Many people lose weight only to have this weight return and it can be very frustrating for the person because when they lost the way they had the hopes of keeping the sweet gone forever. But your weight does not come back when you have a personal trainer Roswell because the thing that occurs as you receive a plan that implements A system that is going to make the weight loss permanent for you in your life. At Built Phoenix Strong we want to make sure that when you achieve your fitness goals and you achieve your weight loss goals, and you achieve your toning goals, and your muscle building goals that you’re able to maintain this long-term.

Many people the reason weight comes back as simply because the workout plan that you were doing was not sustainable for you. You want whatever you do to be sustainable cuz what is not sustainable ends up being forgotten. But the Phoenix method is very sustainable and will give you permanent results in the way that your stomach looks and your weight loss. So to make it easy for you what you do is you schedule your free fitness assessment this allows your personal trainer Roswell to assess exactly where you are at in your health and wellness. The lunch this fitness assessment is complete speak and then see what deficiencies are currently present in the prospect.

It is then time to put together a plan to fix these deficiencies. Because if they’re not fixed they will simply come bigger and bigger and that is not what you want you want the problems forever. So to do this after your initial fitness assessment you are given an entire 7 days for just the price of $1. So what whatever package you choose you additional week of personal training with a fitness coach added in which can be used to seeing the changes in your weight loss. So the first package is what we call the basic package this allows you to work out 2 times a week one-on-one just you and your trainer. This is awesome because you get the one-on-one attention that you need and deserve or getting in to high intensity workouts. I work out your high intensity hit workouts. Hit stands for high intensity interval training workouts and these are very very important when it comes to seeing results in your health and wellness. Because you’re going to burn the maximum amount of fat.

You’re going to build the max amount of muscle, and you’re going to burn the maximum amount of calories in a short amount of time. During you hit workout we combine everything into supersets would simply means that the workouts are performed back to back with minimal rest so that your body is always actively moving and working. The second package is our deluxe package which gives you three work out today with the deluxe package plus it will work out every other day which really provides a method of sustainability and once what you are doing is sustainable you are that much more likely to keep your results long-term. So you have your workout day and then you have your rest day with your personal trainer Roswell.



Personal Trainer Roswell | Getting Abs | Built Phoenix Strong

Getting apps can be so difficult for many people but it really doesn’t have to be that hard to accomplish in order to truly get abs you need to work your core every single day. Every muscle can be worked every day if you work your biceps everyday, or you work your triceps everyday, or any muscle like that the end of doing something called overtraining. When you over-train your body will begin to actually burn away Muslim Honda Fat because it is being overworked. And instead of getting their results and you help him finish your see end up going backwards. So to get actual results you want to limit when it comes to your main parts. However the ABS and the core are one of the muscles that you can train every single day and not overdo it. This is done with the help of a personal trainer Roswell.

So in order to get abs repetition will lead to definition and Aesthetics. So when you work the same muscle but in a different form three to four times a week it will lead to Visible Changes. For example if you were to do alternating toe touches and runs Russian Twist on Monday 3 sets of 50 each that would be a fantastic workout with your personal trainer Roswell. But in order to see abs and Visible Changes in the way that your midsection is currently looking you would need to again on Wednesday do alternating toe touches and Russian Twists but do them waited this time and that will lead the muscles to have to work in a different way while still doing the same exercise and that is how you get abs.

From there you would want to build out a plan and do something different on Tuesday and Thursday. If you repeat this for 4 to 6 weeks you will notice a visible change in the way that your midsection looks. But that is not enough the next thing that needs to happen is you need to eat correctly. There’s the old saying that abs are made in the kitchen and this is true cuz you cannot out train a bad diet so the next thing to do is figure out what you going to eat. That’s built Phoenix strong we are going to create a customized nutrition guy that’s going to allow you to take control of your who picks up we’re going to give you some series of list in the series of meals this gives you an idea of what foods you need to have for breakfast, what foods you need to be having for lunch, and what needs to be eating for dinner in order for you to be successful and getting Visible Changes in your stomach.

When you can stick to this plan after about 21 days it becomes a lifestyle and a habit for you. At this point this is when you will look in the mirror and your gut will be gone and you’ll start to see your apps for me this is a secret to getting a. Many people do not know this so they will work for months and months and sometimes years and they will not see any changes in their midsection. And they do not see any apps and the reason why is because they were going about it the wrong way. In order to paint the picture you must follow the process and the process starts with a personal trainer Roswell and scheduling your free fitness assessment you can come into our studio which is next door to Smoothie King and we can put you through a 1 hour long fitness assessment and build your road map that’s going to get you to your desired body as quickly as possible and this is why our clients see results in as little as two to three weeks in their bodies.