Built Phoenix strong is a Roswell personal training company. Sounder is passionate about helping clients reach their health and wellness goals. He does this through a three pillar system. Each pillar is equally important and the system does not come together unless each pillar is fulfilled to its and appoint. The first pillar ends up being accountability. For many people personal training Roswell if they knew how to do it themselves and we’re going to do it themselves they would have done it already. Will you post accountability systems in place so that people are able to do achieve their Health and Wellness Core. that accountability and it’s easy for somebody to feel like they are alone on their Journey. This is why we have weekly and monthly accountability meetings to make sure that clients are staying on track with metrics to achieve their goals by the desired date. This is the first pill of that we teach for our personal training Roswell clients so that they can achieve their results. R founder was a national championship football coach and believe strongly in accountability for each and every client as well as each and every training. The next pillar that will lead to success in your health is nutrition. There is an old saying that you cannot out to train a bad diet in this is true. This is why we put together a customized nutrition plan for each and every client that’s in rolls into the program. Is important to have a nutrition plan instead of a diet because diet lead to Temporary results. When you do a diet you may see results but when muscle memory kicks in these results can be gone. Your body will remember that it did not used to look this way and we’ll go back to the form that it is no longer which is the out of shape form that many people do not want. Muscle memory is great if you are an athlete and you just broke your ankle and you need to learn how to walk again because your body remember how to walk but in our health and wellness in regards to nutrition it can be our worst enemy. The nutrition guide great spirit into three full Square meals. The first meal is breakfast, this is the most important meal of the day and it kick-starts your metabolism for the rest of the day so that you can see you to see results. The second Meal is lunch. We do not recommend having carbohydrates during your lunch, it is important that you have a healthy relationship with carbs and this begins to have them, which ones do you have and what meals to include the carbohydrates in. If you have an unhealthy relationship with carbs you eat too many of them and this will lead to fac me. If you under eat your carbs then it can lead to starvation and low energy levels which king trickle into other areas of your life as well. This is why we take them out of lunch in order to have a healthy balanced. We bring the carbohydrates back with our third Meal which is dinner. Dinner is composed of proteins, carbohydrates, and good fats. In order for the proteins to be efficient it needs to be lean protein, this means that for personal training Roswell the protein sources need to be 90% lean and up. Anything less than 90% can be counterproductive to your results. The good fats are exceptional in small amounts because they will provide you with the energy levels to push to your work desk throughout your day. In order to achieve your health and fitness is important that you have a coach, this is what we provide for personal training Roswell. Each of our clients as a personal coach that is devoted to making sure that they reach their health and wellness goals each and every day. Susan has been with us for many years. She has four grandkids and two kids of her own. She is now 12% body fat and when we began she was 34% body fat. She gets compliments everywhere she goes, but the reason for her success is that she bought into the system. She began incorporating Fitness Nutrition and accountability on a daily basis. When you do the Small Things repetitively daily it needs to big changes for you and your help. This is what we aim for all of our clients to achieve when working out with us for personal training Roswell. They need people try to do their finished but do not know where to start. There are so many websites and fake plans out there that people get confused and lost along the way. They didn’t get frustrated in they stop but the truth is it all comes down to having a plan that is custom-tailored towards you so that you can reach your goals. This plan is the first thing that we provide at builds Phoenix strong during your initial fitness assessment where we sit down with you and go over what is going to take to get you to where you want to be by a desire to date. During our accountability meetings are coaches will have three things that the client didn’t well over the past week these are important to see so that the clients can see the small wins and what they did well over the course of the last seven days. This gives a visual representation of where the client currently stand so they can see what stands in their way of getting to where they want to be. The trainer also have three things for the client to work on for the next upcoming week. This is important as well because it gives insight for personal training Roswell as to what the client needs to do over the course of the next week in order to continue to improve. It is important for the clients always be looking for it so that you can continue to know what results to expect and when to expect them. Many people do not hear from their trainers outside of their 30 to 45 minutes of this session. That’s built Phoenix strong our clients hear from their trainer each and every day so that they know somebody is in their corner and they are being held accountable so they can stay on track towards their goals. squats are one of the best exercises you can do because they will tone the lower body as well as the everybody. While you are sliding you’re working your legs but as you hold the bar your building upper-body muscle as well. This is why I squats are also considered a testosterone booster in natural form because of the movement that you are working through the legs as you squat.