I want to talk to you today about setting weight loss goal or your Roswell personal trainer. When
it comes to setting your goals there are two things you need to understand you must have when
and you must have what. You must know when you’re going to achie
ve this goal by and what
you want to achieve by the time. For example I want to lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks. It is a most
difficult far too often people when they start their gold dust day I want to lose a hundred pounds
but they won’t have a specific time fram
e to do this and they won’t break the gold down into
smaller increments. When you break it into small increments it makes it easier for your Roswell
personal trainer to get it done for you. This is why this is so important that you set your goals
and break
it into step. Everything must be done in step we actually create these steps for you at
our facility in this is called your success road map Italy Taylor or do step


step plan with
action step to get you to your desired weight loss goal example if you w
ant to lose 30 lb this is
what needs to be done Week 1, this is what needs to be done week 2 and so on and so forth
and this brings you from where you are right now straight to your desired goals without you even
having to think about it. Think of it like
reaching your goal on autopilot this is why it is so
important to do that. We can help you with it by giving you your rug will personal trainer. We
have six different packages but our client can mix and match and build their own package to
make sure it fit
s your budget and if it’s been awhile for them. When it comes to Gold needs to be
physically mentally and financially but he continued to have the time in and time out. Are Six
Flags break down into two series the first one being one


one training and th
e second one
being semi

private training the biggest difference is one


one truly means you are one on one
plus Democratic means you’re in a small group study. Both series of packages have high
success rate because our system is custom tailors to get you
to where you want to be based on
your specific goal. Bagaduce break down into basic Deluxe and VIP and each package comes
down into per session rates. All things are going to come with two big three piece the first one
being your customized nutrition Guy
this is the meal plan that we filled out for you and teach to
you at the end of you are 7

Day trial in order to make sure that you are set up for success and
have any nutrition plan that it was Dan Bull for you that you can get your results. The second
is your restaurant have to eat out. This is going to teach a person how to order their food at
a restaurant do that it is healthy for them. Far too often we go to restaurants in the hopes of
being healthy and we will order the fish from the menu. But more
times than not that fish has
been tossed in the back by the shop and feel much better, and so much salt, and so many other
oils that is specially turns into a fast food Olay by the time you get it. This restaurant guy fixes
that for you so that you can go
out to eat at these restaurant and still be on track for your gold
by knowing how to order and making your meal 90% healthier for you. It all boils down to you
are three pillars of Health with your Roswell personal trainer. Fitness Nutrition and accountab
these three pillars together form a triangle and when the triangle is closed that it’s hard for
negative things that are going to set you like to get into the triangle he wanted clothes that you
can take off and reach your goals and have a mint level
s of accept. Fitness Lee jetpack your
workout going to 30 minute workout that are full of compound movement. A compound
movement simply means you’re working multiple muscles at the same time if that of wasting
several minutes of getting one muscle out of t
ime. This makes workouts drag on far too long
and many people are busy and don’t have time for this. Also isolation movement don’t bury
many calories in much fat so when it comes to losing weight and dropping body fat percentage
they are not very beneficia
l. This is why we use compound movement to set you up for some
stuff. The goal is to complete the entire work out and get all the compound movements done
within your time limit this will keep the heart rate this will keep you sweating, that’s cool keep the
fat burning, all while still building muscle at the same time and this is what leads to addressee
transformation. Buy transformation I mean our Roswell personal trainer client reporting average
loss of 20,000 just their first four weeks because of the way
that we put these workouts to get it
when we are doing right now is a very limited edition special where your first 7 days or only $1
and this is that you can see what it is we do, and why it works as well so that you can be on
track for your goals that y
ou set out for yourself. With the help of a Roswell personal trainer you
can reach your weight loss cold 93% faster than the average person because you’re receiving
the three pillars of Health included in your program so that it is that much easier for you
to be
successful and reach the goals that she had. When we outline R6S roadmap it shows you what
needs to be done, when it needs to be done, how it needs to be done, so that you get the
change that you want the biggest enemy wants you to reach the goals t
hat you desire