A good exercise plan is made of compound movements. In a squat thrust you’re using your leg squat down using your core if you come back up then using your shoulders and triceps of the press the barbell into the air. These are the type of movements you do to see results with a personal trainer in Roswell. It’s a great exercise and it works three muscles at the same time instead of doing one exercise that works your legs and doing another exercise that were Shakoor been doing a third exercise that works your triceps. That could take you 20 minute for this Casey two minutes because all of the exercises and muscle groups are combined into the individual movements. This is one of the secrets of working at Built Phoenix Strong the top personal trainer in Roswell. Can you put together action plans in a go get you to where you want to be that are dried of Compa movies that are intentional and design to get you towards the exact result that you want for your body that you see the person that she wanted every time you look in the mirror. The next pillar is nutrition that we teach as a personal trainer in Roswell. which is the one that most people struggle with fear and people work out or believe that they are working out efficiently and then they go home and they eat 8 to 9 meals a day and they sit on the couch all day and they snack all night and I do not know what time to stop eating so they eat way too late into the night and they skip breakfast and as a result they end up in the obesity column. In order to fix this is important to understand nutrition. Nutrition needs to be sustainable for you otherwise it will feel like you are almost torturing yourself. So what we do have Built Phoenix Strong as we build a customized nutrition guide this is going to be a series of List and a series of meals. For example lunch one Thursday need to come from the first litter, and then the second third will need to come from the second list, and then finally once there is a need to come from the finalist this gives you the client some freedom and what you eat in regards to selecting your foods. Keeping you in a controlled environment in regards to what foods you’re bringing into your body. The third pillar is accountability and we want to make sure that you are never left alone on your journey so you have weekly accountability made with you they provide metrics to show you where you need to be going on a weekly basis to get to your goals.

For many people the biggest obstacle to getting in shape is consistency. Many people stay on track for a couple days with the struggle to do a day in and day out. And this happens we fall victim to something called avalanche affect which is where one bad day turns into for five or six bad days and eventually fall check completely I don’t know when you lost your way from reaching your Health and wellness goals and weight loss goals. In order to fix this what you needed somebody to hold you accountable to the highest standard so just stay on track for your goals. Built Phoenix Strong will get the highest rated and most of you (Trainer) because we hold our clients accountable you sign up with us you were going to receive weekly accountability meetings these are going to be monthly and weekly meetings that take place at the same time every week with metrics to keep you on track to your goal.

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Toning the body comes from having the right plan and working with a personal trainer in Roswell from Built Phoenix strong that is equipped to help you reach your weightloss goals.In your weekly accountability meetings we go over your toning plan and also in these meetings are your three small wins. Which means there’s some thing you did specifically that was impressive this past week it was better than it was last week. For example if you were doing course of sizes and this week he got 20 reps of alternating toe touches the foot without stopping where is last we could only do 7 to 10 that is a huge win if you want to go through that with you because little Lynn’s like that will eat a big changes down the road. Well that’s where we have three small goals for the next week example if every time that we do high knees we knows that you’re stopping at 15 seconds your goal for the next week will be to make it all the way through the high knees 30 seconds without stopping if you can do this Over the course of the next week then you’ll Laverne three times the amount of calories this week thing as last week during the same work outside you’ll be on track to finish your face. A phase is a month-long work out I always recommend that workouts that our plan and designed hour from 4 to 6 weeks. Any less than $.40 to be ineffective and any longer than six weeks can lead to Angie because he comes to repetitive I have noticed overtime with training thousand clients that for weeks is the sweet spot in order to see the change that she want. But the key is to improve day in and day out weekend and week out here but we want to be specific about improvements we don’t want to just Saily and Preux to say that we felt better do you wanna have miserable action steps that show that the improved over the course of the last seven days. This is why I was client lives is 20 pounds at 4% body fat and just the first 30 days of the Phoenix method for personal trainer in Roswell. This method is proven and design to get for me at least at least. Many athletes early and say when they play sports and then when I stop playing sports that is on me that they realize they never truly understood how to work out, and they never really understood how to eat, I never really had an accountability system in place they had a great coaches they had great stay the conditioning team and as a result they were in great shape. Our goal is to make sure when you work with us you end up in fantastic shape of more importantly that if you ever are not working with us anymore because he moved her for any other reason you were still able to maintain your results for ever. The Phoenix method is not just a workout plan but it is a movement in the move-in is broken down into three pillars of health fitness nutrition accountability for personal trainer in Roswell. Will you broken into small packages that are going to work in a price range for anybody we have the best personal training prices in all of Georgia. It is a $1300 value that is now in an affordable package grouping so if you were Savannah is looking to lose weight, build muscle, getting better shape, look better for your wedding, fancier old clothes in the Phoenix way the only way because it is a proven system that will guarantee the results that you want over the course of the next 30 days. If you want to reach your fitness goals and start the new year are strong get healthy joints in Phoenix today.