Seeing results in your health and fitness comes from repetitive action. The key to success and results is putting in the Reps every single day. You can sum this up for our personal training Roswell clients as consistency. You must be consistent in the three main areas of Health in order to see results. Not just in order to see results but in order to keep those results long-term you must be consistent. You must be consistent in your workouts so whatever set schedule you have you should keep to that schedule in order to keep your body producing the maximum amount of results possible for your health. You also want to be that way in your nutrition, when you have a nutrition plan it is pivotal that you stick to that nutrition plan and do not deviate for at least the first 60 days. This allows the body to familiarize itself with that nutrition plan and really start to stay on track and make a healthy shift. Once your body has made a shift it then becomes more of a permanent change and more of a lifestyle. But the key is to do it every single day. Doing it once or twice every week will not lead to the success that you want. For personal training Roswell you have to do it all the time. And by all the time what we mean is truly creating a lifestyle that sets you up for Success both short-term and long-term. When you set it up that way it gets rid of the yo-yo effect and you get to keep your results long-term. Far too often people stay on track for only a few weeks then they fall off and this cycle continues for many months in years. We do not allow this to happen by holding our clients accountable. Our accountability meetings is what many clients say is their favorite part of working out with us. The reason why is because we keep them on track with the path that leads to the goals that they told us they wanted when we first met. We want each client to reach their results and achieve their goals. We strive to give our clients exactly what they wanted which is why they signed up. when your body shifts its mindset it will start to reject certain foods that it does not like. If you stop eating processed foods for several months and then you try to eat processed foods again most people get instantly sick, this is because your body has shifted its mindset to a healthy mindset and does not mold well with unhealthy Foods. This can be a good problem to have because you are less likely to eat that unhealthy processed food again if personal training roswell. This is something that we let our clients know ahead of time when they sign up with us. We let them know exactly what roadblocks they should expect on the journey to their results. We also let them know that their accountability coach will be there to guide them through each of these roadblocks and help them maneuver around these roadblocks so that they can achieve their goals. Each client is able to achieve their results in a timely manner by following the success road map. The success roadmap is  created for each client when they first meet at our facility during the fitness assessment. During this time coach Placid puts together the step by step process that is going to get that particular clients to their particular goal by a certain day. This state is an estimation based off if the client follows the three systems that we put together in regards to health Fitness Nutrition and accountability. 

Health and fitness is a journey it is not a destination. In order to truly get your health goals accomplished you must take intentional action. The first step to doing this intentionally action is working out at built Phoenix strong we are a personal training Roswell facility that specializes in getting former athletes back into shape. Reason why we like to work for math teaches or many athletes when they’re playing sports their coaches give them their nutrition, their coaches give them their workouts, and the coaches hold them accountable daily. For many athletes when they are done playing sports they lose Fitness Nutrition and accountability all over night. I’ve been left on their own in have no guidance. Over the course of several years these former athletes end up gaining weight. This way can be on the inner thighs stomach the arms and various other places. This I wanted weight is frustrating in these athletes do not know where it came from any former athletes weight gain on genetics or age and other factors. But the truth is they lost their nutrition, they lost their fitness workouts and they lost their accountability. When you come for personal training Roswell will you bring back all three of these. We do this in order to create a sustainable lifestyle change. Butt workouts for these athletes comes from the athlete Resurrection plan which was created by our founder. He studied several years of health and exercise science degree medicine which led to him realizing the right plan that needs to be performed in order to get a former athlete back into shape. The key to work out cuz they come pound exercise full workout. These are going to be exercises that are going to work various amounts of muscles and it’s such a small enough the time. And you do this it allows your body to burn more fat than normal while building more muscle than normal. This also leads to more results at a quicker rate. That is why are average client lose the 17,000 just their first month. This client loses 17 towns while only working out 3 days a week. This is because when the Phoenix net is in place it becomes very difficult for your body to hold onto unwanted fat so as results version of yourself. This is what we do for our personal training roswell with client cuz we want every single client have incredible results and be able to keep it. In regards to nutrition it must be a sustainable nutrition plan. When nutrition is not sustainable it leads to the yo-yo effect. This is when people gain weight then they lose weight and it repeats so on and so forth. The key to getting rid of this is not doing. We do a diet you can see great results. But when that died is no longer being performed your body goes back to what he used to look like. This process is known as muscle memory. If you’re playing sports you injure yourself muscle memory is fantastic. The reason why is because your body remembers how to use that muscle gain in your able to recover and get back to the sport. But in your health and fitness this muscle memory can be your worst enemy because if you do one of those very strict diets the body will return back to its own shape. This is why many people might lose 15 lb and then when they stop the diet to gain 17 lb back. The key to getting rid of this is a sustainable nutrition plan. This is what we provide our personal training Roswell client at built Phoenix trunk. This is a free meal that involves breakfast lunch and dinner and two optional snacks. It is broken down into portions so that our clients understand automatic portion control when you have automatic portion control it makes it easier for you to have the same size meals regardless of where you are or what you were doing so that you stay on track towards your fitness goals. Accountability is the biggest factor for our facility. We meet with our clients weekly and monthly to establish where they’re at and re-evaluate their goal. We also afford perform assessments for personal training roswell so that we can make sure that the clients are losing the inches in the weight and getting the muscle that they desired and in the areas that they desire this is why people try the Phoenix method. We are open almost every single day because we want our clients to be successful. Wework in locations that are in or near the city of Atlanta because he wants to be accessible to clients all over the state. If you are in this area that this is a facility for you if you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just finally get in shape. Many people are simply looking for a healthy lifestyle do not know what that means. They also do not know where to begin. We fix this problem with our initial fitness assessment. This is our clients visit our lives site and then they come into the studio and they do a fitness assessment. Seth road map that outlines exactly what the prospect needs to do in order to achieve their goal. Many of our clients with their goals within 3 months is that is a goalie try to hit with all of our clients. The success roadmap is so important for this because of clients aren’t able to see what steps need to be performed by them on a daily basis in order for them to see results. Far too many people work out daily weekly but do not see results we strive to make sure that is not the case here for the personal training roswell clients. After the initial assessment the client begins there 7 day trial plant. During this time that gets to meet their personal trainer and the trainer is going to gray the client and several areas in assess where they are strong and where they are weak so that the appropriate plan can be put in place for them. It is so important that the right plan is created because the wrong plan for the right person will lead to no results.