Built Phoenix strong is a custom

tailored personal training experience for our clients. We want
people that are seeking and Roswell personal trainer to be able to come to a place that really
gives them a fitness family increase their skate from the rest of
the day. Many people had very
stressful jobs and work situations and many other things that they do but when they come to us
they getting escape from all that while reaching their fitness goals. This is the last time that we
try to create reaching every o
ne of our clients and this is why the Phoenix way is the only way.
We give our clients the easiest starting point as well as a matter of fact when you work with this
your first seven days are at a low rate of only $1. This is a limited time only offer if y
reading this then now is the time for you to get started with your Roswell personal trainer and be
on the way to your results. To book your first session all you need to do is visit the built meaning
strong website or give us a phone call at our stor
e number. The Phoenix method comes down to
three key pivotal points and we believe that the first seven days are the most important 7 days
for a brand new client. And it comes back to those three pillars of Health Fitness Nutrition and a
compound ability.
First off accountability a week after you begin your child you will meet with the
head trainer and we’ll go over everything that you’ve done well and what he wants to improve on
for the following week in order to make sure that you were staying on track fo
r your health and
wellness goals. So number two is nutrition as you start the trial you, the head trainer, your
personal trainer, in the CEO are all in one individual group chat. In this group chat for the first 7
days you need to submit photos of each mea
l that you have. It is very important that these are
pictures and not descriptions because the pictures allow us to see your portion size, the density
of the meals and if the meal truly occur. If somebody give us a description it could sound like a
great m
eal but actually be very unhealthy is Our Lady of your very big on the meal group convos
with pictures. Call Roswell personal trainer will they look at the picture and based off of those
pictures we will begin to see where the holes are in your diet. These
are the areas that could be
causing deficiencies that could be causing you to gain weight or prevent you from losing weight
be then fix these while building your new nutrition plan. This nutrition plan is not just going to get
you faster results but it’s
going to get you permanent results because it’s going to lie to eat in a
way that is sustainable for you so that you get to keep your results long

term. At the end of your
7 Daisy sit down with the head trainer and a teaches you how to eat, what to eat, an
d when to
eat it. And the next day is when you begin sending in the right meal pictures. And that is when
the nutrition guidance comes into play and the staff will hold you accountable two

year tailored
meal plan so that you are set up for success. Phila n
umber one is Fitness so after you enroll
you begin doing your workouts three times a week with your assigned trainer. Based on your
personality and your goals we custom match you with the trainer that is the best fit not just
personality but also just simp
le conversation. It’s very important that the trainer in the client
mesh well so it becomes a long

term relationship and you begin to realize that this health and
wellness journey is not a a destination but a lifestyle and when it’s a lifestyle you want to
somebody that matches up well with your lifestyle. The Phoenix method has been proven to be
so effective that we have even been featured in The Vinings lifestyle Smyrna magazine this is
huge and this is what has helped our services become more known
across the country because
people begin to realize that this is not just some bad or some gimme but it is truly something I
can change your life if you work with a Roth personal trainer starting today you can be on the
way to seeing those changes that you’
ve always wanted in your body. We have nasm certified
personal trainers that are high energy and ready to meet you at the door and crush your goals
with you. We are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals because we don’t want
anybody to go
through their Journey on the route you want everybody to come in and be
successful successful and that is the Phoenix way. This is why we have clients from the Atlanta
Braves, the Miami Dolphins, the Arizona Cardinals, UGA football, and many many other spo
teams. Because our method really help especially if you are a former athlete. Cuz when you’re
playing sports your coaches will provide you with your workouts at the highest intensity, they will
provide you with your nutrition at the best level, and the
y will hold you accountable to the
highest standard. As a result many athletes are in fantastic shape and do not have to think
about it but the second you stop playing you need a Roswell personal trainer because you lose
all three overnight. You lose your
workouts, you lose your nutrition, and you lose your
accountability partner so it’s been about five years many former athletes will gain large amounts
of weight. But the apathy Resurrection plan and celt almost 800 former athletes get back into
shape and y
ou can be next. But the way we do it here is going to be very different from any
other Roswell personal trainer. Is Miss. With your success roadmap this is a custom



step plan to get you to your results. It is not fun to be the typical gene
ric workout that
happens at the commercial gym down the street those plans are designed to have a client
sweating and feeling as if they worked out that the client will not see the visible change that they
desire when they look in the mirror or when they s
tep on the scale or when they wake up in the
morning and get out of bed. When you use the Phoenix method all of this changes are possible