Losing weight can be a very difficult thing to do on your own. We have created a system at built Phoenix strong that allows you to lose weight and keep that weight gone for good when personal training Roswell. This process is called the Phoenix system and was created by our founder. The foundation of the system is a series of steps that a new client needs to begin doing in their life. These steps must transition from steps into a lifestyle, and from a lifestyle into a permanent healthy lifestyle. The three steps are Fitness, Nutrition as well as accountability. These three steps turn into the main pillars of Health. Once a new client Masters these three steps the sky is the limit. On average our clients lose 17 lbs in just their first month. Many people wonder how much weight they can actually lose in a month, far too often people are told that they should strive to lose 2 lbs per week. Wow this is true it is also a lowball. When the proper steps and lifestyle are created the fat simply cannot stick to your body and  the weight falls off, and it falls off very fast. This is what we strive for at built Phoenix strong. We want our personal training Roswell clients to lose fat while building muscle and creating the dream body and life that they want for themselves. Many times people are doing their fitness journey by themself, I do not recommend doing this by yourself unless you are a fitness professional. The reason why is because there are so many misleading articles out there. Everybody is claiming that they are right and that everyone else is wrong this leads to confusion for you the person that is looking to get in shape and better their life. That is why at built Phoenix strong our personal training Roswell clients are given an accountability coach. This coach is there for you each and every single step of the way and provides you with that extra push while also guiding you to your health goals. We are big on accountability  because your community can either make you or break you. At built Phoenix strong we make sure that your community always elevates you and pushes you to become a better version of yourself. This is why we are the number one highest rated and most reviewed personal training studio in the city of Roswell. The first step in the Phoenix system is the fitness. Many might argue that Fitness is actually their favorite part of the process, and that is because This is when you work a sweat, you push yourself to new levels, and you get to perform various exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time. Each and every single one of our workouts are composed of compound movements that allow the client to use many muscles within their body all at the same time this leads to countless benefits for the client. The reason why is because as you work more muscles your building muscles in multiple places at the same time while also burning fat in multiple places at the same time this leads to a drastic change in the way you look as well as a drastic change in the way that you feel. This is why our personal training Roswell clients see results within their first month. Many of our clients actually see results within their first week. Our clients Rebecca actually lost 9 pounds in just her first week, she had been struggling with weight almost her entire life and had tried many diets and had worked with many other professionals before and did not seem any results. She had also had a very busy work schedule which prevented her from prioritizing her health and fitness. When she had her assessments with us we may serve to help her get her priorities in line so that she could achieve the results that she wanted for herself in her health and fitness and that is why she lost 9 lb personal training Roswell in her first week. The second pillar is nutrition and this tends to be the most difficult for many people to get together prior to joining us as built Phoenix strong. So many people struggle with their nutrition because people simply do not truly understand how to eat. We teach our clients how to eat, when to eat, and what’s to eat. This leads to their bodies going through a detox and shifting its mindset into a healthy mindset that will lead to years and years of results for that client. Once nutrition is mastered the next and final step is accountability. This tends to be the step that people really appreciate the most. Far too often people do not have accountability on their fitness journey so they are left to do this journey on their own. That’s built Phoenix strong personal training Roswell our clients have weekly and monthly accountability meetings with the head trainer in order to assess their goals and how they performed the previous week. Based on how they perform to the previous week we then let the client know what to expect for the following week and what needs to be improved upon in order for that client to stay on track towards their desired goal. This track that the client is following is called their success roadmap, this is a step by step process to take the client from where they are to their desired goal without them having to struggle along the way. This is why we leave each and every single one of our clients happy and satisfied because we strive for results both inside and outside of the body and a true healthy lifestyle for all of our clients. We are open six days a week and we accept walk-ins as well. If you are looking to get in shape the first step is to schedule your fitness assessment at our Roswell location where we will show you where you are currently at and how long it is going to take you to reach your desired goals.