If you need a trainer it is important to come to the point where you are willing to not just put in
work but to put in the work every day. When you put in the work every day and you are on the
road to winning every day and winning every day comes from gett
ing at least 1% better and one
of the three pillars of Health each and every day. The three pillars of Health are Fitness Nutrition
accountability these are the three areas that you need to get 1% better every single day in at
least one of the three areas
in order to have success with your Roswell personal trainer. Our
hours of operation are Monday through Saturday. You can reach us by phone, or you can email
us. You can also visit our website. But there are many many reasons why you should train that’s
lt Phoenix strong. We are going to implement the three pillars of Health into your we’re going
to get you trained on these pillars we’re going to install them into your life and it’s going to allow
you to become successful and remain successful. It’s all a
bout maintaining it once you reach it.
So in order for this to happen we’re going to make sure you reach your fitness goals now many
of our clients that are looking to lose weight lose an average of 17 lb of 4% body fat in their first
month of training wit
h their Roswell personal trainer. Our clients report a drastic increase in their
energy levels and this happens within the first 10 days. This is been reported by over 90% of
our clients. But the way that we go about using our Roswell personal trainer to g
et you your
goals is very different from really any other gym that is out there today. And this begins with
what we title as the success road map. This is part of the Phoenix method, this is part of the
Phoenix way your success roadmap is your custom tailo
red workout plan. This workout plan is
going to take you from where you are right now straight to your desired goals without you having
to even really think about it so what happens is your Fitness goes on autopilot. This road map
has a step


step proces
s to results it’s a visual example of what needs to be done each and
every day was certain action items in order to make you successful. We do not do what I
consider to be cookie

cutter workouts. Many gyms today will do cookie cutter workouts and
bees are
designed to keep you active and moving, and you’ll also get a good sweat. But these
workout plans are generic and you will not actually reach your goals and you will not see the
visible changes that you originally hoped for. With built Phoenix strong you w
ill also get
accountability with you we will have weekly and monthly accountability meetings that have
metrics designed inside of them in order to keep you on track to your girl. Every single week for
about 10 minutes you will meet with your personal train
er and we will go over three things that
you excelled at, and three things you want to improve on for the next week. This gives the client
a mental and visual example of what needs to be done over the course of the next week during
their workouts in nutrit
ion in order to stay on track towards the plan that we have laid out for
them. These have been many clients favorite part of training at builds Phoenix draw they feel
like the accountability meetings are second


none and cannot be found anywhere else. Mi
gyms today actually do not have any accountability so truthfully outside of those 32 maybe one
hour of work that you have with your trainer you really do not hear from your trainer again until
the next workout. This is not the most effective way to go a
bout personal training because it’s
easy for a client to fall off in between workout and I also don’t know what they should be doing
noted to stay successful we do not practice doing it this way at our facility because he want our
clients to be successful

term and long

term. This is why our clients get fast results instead
of waiting months and months to get results like many people do at their gym. We provide all
clients with their own nutrition guide. This is a $300 roswell personal trainer value th
at we give
to each and every single one of our clients for free because we believe in the importance of
nutrition nutrition is the key and you cannot out train a bad diet soda to help our clients with this
we provide the nutrition guide for them. This nutr
ition guide is composed of a series of lists and
its series of meals from your Roswell personal trainer. So for example breakfast 1/3 would need
to come from this list, 130 need to come from this list, and one thirds from the next list. This give
the clien
t some wiggle room and what they eat while still having them eat healthy side they are
on track for the health and wellness goals. We make sure that our clients are able to have a
private environment and working out at Field Phoenix draw the reason we stre
ss the private
environment is so that each client really gets the attention that they need without being in an
area crowded by other people. When crowded by other people it is hard for you to see results
with your Roswell personal trainer because nobody is
watching that class aesthetically. Clients
want to know that they’re getting the attention that they deserve and having it work out that’s
tailored towards them. If one person is looking to lose weight in the next person is looking to
build their biceps t
hese two people should not be doing the same workout plan this is the
mistake that a lot of people will make but we do not allow this to happen with us. We Custom
Tailor and keep it private and you will have your one


one attention and with that will com
the results that you have been looking for. This is why we highest rated and most reviewed gym
in the city because we make sure to give our clients the results that they want and need. Where
is the most places there is no privacy so everybody is jam pack
ed into one big space and doing
the same workout which is very unintentional when it comes to delivering specific results that a
client said out for themselves. We also have a state



art staff that is designed to deliver to
you an exceptional custome
r service experience one that cannot be matched anywhere else
and this is what happens for our clients when they come train at our facility because we believe
in Fitness being a lifestyle not just a destination that she reach and stop.