Built Phoenix strong is a personal training company located in the heart of Roswell Georgia in near other surrounding Atlanta cities. Our mission is to deliver health and wellness people all across the globe in just about every single state, and every single country, and every single continent. Our founder is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. And his undergraduate studies he studied health and exercise science for personal training Roswell and what he noticed was that there were many loopholes in the health and wellness system. Are you particular very rarely were people able to get Fitness Nutrition and accountability all at the same time. When many people look back on their health and wellness Journeys but they notice is that they were missing personal training Roswell. Buy that they either have one or two but never three of the main pillars of health. So many will have Fitness, and they would have workout plan but they would not have a nutrition plan to deal with that workout plan. When you do not have nutrition and Fitness Together for personal training Roswell at least two very minimal results. So these people what workout time and time again on a weekly and monthly basis but they would not see the results that they want it. The reason why is because they did not have nutrition in place and many gyms do not offer nutrition plans. So these people were out on their own and did not know how to get results. Many also had Fitness but did not have a accountability system. There are hundreds of millions of people that go home after work out each day to a community of people that are not in place to allow them to succeed. These people will try to make them feel bad for eating good, they will try to offer them bad food, or they simply are not living a healthy lifestyle. It’s is true that you are the sum of the five people that you hang around the most. So if you are going home every day to a negative group you quickly become negative and unhealthy just like the group that you are surrounding yourself with. Many had nutrition but we’re not working out. When you eat well but do not workout it is possible for you to lose weight. However you will not build muscle, you will not tell me, and you will not get the defined body that many are looking for. So nutrition alone is not enough there needs to be other pillars added into your lifestyle so that you can have success for your personal training bras will experience. Also many people will have food in place but no accountability. So as a result they will eat great one day, and then they will fall off the next day because there is nobody holding them accountable to their goal. People get very busy from work, stress, and other various life instances and they will forget what their goals are. This makes it very easy for them to derail themselves from their goals even if they truly understand how to eat healthy. All so many people have accountability they have a strong group of healthy people around them that are pushing them to be their best version of themselves. However they have no idea what to do in the gym, they have no clue what workouts to complete, so they do not see any results even though their Community is fantastic. For personal training Roswell will you make sure that this is not the issue. Many people also have great support systems, but neither of them or the support system have any clue how to eat. So they end up being a group of people that want to be healthy but are eating terrible every single day we call this the weekend Kurtz. Many people will do great during the week and then reward themselves on the weekend thinking they are being healthy. However those weekend meals combined with their low metabolism lead to them gaining massive amounts of weight and being unsatisfied with their health and wellness goals. Or personal training Roswell will you bring together the three pillars and ignite these pillars into our clients lives. When this happens you create a healthy lifestyle. This is something that translates both inside and outside of the gym and allows you to see short-term and long-term gains, losses, and results for you and your family. When you do this you are healthy, your family is healthy, everybody is eating well, and your lifespan can actually increase personal training Roswell. Whereas when poor food choices are made, there’s a lack of exercise, and people are alone on their Journeys, it can make it very likely that you shorten your lifespan which is not what anybody wants. The key to this is your success roadmap that is built for you at our facility. Our founder himself sits down with new prospects and out lies their goals. From there he points out the specific steps that need to be done on a daily basis in order for the clients to be successful. However knowing the steps to be successful is not enough to reach your goals. We make sure that each client has an accountability coach to hold them accountable to those steps that are laid out by the founder. When this happens each and every step becomes intentional. It takes intentional effort to reach your health and wellness goals and this is the atmosphere that we create that’s built Phoenix strong. With each step comes appropriate food which is given with a free nutrition plan that is provided for all new clients. This could be a $300 value that we provide to our clients for free when they sign up because we want our clients to be success. We want our clients to never have to guess about what to eat, and we want to make food something that is sustainable for our clients long-term. Far too often people are doing diets and these diets might lead to Temporary results and they gain the weight back right after the diets. But with our nutrition plan and place your results are here to stay.