One thing that is important for people to understand when it comes to personal trainer Roswell is that Fitness should be done for the purpose. Maybe we’ll go into the gym and it’ll simply work out just to work out, when they leave the gym they will eat simply just to say that they eat. Especially with eating many people well grab anything that says it’s vegan organic. When you ask somebody what vegan organic means they cannot tell you so they simply are doing it just because it sounds healthy. Many people that are vegan tend to struggle with their wait and see because they don’t actually understand what it is to be vegan or simply doing it because it is trendy.

With that being said it is important that with whatever you do for personal trainer Roswell you need to have a purpose. So it’s Fitness you should walk into the gym with a plan. You should not just wondering to the gym because the end up wasting time thinking about what exercise to do, what body part you want to work and it ends up adding countless minutes sometimes even hours Auntie workout. Many times we see those people in the gym they’re in there for hours because they had no plan when they came into the gym this least people saying that they don’t have time to work out but the truth is they do have time to reach their health and wellness Lowe’s they simply are being unintentional.

The key is being intentional when you walking to the gym have the plan have the intention of what it is that you’re going to accomplish during that workout and that comes from having a specific plan which we provide for all of our clients that built Phoenix strong. Our custom tailored workout plans are going to get you to where you want to be because each and every exercise during each and every workout is going to be custom tailored towards your specific goal and its each exercise is going to have a purpose so that you see results.

This is what it means to be intentional in the gym for personal trainer Roswell. We call this a success roadmap which is a free plan that is given to all clients when they sign up at built Phoenix draw the purpose of this is to ensure the client of what exercises and what steps are going to be taken over the course of the next 90 days to make sure they are on track to achieve their goals. If the client follow these steps exactly they typically hit their goal and even faster than 90 days and this is what the Phoenix method is all about. We combine our three pillars of Health with your going to be Fitness Nutrition and accountability so that the client can get to their results and not just get there will be able to maintain them long-term as well. A built Phoenix strong is not just reach their goal but I know exactly how to maintain that go forever because we teach you how to work out, we teach you how to eat properly, and we teach you how to accountability systems so that you are successful long-term not just short-term and that is the Phoenix way. So in regards to nutrition is important that you receive a customized nutrition guide instead of a diet.

When you do a diet you can lose a substantial amount of weight, but if that diet is not put in a way that is sustainable for you then when you stop doing that specific diet, when you stop eating two potatoes at 10 a.m. every day you will gain the weight back and we do not want you to gain the weight back instead we want you to keep it gone forever and this is why I customize attrition guide it’s the way to go. You have a series of list as well as a series of meals this place you know what to eat during each meal and you have freedom in which you pick from each list so that you never feel too restricted but you also are not going off the deep end and this is the key balance so that you’re able to keep your results and know how to eat and keep the weight off long-term and lose your stomach for good.


Personal Trainer Roswell | Solving the Problem | Built Phoenix Strong

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals me wants to solve your problems there’s so many personal trainers out there that was simply take a client through workouts week in and week out and the climb will work with this person 4 months but they will not solve their problem if the client was looking to lose their stomach and they still have that stomach 6 months rent in the reason why is because far too many trainers are going to the motion this is not happen for a personal trainer Roswell because what we will do that we will Custom Tailor workout plan to get you to where you want to be here we have one client that is actually 63 years old and she sits at 14% body fat and she has been with us for two years.

And the reason she has such great success is because he put together a plan I was going to solve her problem. Will you met her she felt like she look like a grandma title that she did not have definition their arms or legs, and was not being active. She was always doing something that a personal trainer Roswell refers to as the cardio this is where someone does our to 2 hour long bouts of cardio everyday in hopes of turning their body and losing weight. When you do this it actually does not cause you to lose weight because since the intensity is such a low intensity your body actually ends up burning more muscle than fat so your body holds onto the fat and burns the muscle.

Many people wonder how this is possible without a personal trainer Roswell. And the reason why is because your body choose either hold on too fat or muscle and it’s going to always fall to who is snowing the longest. Many of us are led to believe that what everybody has known the longest is the muscle will you were born and we came out as babies none of us could hold our own heads up our mother had to hold her head up. And the reason why is because we did not have the muscles Define in the muscle developed to hold up our own hat however many of us came out as small fat babies.

So with that being said this means that the body has known the fat longer than the muscle for shorter so therefore when the push comes to shove the by you always burn away the muffler and on stuff that. Color to get rid of this it is important to have a plan that is going to be something that you can stick with long-term. When you hire Fields Phoenix strong we give you a free fitness assessment that allows us to see what might be holding you back so that we can fix it and you can be on track to long-term results. I want to have a short-term results see what long-term results. But do not want to retrain problem we wants to solve the problem cuz once the problem is soft and we know how we solved it and we have a system in place to prevent it from coming back life becomes much easier for both the clients and the fitness trainer.