what happens when you follow our three pillars of health–fitness, nutrition, and accountability. By using the Phoenix method with a Buford personal trainer, you can lose weight in thirty days. On average, our clients lose twenty pounds or four percent body fat in their first thirty days! All you have to do is follow what your Buford personal trainer tells you to do. When you first come in to start working with us, we will ask you what your health and fitness goals are. Then, we will ask you what you want your body to look like three months from now.

We will create the perfect workout plan for you whether you are working out with your Buford personal trainer two or three or four times per week. You will complete a free fitness assessment to see what our training style is like and what types of exercises you will do on a regular basis. We can also figure out your strengths and weaknesses. We will make sure you are going through a high intensity workout for thirty minutes during your personal training session with your coach. You can expect to do some core exercises and a little bit of cardio as well during this time. After you finish your workout, you have thirty minutes to drink your protein shake while your body is in prime recovery mode, which helps you build more muscle. After thirty minutes, any minute after that a little bit of the protein is going to be wasted and your body will have a hard time recovering all the way.

Your fitness coach will set up a group message with you so that you can send pictures of everything you eat throughout the day. Your coach cares about you and wants to help you reach your health and fitness goals. In order to lose weight in thirty days, you have to make sure that you are following our nutrition guide properly. Our nutrition guide consists of a breakdown of the foods you should be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every meal should consist of a lean protein, carbohydrate, and a fruit or vegetable. If you follow this system, I can guarantee you will lose weight in thirty days just like our average clients do. You will also see physical changes within your first thirty days as well. Every week, your fitness coach will meet with you one on one to recap the previous week. Inside and outside the gym. They will discuss how you did in your workouts that week, celebrate any wins you had in the gym like increasing your weights during back squats, or talk about what you need to improve on. Like holding your plank for longer than thirty seconds. They will also review all pictures of meals and point out if you did not send any pictures or missed a picture somewhere during the week.

What Can A Buford Personal Trainer Instruct You On?


Are you looking to workout and get healthy but not sure where to start? If this is you, you need to hear this. What if I told you a Buford personal trainer plans all of your workouts for you? They will find out what your health and fitness goals are and determine if you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle. Then, they will develop a workout plan for you that is broken down into three different phases. The first phase is what happens within your first three months based on what you told your Buford personal trainer you wanted your body to look like within that time frame.

At Built Phoenix Strong, we want to take all the stress and worry away from you, which is why by hiring us, you can show up and have a high intensity, thirty minute workout that helps you see physical results within your first month. Yes, I said we plan your workouts for you and you will see results within your first month. On average, our clients lose either twenty pounds or four percent body fat within the first thirty days! Why? Because our coaches know which exercises you need to be doing depending on your health and fitness goals. We also have our three pillars of health that we follow–fitness, nutrition, and accountability.

To give you a breakdown of these three pillars, first we will talk about fitness. Fitness is meeting with your Buford personal trainer anywhere from two to four times per week for a thirty minute training session. You will do a series of compound exercises and movements that burn a lot of calories and fat and you will also do core exercises and some cardio as well. Next, let’s talk about nutrition. Nutrition is the most important factor when losing weight and even gaining weight and muscle. You have to make sure you are fueling your body with the proper foods before and after you workout. Your fitness coach can provide a nutrition guide to you that breaks down a list of lean proteins, carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables that you should be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I guarantee you if you follow this nutrition guide, you will reach your health and fitness goals within your first month. Whether that be trying to lose weight or gain weight.

A lot of people struggle with knowing what to do when they go to the gym, which can lead to potential injuries if they are trying to use a machine or something. The benefit to working with Built Phoenix Strong is you can learn more about what exercises you should do based on what your goals are. If you want to lose weight, then you will need to do more compound exercises, cardio, and core exercises with little rest in between sets. If you are trying to gain weight or muscle mass, you want to do more isolation exercises. You also want to use more free weights than resistance machines. These are all things you probably would not know or realize if you did not have a fitness coach holding you accountable and guiding you through your workouts.