When working with a Roswell personal trainer is important to have not only a system that works
but to keep the system as simple as possible. This article is about a simple system which simply
works and that is called the Phoenix method. Far too often or yo
u’re overcomplicating our health
and fitness the real you can be very simple if you break it down into the three main pillars of
Health. These three pillars I will be preached to every single one of our Roswell personal trainer
clients in order to make sur
e that they are not just successful today but also tomorrow and next
year. The first pillar of health is actually fitness. This is the most common one in this is the one
that many people know they know that if they work out they can expect to see some kind
results. That I can be very complicated if you don’t know what kind of workouts to do how to do
them when to do them and how to combine the exercise into an effective workout. This is why
during the Phoenix method we break your first three months of wo
rkouts in two phases each
phase has a specific purpose that designed to make your buy’ce certain changes also building
your stamina your strength and Berryessa thanks. The reason is so important is so that this can
become sustainable for you because health
and fitness is not a destination but it is more so a
lifestyle. Because you can be in fantastic shape today and at 8% body fat if you don’t workout
for the next two years and you don’t do any kind of nutrition system then two years from now
you’ll be sede
ntary 40% body fat and out of shape this is why you need a system that is not only
effective, and not only simple, but is sustainable. During these workouts we will do compound
movements either going to work multiple muscles at the same time so that instea
d of wasting
time going from body parts of body part you able to work multiple muscle search you burn more
fat in more calories and free up more time and you scheduled to go about your day. This is the
last time that we create at Bill Phoenix strong for al
l of our clients. The next pillar is fairly
common as well and that is nutrition nutrition is the thing that many people will overcomplicate
as well. Because they do not understand where they need to start they will make it harder than it
needs to be by cr
eating a very strict diet that can cause them to lose weight and see some
results and get some changes but this diet is not something that they can continue to do long

term. For example if you are doing a juice diet yes you can lose 10 lb maybe even 20 lb
the help of your Roswell personal trainer. But when you stop drinking that juice because you
cannot just drink juice for the rest of your life and you go back to eating normal Foods your
muscle memory will kick in and your body will regain all of t
he way that had left. This is why I
nutrition must be put into a simple way that is not only affects you but also sustainable. When
you make your nutrition sustainable able to incorporate certain things that you like while still
being healthy and still get
ting the results that you want in your health and fitness. This is critical
for our clients so that they don’t just reach their goals that are able to keep creating new goals
and be successful short

term and long

term. It can be draining when you reach you
r goals but
it’s only short

term so you’re not able to maintain it this is why a simple nutrition system is the
best and most efficient way to reach your goals this year. Do not wait until next year started this
year get the right system in place and begin
to win every single day. Is important for all of our
Roswell personal trainer clients to focus on getting better every single day. Because every day
that you’re alive you either get better or you get worse no two days in a row the stay the exact
same this
is why it’s important to keep getting better. We teach our clients about the 1% and
that is focusing on getting at least 1% better in one of the three pillars of Health every single day
Fitness, Nutrition, or accountability. If you can get 1% better every
day when you look up 30
days later you’ll be a completely different person because you’ve been winning consistently. The
third pillar is accountability and this is the one that is missing from majority of people many do
not have an accountability system i
n place and this is why they are not able to put together a
system that works. Because the dream does not work unless you do and that starts with your
Roswell personal trainer. So what we have is a very simple accountability system. At a majority
of places
you do not hear from your trainer outside of your workouts. But at Built Phoenix Strong
You hear from your trainer every single day really creating a fitness family on your side. The
importance is for the communication line to stay open so that you have s
omebody holding you
accountable, and somebody to answer to, and somebody to lead you down the path and show
you the way. Many people have passed written for them but they can’t get to the end of the path
because there is nobody to take them down the path t
hat is why we stress accountability at built
Phoenix strong and ordered to take our clients down the path to success in their Health and
Wellness. Accountability is actually the easiest system because we take care of most of it for
you. You have the client
s do not have to do much but respond to the accountability whereas
with workouts it takes a bit more, with nutrition it takes a bit more but accountability is almost on
autopilot for you making you that much more likely to actually reach your health and we
goals. We make it very easy for new clients to get started in their health and fitness by doing a
promotion that allows you to do 7 and tire full days of personal training at our facility for just the
low price of $1. This is a $1,500 value that we
have broken down into a simple system with a
Roswell personal trainer that simply works and is Affordable for everybody whether they are in
our city we’re out of our city. Not only do we do in

person sessions but we do virtual sessions.
We have clients all
over the country and all over the world that are looking for a simple system
and we provide that system for you so that you can have your goals. The best way to reach your
goals is to hire a trainer with us