We are here to serve you, our clients are our primary focus at built Phoenix strong. That is why we are open six days a week. We are open on Mondays through Thursdays from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. . that’s means any time during this time a client can schedule their workouts with their personal trainer as well as their accountability coach. On Fridays we are also open, we are open from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday. This is also to serve our clients. We are even open on Saturdays, on Saturdays we open a little bit later at 8 a.m. and we close earlier as well at 1 pm. We are here to serve our clients, we are located in Roswell right off of Old Alabama Road next door to the Smoothie King. We are personal training Roswell and are the number one gym in the entire city. We are the number one gym because we helped former athletes get back into shape and to stay in that phenomenal shape for the rest of their life. We essentially get former athletes to look like an athlete’s again without having to go through the straining lifestyle of an athlete. This is why so many former athletes come to build Phoenix strong personal training Roswell to get back in shape. The reason we exist is many former athletes end up gaining large amounts of weight when they are done playing sports. However this wait is unwanted, and these people simply want to look like they did when they played Sports. Many believe that in order to look like an athlete you have to live the lifestyle of an athlete. While many of our clients feel like athletes, many would say they do not do all of the things that an athlete has to do to stay in shape. This is possible by installing the three pillars of Health for personal training Roswell. No single pillar is more important than the other the three main pillars of Health can also be considered the three main pillars of Life. They are Fitness, Nutrition, and accountability and they are essential to having longevity in your health and fitness. When these things are put into your lifestyle they can also rub off family members and friends as well. This ends up creating a community around you. We are all about Community as built Phoenix strong. We have helped over 600 former athletes to get back into shape. Buy back into shape can be losing weight, this candy building muscle, this can be burning fats, this can be increasing stamina. These are some of the many things that we do for our clients as filled Phoenix strong. This all begins with your fitness assessment where we’d put together your success road map that tells you exactly what it is going to take for you to get to your desired goal by a certain date. It is so important for someone to be able to visualize them self reaching their desired goal, because at built Phoenix strong they will reach this goal.


We are a personal training Roswell company located in the heart of the city. We specialize in getting former athletes to be healthy and in shape once again. This is what we do for personal training Roswell by creating a healthy lifestyle for our clients. Our company was founded by Placid ajoku several years ago. His quest began after winning a national championship as a division 1 football coach at James Madison University. Well at James Madison University one thing he kept noticing was that the former athletes were all out of shape. They were mostly 10, 20, sometimes even 40 pounds overweight. He then realized that most athletes when playing sports I put in an environment that allows them to be successful. They have a coach giving them their workouts, their food, and accountability. But when sports are finished none of these three exist for that former athlete anymore. So they are left to fend all on their own and over the course of several years they continuously put on weight until they are so out of shape that they do not to know where to begin, not all athletes end up out of shape, but a majority of them do. After studying health and exercise science when getting his bachelor’s degree he also studied pre-medicine in college as well. He set out after his National Championship to put together a program that was going to get these former athletes to get back into shape. Everybody was looking to work with athletes and develop athletes, but it was clear to coach Placid that’s nobody cared about the former athletes, and he was committed to making this change. He studied and tested and eventually came up with the athlete’s resurrection plan. This plan serviced clients in over 30 States as well as three different countries across the globe. He then opened up a permanent shop for personal training Roswell. Is now the number one highest rated and most reviewed gym for personal training in the entire city. He strives everyday to change more and more former athletes’ lives until he knows that every athlete knows when they are finished playing sports they have a system in place for them that is going to allow them to keep their bodies looking healthy and feeling healthy as well. He hires only the top coaches and trainers in the state to work at this company. Because we want our clients to get results. The Athlete’s Resurrection plan begins with the three main pillars of health and teaching them to each new clients that enrolls at Built Phoenix Strong. The facility has both one-on-one sessions as well as semi-private training sessions as well. The biggest difference is the one-on-one attention versus the small group attention. During the semi-private sessions we strived to make sure that’s the group stays small so that each client is getting the necessary attention to be successful. Will you want to make sure that everything was quiet as great form as well as a tailored plan for them to get them their desired results. No exact two people have the exact same goals, that is why we keep the group small in Taylor everybody’s workout towards their goals. This is what separates our studio from all the others. This is why our client Susan has been with us for almost three years. She has several grandchildren and even has a six-pack on her stomach. This is because she has mastered the Phoenix system and has made it a part of her life and now has longevity in her health and her Fitness and gets compliments everywhere that’s she goes.