When it comes to hiring a personal trainer Roswell many people are looking to lose their gut this
is because the gut can be a very annoying area. You see the good every time you look in the
mirror and when you take pictures and when you put on your clothes
, and when you do pretty
much any activity in your life. If you’re not happy with your gut it every time you look at yourself it
tends to be a constant reminder that you need to lose weight. So many times when people are
trying to lose weight without the h
elp of personal trainer Roswell they end up sometimes making
scale drop but the stomach is still there. So the question comes down to how do you lose the
gut. Well you see the way the gutters made up as it is composed of good bacteria and bad
bacteria. The
se bacteria is are known as Michael built any time that somebody has a bad meal.
That bad meal can be fast food, pizza, snacks, anything that is an old food in. When this
happens bad bacteria get into your stomach and it’s days. If you have another bad mea
l more
bad bacteria comes on to the previous bacteria and stacked on top of it. Discontinue stacking is
the formation of the gut. And this starts at the lower stomach and this is why the lower stomach
is the most difficult part of the stomach to get rid of
. Because this gut bacteria is the most
mature but with the help of a personal trainer Roswell if you can get rid of this lower stomach.
This is done by incorporating fiber into your daily diet. This comes to Keller number two of the
Phoenix method. Helen
number two is nutrition. I do not believe strict diet work this is in the
sense that if you do a strict diet yes you can see results if you stick to that very strict diet but
that strict diet is not sustainable for you if you want to see results long

So it needs to be
something that is sustainable and also flexible. In order to do this do you need a customized
nutrition plant this is what we provide for our clients here so you’re going to have a series of
Blythe, and the stories of meals, for example
breakfast 1/3 will need to come from the first list,
and one third from the second list, and one third from the last list. This gives you the client some
freedom and what you eat, while still having you eat healthy so that you can be on track for the
that shifts it out for yourself this lead to you getting rid of the bad bacteria. But the key to
getting rid of the bad bacteria is incorporating virus food into your diet now what I mean by
fibrous Foods anything containing fiber. Not many people can do t
his by adding a fiber
supplement into each meal. You just take a scoop and you added into whatever drink you’re
having and now you have fiber in the mail. Another way to do it is naturally which can be done
with the various amount of food that the absolute
best one time and time again is going to be
spinach is the more meals you add spinach to the faster you will lose your gut this is a fact
because that’s spinach and the bad bacteria back into good bacteria breaking everything down
and bring in the stomach
back in tight like you the client originally wanted for yourself. That kind
of pill is number 2 but what is pill number one pill a number one is spitting it so now that you
have the spinach going into your system and you’re getting the fibrous foods to br
eak down the
bad bacteria now it’s time to develop the muscle that’s going to force the rest of bad bacteria out
and make the stomach flat and even out the gut. Two great exercises for this are seated leg
hold, and seated leg raises these really Target the
lower stomach and speed up the process for
you. Once you get very Advanced but you do is hanging where you hang from a pull

up bar, and
raise your feet up towards your head repetitively and this is probably the best lower core
exercises you can do to flat
ten out the gut but these exercises mean nothing if you have not
started incorporating the fibrous foods that are going to break down to lower stomach and get
rid of the bad bacteria and shifted into good bacteria and that is done with a personal trainer
oswell. It’s all sounds great but then people wonder how much does all this cost well at Field
Phoenix strong are number one goal is to help you reach your fitness goals and increase your
energy. Our clients reach their fitness goals and actually on averag
e lose about 20 pounds in
just their first month of doing the Phoenix method did the Phoenix message comes from a plant
called The Abbey Resurrection plan and it felt over 700 former athletes get back into shape. We
offer one


one training and semi

te training for your personal trainer Roswell. the
difference is one on one training simply means one


one training you and the trainer there are
three different packages the basic, the deluxe, and the VIP. These packages are broken down
into per session
for example the basic comes with two training sessions per week. These are

minute sessions. The deluxe package comes with three training sessions per week. It also
comes with weekly group accountability meetings where you meet with your trainer every s
week to make sure you’re staying on track for your personal trainer Roswell gold. It also comes
with nutrition guidance where you will send in pictures of your meals for your coach and trainer
in order to make sure you’re staying on site for the meal
plan that has been designed for you
and these are also 30 minutes. That’s third package is a VIP. The VIP comes with for training
sessions per week at 45 minutes per session. It also has weekly one


one accountability
meeting, it also has nutrition guid
ance. And you get access to the built being strong work out at
4 additional work out so that you are always on the move and always getting in your 30 minutes
of high

intensity training stay on track. Go. The next thing we have is semi

private training whic
can be one


one but it is never going to be more than four to five people you like to keep
those groups very small that it is custom tailored towards you and your specific goal. This also
breaks down into the basic Deluxe and VIP packages but the prici
ng is $10 less per package
got my private as compared to the one on one.