We all have one life to live. We all want to make sure we can remain healthy and live a long, lasting life to enjoy with our friends and family. It is extremely important to not give up on yourself and be the healthiest version of yourself. With the help of a Buford personal trainer, you can learn about how to be your healthiest version and to never give up on yourself. Our fitness coaches will push you through every single workout and help you every step of the way. Not just in health and fitness, but in anything you do, you should never give up on yourself. When you give up on yourself, you are basically throwing your hands up in the air and saying you quit.

We believe at Built Phoenix Strong that our three main pillars of health include fitness, nutrition, and accountability are essential to never giving up on your health and fitness. We take things to the next level with a Buford personal trainer. Our fitness workout plans that we design at Built Phoenix Strong push you to new limits, but also allow you to see physical changes within thirty days. When people start to see physical changes and notice how their clothes are fitting better than ever, their mindset starts to change and they become more positive with their outlook on everything. Friends and family start to notice how enjoyable they are to be around. They start to become more successful in all areas of life. Whether it is in the workplace, as a husband, as a mother, a friend, a citizen, and so on. On average, our clients in Buford either lose twenty pounds or four percent body fat within their first thirty days. When you decide that you are ready to live a healthier lifestyle, you have to make a decision and fully invest in yourself. Especially if you work with a Buford personal trainer. Personal training is considered a luxury service that not everyone can have on a regular basis. When you hire a fitness coach, that means you are investing in your health. Just like getting a gym membership or buying new workout clothes.

Or buying new gym equipment. Those are all examples of investing in your health. Everyday, you either get better or you get worse. No two days do you stay the same. That is why when you decide to go to the gym and you do not feel like doing that last set, you have to tell yourself you can and you will and push through it. You cannot give up on yourself. Because if you do, you are letting all those people who doubted you before win. Health and fitness is all about perseverance. At Built Phoenix Strong, we have trained over five hundred clients that are former athletes. We like working with former athletes because they know how to not give up just like they didn’t when they were an athlete. Organizations like the Atlanta Braves, Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, and University of Georgia Bulldogs prefer to work with us as well because of the training style we use and how different it is from our competition.

What Can A Buford Personal Trainer Advise You With?


Are you the type of person who likes to set goals for yourself? Well if you are, then let’s talk about health and fitness goals. When you are setting health and fitness goals, that can mean many different things. That could mean building a stronger core. It could mean squatting two hundred and twenty five pounds. It could also mean drinking a gallon of water everyday.

The point is, health and fitness goals look different for everyone. But, I’m here to talk about how to set them. Just like you do with personal goals, financial goals, and professional goals. At Built Phoenix Strong, we talk about fitness goals with a Buford personal trainer. You can meet with them for a free fitness assessment and talk about what you want your body to look like three months from now. And then six months from now. The best way to set health and fitness goals is to completely picture yourself and your body and what it looks like three months from now. Really think about it. Then, write them down. Think about what all you have to do to reach those health and fitness goals. We have a solution for you. Work with a Buford personal trainer at Built Phoenix Strong. Follow the Phoenix Method. What is the Phoenix method? The Phoenix method consists of fitness, nutrition, and accountability. We believe this method allows anyone to reach their health and fitness goals.

We have proved it because on average, our clients lose either twenty pounds or four percent body fat. We care about our clients and your Buford personal trainer will do anything they can to help you reach those health and wellness goals. That is why our accountability factor of our method is the most important part. We meet with each of our clients one on one every week. We check in with them to see how close they are to reaching their goals and if they are on track to reach them. That is also why we make all of our clients tell us what they want to look like within the next three months and write it down so they can become more attainable. Most people do not reach their goals because they do not make them attainable. Another thing to make sure you are doing when you set health and wellness goals. Even if you want to just start off simple with saying your goal is to workout three times per week. You have to start somewhere and that is something you have to remind yourself. At Built Phoenix Strong, we are here to help and that is why we offer our first seven days for only one dollar. It is an offer that nobody can pass up an opportunity to change your life. We believe it heps separate us from our competition. All it takes is a yes and deciding you are ready to make a change to live a healthier lifestyle. Give us a call today and let’s talk about your goals!