Coach Placid Ajoku II, is the CEO and founder of  built Phoenix strong. This is a company that specializes in personal training Roswell for any and all former athletes that want to get back into shape. This place has been home for several years to many former athletes as they strive to get back into shape and regain their bodies after they’re done playing sports. For many athletes they tend to be in great shape when they’re playing these sports but when sports are over they slowly but surely gain weight. When training at Built Phoenix strong personal training Roswell we work to get the weight off, and  get rid of the fat, and add the muscle, and our clients end up very satisfied. But most importantly we teach our clients how to stay this way long-term so that they never have to start over again. This starting over process is called the yo-yo effect and it causes many people to be frustrated with their health and fitness for years and years. This problem does not happen with us because we make sure that the necessary steps are taken to guide our clients along the path to success in their health and fitness. What we do at Built Phoenix strong is create a success road map that details and outlines the process that needs to be done in order to get to their desired weight and maintain this weight in, or losing it. Every single person is different so we created success road maps that is tailord towards that person so that they can get the results that they want. We teach the main pillars of Health that allow the client to create sustainable results. Sustainable results are great because you know you’ll still have your results 5 10 or 15 years down the road. We are located next door to Smoothie King in the heart of the city and service all residents. We do not only help former athletes get into shape, we believe that with the right plan in place anybody can get into shape, and anybody can get their desired body that they want. We are open six days a week in order to make sure that each and every client has necessary access to the studio for success. Our clients train anywhere from two to four times a week, at high intensity interval training. This high intensity allows you to burn the maximum amount of fat, while building muscle, and burning calories all at the same time. During these high intensity workouts we put together a series of compound movements that allow our clients to work multiple muscles at the same time so that their results are achieved at a faster rate than normal. The road to success can be a long one if you are going down this path by yourself, for personal training Roswell we make sure that our clients are not going down the path by themselves. This is done by giving each client an accountability coach. This coach makes sure that you stay on track towards your goals they check on you during the weekends and they make sure that you have a positive Community around you. Because the truth is your community can  either elevate you or break you, we make sure that your community is always building you up so that you become strong, stand tall and you reach your goals. We also make sure that our clients have an increase in energy because that energy is important for every single aspect of your life many of us do not realize just how important our energy is until we do not have it.

Losing weight and getting back into shape can be a very difficult thing to do if you do not have a plan. But it takes more than just having a plan you must truly create a lifestyle that translates both inside and outside of the gym in order to have long-term success in your health. This lifestyle will translate into every other area of your life so that you are more likely to likely to look and feel the way that you desire. This is what we do for our clients when personal training was well anywhere from Monday to Saturday you can come into the built Phoenix strong studio and get in a 30 minute high intensity workout that is going to drastically change the way that your body both looks and feels. on Mondays through Thursdays the studio closes at 8 pm. This means that our clients have all morning it all day and most of the evening to come in and work out and create a better health for themselves when personal training Roswell. On Fridays we close at 6 p.m. which is 2 hours less then the other days but still plenty of time to get your workout in and learn some new compound movements and build your body into its best version. We are not open on Sundays but we are open on Saturdays until about 1 pm. We are located on Old Alabama Road right where personal training Roswell takes place if you are looking for health and fitness. We are in the state of Georgia but we serviced anywhere inside of the perimeter. This is why our average client loses 17 lb or 4% body fat in just their first month if they work out at least 3 days a week. Now the question is what takes place during these workouts. The answer to that is we are working on compound movements. Each workout begins with a core session, the reason why is many of us want our stomachs to look great and the gut can be the most annoying and stubborn thing to get rid of. Our core exercises will train your stomach to look different quickly. The key to the core is repetition these two definition and Aesthetics many people do not know this so they do many different core exercises every single workout but because the exercises are different there is no repetition behind it therefore they do not see the visible change in their core that they were originally looking for. That is why we start with our core at the beginning of every single workout. We have one client named Susie who is 60 years old, has four grandkids, and a six-pack pair of ABS, this is because of how long she has been doing her core exercises with us repetitively. A compound exercise is an exercise that works multiple muscles at the same time, far too often people will go into the gym and they’ll do isolation exercises which only work one muscle at the same time which makes it take longer for you to see the results that you truly want for yourself. This is why we do our compound movements so that you can get that change that you want.