It’s a brand new year and you have probably already made your New Year’s resolutions. One of them might be getting in shape and losing weight. With the help of a personal trainer Roswell, you can definitely get in shape and lose weight this year! It starts with the three pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, and accountability. Those are the main factors at Built Phoenix Strong. When you have someone holding you accountable, it makes all the difference. On the days that you do not feel like working out, your personal trainer Roswell will be right there helping you every step of the way. They will even have customized, workout plans for you that are geared towards the health and wellness goals you have set for yourself. That is the fitness aspect. Then, the nutrition piece is a nutrition guide that explains what you should be having for every single meal. For example, your fitness coach will explain what size portions you should be having and how important it is to have a lean protein, carbohydrate, and fruit or vegetable. Lastly, the accountability aspect. Your personal trainer Roswell will meet with you once a week and go over your workouts that week, your meals, and your performance overall. They will also compliment you on how well you are doing, how much weight you’ve lost, how tone you are getting, and more. All it takes is your commitment and you saying yes to setting health and wellness goals in order to reach them. At the beginning of every new year, people always say they want to be healthy and this is their year. Have you ever noticed how crowded gyms and fitness centers are in the month of January? You probably have not noticed how quickly the crowds start to disappear the deeper we get into the year. Why is it that not everyone can stick to the new year’s resolutions they set at the beginning of the year and they fall off the wagon? It is because they do not have someone holding them accountable for every month that passes by. Some people are too afraid to ask for help. Other people may not see a need to hire a fitness coach. Our job is to change those people’s minds and persuade them it is not possible without the help of a coach. Our clients’ will be the first to tell you how quickly we changed their minds and how enjoyable it is to work with us. Don’t get me wrong, we will definitely make sure you are getting a high intensity workout in thirty whole minutes, but we still want to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for you. Our coaches have such high energy and care so much about you as a client. Our clients are our number one priority. We want our clients to feel extremely special when they walk into our gyms. We will always have a smile on our faces. If you come to Built Phoenix Strong, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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Everyone at some point in their lives wants to lose weight. Whether that be five pounds or one hundred fifty pounds. We all experience that feeling at some point in our life. It is what you decide to do about wanting to lose weight that makes all the difference. A personal trainer Roswell is the perfect person to help you lose that unwanted weight. You need them to help you come up with a plan. Determine how much weight you want to lose in three months, six months, etc, whatever the case may be. At Built Phoenix Strong, we always ask our clients when they first meet with us what their health goals are and where they can see themselves in the next three months. Then, we create a plan from there. We include our three pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, and accountability. This is also known as the Phoenix Method. With these three pillars of health, you are going to be able to lose that weight you have wanted to lose for so long and with a personal trainer Roswell, you will be able to keep it off! The hardest part about losing weight is trying to keep it off. Majority of the time, people are not able to keep off all the weight they have lost because they are trying to do all of this alone and need someone to hold them accountable. It is a lot easier to keep weight off when someone is helping you or keeping track of your results. Our fitness coaches at Built Phoenix Strong are simply the best at what they do and meet with you every single week to go over your current fitness performance, how much weight you have lost, and what type of meals you have been eating. One of the biggest reasons people are not able to avoid gaining back weight they once lost is because of unrealistic expectations. For example, they are trying out some type of detox or cleanse that basically does not allow them to eat real foods for a month or so and then after they are finished with that cleanse, they go back to eating real food and they put back on all the weight they lost. This is why your personal trainer Roswell does not believe in a juice diet or cleanse because that is very unrealistic. Your fitness coach allows you to eat real foods, but with healthier portions that contain a lean protein, carbohydrate, and fruit or vegetable. That is setting up realistic expectations for your clients and allows you to lose the determined amount of weight you want and keep it off at the same time. Once our clients have reached their initial weight goal, we then meet again during our weekly accountability meetings and determine what they would like to look like in the next three months. We are always pushing our clients to reach for more because we want them to understand how attainable losing weight and keeping it off is. And even losing more weight than they originally wanted. In the first month of working with us, our clients can expect to lose twenty pounds or four percent body fat! Yes body fat percentage. Sign up today!