That builds Phoenix strong it is important that our clients are not just healthy during the week
but they need to be healthy on the weekends as well as this is all part of making sure that you
truly create a lifestyle that is going to be healthy for you an
d allow you to maintain your health
and wellness goals not just short

term or long

term as well. In order to maintain your health and
fitness goals long

term you need a Roswell personal trainer and there are many out there but it
is important that you have
the right one. Because the wrong one will lead to you starting over
and stopping repetitively and being frustrated by not being able to achieve the goals that you set
out for and your help. There are many reasons why you should train as built Phoenix stro
The first reason is what we do here is something called The Phoenix method and this is going to
allow you to remain on track both during the week and on the weekends as well. The Phoenix
method is a combination of the three pillars of Health Fitness Nu
trition and accountability we will
combine the three and Implement them into your life allow you to become successful in your
health and wellness. You must first find where the leaking holes are and then plug them up so
that you are able to be successful.
Our Roswell personal trainer want you to reach your Fitness
goal. This is evident in our case by case results on average are clients lose 17 pounds or 4%
body fat in their first month when following are method this leads to your clothes fitting better,
u having more energy, being more tongue, and tightening up your skin in the areas that were
once loose before. The second thing that is very evident in our processes our clients get an
increase in energy when working with your Roswell personal trainer on a
verage are clients at a
rate of 99.3% state that they felt an increase in energy within 10 days this then translates into
their General Life, their work

life, and their purse which leads to very happy and satisfied
customers. The way we go about getting ou
r clients success is very different from really any
other personal training service and this starts with your success roadmap which is custom
tailored by our CEO himself. This is a step


step visual plan that’s going to take you from
where you are right
now, to your desired goals, while essentially putting you on autopilot without
having to do any of the work yourself. This is one of the many benefits of the Phoenix method.
What we do not to do is the generic workouts that tends to happen at many other gy
ms these
are designed to keep a person active and moving but the person will not actually reach their
goals, and more times than not they will not see visible results with that process. We want our
clients to not just reach their goals but to also have the
visible results that they aspired for when
they originally reached out to us. The next thing that we provide our clients is really our second
pillar of health and is a major factor in their success. This is accountability, so we provide our
clients with w
eekly as well as monthly accountability means that are designed to keep them on
track towards our goals. If a client has a bad weekend without their Roswell personal trainer and
starts to drift off the path slightly the team is going to come together to br
ing that client back
down to straight path because we want each and every one of our clients to be successful. The
accountability pillar has been many of our clients favorite pillar because it has been the game
changer and the deciding factor and them reac
hing their goals but more importantly maintaining
their goals long

term. What we do not want is our clients to only have their goals for short
amount of time we want every single goal to be accomplished in maintain the long

term and this
is part of what we
call the Phoenix lifestyle. When you train with your Roswell personal trainer it
is not just a short

term thing but it is a way that we live. It is a way that we go about our food, it
is a way that we go about our workouts, is away we go about our lifesty
le in order to make sure
that we are both successful now and later, this also leads to our clients setting a healthy
example for their family members their kids, their spouses and many other people that are in
their lives. Many gyms in personal trainers do
not have accountability systems in place, so
outside of those 32 about maybe one hour with your trainer you typically do not hear from them
again. This leaves a lot of time for a client to fall off track and not be able to reach their desired
health and w
ellness goals. This is a flaw in many General Ghent gyms that are out there today
but it is important that with builds Phoenix strong you do receive the accountability that you
need to stay on track with you or with your trainer or not because you will hea
r from your train of
each and every day and have a system in place in the person to answer to and somebody that
can answer your questions regardless of the time of day that it is so that you are always
successful. This is why we have a 98% success rate for
our clients at built Phoenix strong. We
provide all of our clients with a personalized nutrition guy in order to make sure their nutrition is
never an issue. This is a custom

tailored nutrition plan that is Catered towards the client eating
habits. For th
e first 7 days we study each client eating habits and take notes on them. Based on
the Note 7 Gathering and the photos that we gather of the meals that the client had over the
course of the last seven days we are then able to tailor the right nutrition pla
n to get them to
where they want to be. This is very important for clients that have struggled with nutrition in the
past because many people will do diet and diet will only lead to Temporary results when you
have a personalized nutrition guide that matche
s up with your habits in past eating preferences
it makes it much easier for the client to be successful both short

term and long

term which is
what we are all about with our Roswell personal trainer. this is a $300 value that we actually
include for free
in our program because we believe in the whole lifestyle change for our clients
not just a simple workout here and there which only leads to short

term success. Most places do
not include nutrition plan and when they do the nutrition plan is a generic plan
that was simply
gotten off the internet. Or it involves counting macros and other nutrients that is not a
sustainable way for somebody that was previously sedentary to implement into their life and
order to become successful in their nutrition. This is wh
y many people fall off with their nutrition
because the plan is not sustainable that’s built Phoenix strong our plans are stainable in regards
to workouts, in regards to nutrition, in regards to accountability and this is why we are the best.
We also offer
a private environment for all of our luxury clients. The purpose of the private
environment is to give each client one


one attention. This one


one is important so that the
client can get the attention that they need without worrying about others. Th
is time is Taylor
towards a specific client and that’s a Civic client’s goals so that they are successful. They are
not having to match up with somebody whose goals are not the same as theirs and then both
get thrown into the same workout. We do not do tha
t here we custom tailored to you so that you
are successful.