The three-point Phoenix system is the key to success and results for your personal training Roswell always. This three point system addresses all of the main areas of health and fitness so that you can create a healthy lifestyle that allows you to see both short-term and long-term results. The three-point Phoenix system is a 12-week program designed to get you to your desired goals almost on autopilot by allowing you to rebuild your health and wellness and develop structure in these areas within your own life. The first point is to address exercise, this is very important and this is where the good looks come from as well as the tightness, in the ABS, and all the fun stuff. But exercise must be done correctly, in order to see fast and efficient results the best thing to do is really compound movements because these movements are going to work several muscles all at the same time which is going to lead to a faster and better change for you in regards to how your body looks and feels. Not only will you look and feel great but you’ll be able to keep these results long-term one compound movements are performed. Isolation movements me leave you sore but they will not actually get you the physical change that you’re looking for unless you’re somebody that is already very link. To get lean in personal training Roswell the second point of the Phoenix system is nutrition. This is the step that many do not realize that they have wrong, there are many people out there that believe they’re eating right but they’re eating is actually all wrong and it is the sole factor that is keeping them from getting the results that they want and their health and fitness. When nutrition is fixed and exercise is paired with that physical change is on the way. The best way to fix Fitness is to have three full meals each day for personal training Roswell. Those three meals are breakfast lunch and dinner as well as two optional snacks one in between breakfast and lunch and one day between lunch and dinner. this structure allows you to space out your meals so that your metabolism stays working all day and you continue to burn fat while building muscle from your workouts that are derived compound movements as previously explained. The third point of the system is going to be accountability so if you have the right nutrition and you are doing compound movements you must be consistent with this in order to achieve long-term results. You must also be consistent with this in order to build momentum in the beginning as well. The best way to do this is to have accountability in place so that on the rough days in the days that you. Do not feel. Like doing things right is going to be your accountability coach that helps you. That is what we provide our clients at our facility provide you with exercise and the nutrition and the accountability that is going to allow you to have the results and success that you want in your health and fitness. With all three of these are done your body starts to shift its mindset into a truly healthy mindset and it becomes something that is sustainable for you long term so this visible change that you achieved now becomes a permanent one and gets even better when the compliments starts to roll in. However if you want personal training Roswell you need to be ready to dream big. Many believe that in order to get in shape they need to aim to lose 2 pounds a week. While this is an accurate statement at our facility we believe in shopping anywhere from 20 to 30 lb in your first couple months because once the three-point system is installed it makes it very difficult for your body to hold onto unwanted weight and fat. This is why our customers generally lose about 17 lb in just their first month while only working out 3 days a week. This becomes very flexible for your schedule because you are allowed rest days in between your workout days which is very important as well. Because the truth is your body actually grows while you are resting not while you are working out so having these additional rest days I can allow you to be able to keep the momentum going long-term and reach your fitness goals. Our founder studied health and exercise science during his undergraduate study at lenoir-rhyne University. There he learned all about the way the Body Works and exactly how to get rid of unwanted fat while toning your body and boosting your metabolism. He has since then been teaching the same process to people all over the world. In particular to former athletes because many personal training roswell  former athletes end up gaining weight after Sports because they do not actually understand how to work out or how to eat so it leads to weight gain when they lose their accountability and structure from the sports world. At Built Phoenix strong we bring back that structure so that the former athlete becomes healthy once again. One of our clients played football at UGA and since he left and became a father he had gained almost 40 counts. After he began training at built Phoenix strong he quickly started to shed fat and build back is muscle, because the muscle memory is a true thing it is not a myth like some people convince themselves. After 2 months he had dropped 30 lb and has started to see his abs once again which he had not seen since playing sports. We love moments like this for personal training Roswell because it shows that you can get your dream body regardless of your age if you are willing to put in the work. Our personal training bras with clients are willing to put in the work and follow the success roadmap that we outlined for them. This success roadmap is the first thing given to you during your fitness assessment at to build Phoenix strong where we will assess where you are at both physically with your workouts, as well as your eating, and your community. Your community is essentially the same as your accountability systems in your life. This can be detrimental if it is not appropriate so we make sure that you have the right Community system so that you can have success in your health and fitness.