Every morning when you wake up, do you instantly need coffee or some type of caffeine to wake up with? If this is you, you may be addicted to caffeine. Trust me you are not alone. There are plenty of other people who are addicted to caffeine just like you. Caffeine is a stimulant that helps you feel more alert and awake. That is why people prefer to have caffeine in the morning when they wake up. Your personal trainer in Roswell will explain to you that too much caffeine can be a bad thing. You should not rely on caffeine to wake you up because that can lead to addiction. When you are addicted to caffeine, you can experience things like headaches when you haven’t had any or shaking if you have too much in one day.

Combining caffeine and working out can make your heart beat increase dramatically and is not good to add to when you workout. The best thing to drink when you are working out is water because you are sweating so much that your body needs to remain hydrated. When you work with a personal trainer in Roswell, they explain how much water you should be drinking daily and that drinking water with every meal is extremely important. You will be given a nutrition guide by your personal trainer in Roswell that explains what types of foods you should be eating and you should only be drinking water or green tea if you do not want to drink water with one of your meals. Drinking water helps flush out the toxins in your body, keeps you hydrated, and reduces inflammation of the body. Did you know that caffeine can actually dehydrate you? I know it’s shocking. Another reason why you should not drink that much caffeine and limit how much you are having if any.

Have you ever noticed when you drink caffeine that you feel thirsty and need some water after? That is because the caffeine is dehydrating you and leaves you feeling like you need to drink some water after. At Built Phoenix Strong, we always like to remind our clients they should drink at least a gallon of water per day. Ideally, you should be drinking half of your body weight in water. This can leave your body feeling so good and will reduce all of the inflammation. Reducing inflammation of the body helps your muscles and joints not have as much soreness either, especially after a workout with Built Phoenix Strong. Your fitness coach puts you through a thirty minute, high intensity workout that you need plenty of water for. The best recommendation is to limit how much caffeine you have, whether it be only one cup of coffee in the morning and start to wean yourself off of it. Before you know it, you will start to notice that you do not even crave it anymore. You will think it is too sweet or too strong to drink and will no longer rely on it waking you up or being alert in the morning.

Why Is Our Personal Trainer in Roswell So Dedicated?


The best way to train your body is to divide the lower body from the upper body. Meaning that you can have upper body workout days and then lower body workout days. Today we are going to talk about how to work your upper body. The upper body includes the chest, bicep, tricep, lat, deltoid, and shoulders. We are going to talk about different exercises that you will work on with your personal trainer in Roswell. It is extremely important to do some warm up exercises before you begin working your upper body. Arm circles and shaking your arms back and forth are good examples. Some of the best exercises that work your upper body include bicep curls, tricep extensions, front press, and chest flys. When you work with a personal trainer in Roswell at Built Phoenix Strong, they will explain during the workout you will work on exercises for the chest, some for the biceps and the triceps.

These are just some of the muscles in the upper body. By splitting up the muscles to work on each day during your workouts, this allows you to isolate those muscles which helps with toning and more muscle definition. If you are looking to add muscle definition and gain more muscle in your upper body, then you need to work with a personal trainer in Roswell. They will get you to explain what you would like your body to look like three months from now and to tell them exactly how many pounds of muscle you are trying to gain. Then, they will design and plan your workouts for you that will be thirty minutes and high intensity.

You will use dumbbells for a lot of the exercises that work your upper body. For females, they are usually scared to lift weights that work the upper body because they do not want to become “bulky”. The truth is, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Lifting weights does not make you bulky by any means. It will give you an extremely toned upper body and you will notice how you can see the different muscles in your upper body. Your fitness coach will do a free fitness assessment that determines how heavy of weights you should start with and the goal is to increase your weight each week during your workouts with your fitness coach. The reason you need to increase your weight is because you do not want to remain at the same weight forever or else you will not see results as quickly and it will take longer to reach your health and fitness goals. Your body becomes adapted to that weight and it will no longer be challenging. Even if you only increase by five pounds, that is still getting stronger and better than you were the week before. If you want to work your upper body during a workout, you should do at least 3 sets of the same exercise before you move on to the next one. When you are working with your fitness coach, you will at least do ten repetitions each time.