Phoenix strong was founded by CEO Placid a joker II. He discovered this company after winning his first Division 1 national championship title in football. He won his championship at James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia. His team went undefeated in route to a national championship while knocking off the five-time defending national champion. Throughout all this success coach Placid notice something. What he noticed was that there were many former athletes that came to visit during the course of this season. A vast majority of these former athletes that came to visit we’re immensely out of shape. These athletes were 20, 30, 40, and sometimes 50 pounds overweight. This is because they were not personal training Roswell. After playing sports these athletes had gained numerous amounts of weight. Many of the former running backs now looks like offensive lineman. Coach class it was curious as to why this was occurring. It was then that he discovered for personal training Roswell that many athletes are put on cruise control. When these athletes are playing sports their coaches are giving them their workouts daily, the players are required to show up to work out, the workout is already designed for them, and the coaches guide them through this workout. As a result of the athletes are in tremendous shape they look phenomenal and they are very healthy. These athletes are also on autopilot in regards to nutrition they have access to free food in their school cafeteria. However the coaches watch them when they’re in the cafeteria and guide them on what it is they need to be eating. The players are also required to take Health classes where they are informed of what the coaches want them to be eating. As a result the players have great nutrition and maintain a great physique and it allows them to play well on the field. The coaches also hold the players accountable if the player misses a workout the coaches will punish the player. If the player is not eating right the coaches will sit down with the player and have a meeting with them. These three things all lead to players being in great shape even though they aren’t personal training Roswell yet. But what happens when these players are no longer playing sports. After Sports there are no more provided workouts. After Sports there are no more provided meals and nutrition plants. After Sports there are no more accountability meetings, and there is nobody checking on these players daily to make sure that they are staying in Prime shape. So what happens is after a few years these players develop bad habits that may have been covered up while they were playing sports. However these bad habits are no longer covered up and are coming to the Forefront. And this leads to weight gain, fat gain, loss of energy, clothes not fitting right anymore, and various other consequences. So coach Placid noticed this and wanted to fix this. So what he began was the athletes Resurrection plan which was specifically designed to help these former athletes regain the nutrition, and the fitness, and accountability that they had during Sports. The purpose behind this is to allow the former athletes to get back into shape, look phenomenal again, and be able to maintain it. He was attracted to this group of people because there are so many people that are working with current athletes. And there are so many people that are working with non-athletes. But there are not that many people working with former athletes. So he felt that this group needed help and that began with personal training bra the athlete Resurrection plan then went on to help clients in over 25 to 30 States in many countries. It became a global brand and help change people’s lives all over the world. As the plan began to have success coach Placid ventured out and started to help non-athletes is well with personal training Roswell. Because the system can really help anybody, if you have a goal and you want to get in shape and the Phoenix system will get you in shape. The Phoenix system breaks down to the main pillars that are needed for essential health. The pillars revolve around health, and fitness as well as nutrition. Accountability is the other pillar that is overlooked at many gyms. For personal training Roswell our clients have weekly and monthly accountability meetings with their coats to assure that they are staying on track for their goals. These goals are outlined during their first personal training Roswell meeting which is called a fitness assessment. During this time and the founder sits down with each New Prospect and outlines their goals in the step by step process to get them to achieve these goals in a timely manner for each and every client. Coach class he wants all clients to see results so he make sure that the trainers are holding the clients accountable and making sure the path is proven and successful time and time again. In regards to nutrition our clients are provided with a free meal plan when they enroll in our system and plant. This meal plan will allow each and every client to get visible results. These results will come fast but more importantly these results are going to be sustainable for the clients to keep their personal training Roswell results long-term. In order to do this we break food into three main categories which are the fats carbohydrates and proteins. We teach our clients how to maneuver each of these groups into each of their meals so that they get the right Foods at the right time for the right results. Many gems do not offer nutrition plans with their programs we do not do this because we want to make sure that our clients are getting results time and time again. Workout are done in 30 minutes high intensity resistance training sessions. This is where our clients or work almost all of their muscles in a single session. Working in this manner allows our clients to get their results at a faster rate because the body burns more and builds more and dust leads to a drastic physique change. Accountability meetings are what separate us from everybody else this is where we sit down with each and every one of our clients on a weekly basis to assess what needs to be done in next week to stay on track for their goals. This meeting is repeated on a monthly basis as well to make sure the client is aware of what changes occurred over the next month this keeps our clients knowing exactly what to expect on a week-in and week-out basis so that they are always getting their desired results and know exactly what to change if they aren’t.