Being built Phoenix strong is a true lifestyle. Many of our personal training Roswell clients say that the thing they learn the most at our health studio is proud to have a true healthy lifestyle so that they can keep the results. One former client named Susan was over 60 years old. She had never worked out in her life. She stopped playing sports 40 years ago in high school. She had 4 grandkids and two kids of her own and was looking for a personal trainer. In her first few weeks she dropped 7% body fat started to really build muscle now she has six pack abs at over the age of 60. And more importantly when she travels and goes on vacation she’s able to maintain her shape did not put on any weight. This is because she truly understands how to be healthy for personal training Roswell. This lifestyle takes place inside the gym, as restaurants, at family gatherings, and anywhere else that a person may go. This is what it means to be truly healthy and that is why our clients lose 17 pounds or 5% body fat in just their first month. And this is the only working out about 3 days a week. Many wonder how this is possible but when the three pillars of Health are installed success is next to follow. Please drive to make sure that every single client gets success so visibly and mentally. So many people work out for year after year and they do not see any actual physical changes. Visible Changes are huge and it can be very frustrating when people are telling you that you are changing but you do not see anything. Our clients as built Phoenix strong the visible changes but more importantly are able to keep these Visible Changes long-term care we are open 6th of the seven days of the week so that our clients can come in and get their work out and meet with the head trainer about the nutrition. Nutrition is very important because if your nutrition is off it does not matter how hard you are working out. Will you make sure that the workouts are effective and that they are being paired with the correct nutrition and we hold our clients accountable tickets. This 3-step system is what is referred to as the Phoenix system or the Phoenix method and it leaves our clients to massive success. The three-step Phoenix system has been around for many years and it’s helped hundreds and hundreds of people gets back into shape. In particular it has hundreds of former athletes get back their athletic bodies. Strong we get these personal training Roswell former athletes back to being green mean and healthy by fixing their nutrition, fixing their workouts, and holding them accountable. We teach these former athletes how to work out for the first time in their life has many athletes actually do not know how to work out they simply follow the instructions of their coaches. That’s built Phoenix strongly bring that coach back for good. 

The average built Phoenix Strong by losses 20 pounds in just their first month. How is this possible? This is possible by learning how to truly be healthy, when one truly caucus Health it makes it very sustainable for them and leads to a life-long journey of nothing but success. Every road is going to have its ups and downs but a house built on a strong foundation will prevail. Hatfield Phoenix strong we make sure that our personal training Roswell clients build a strong Foundation. The athlete Resurrection plan is the primary program for personal training Roswell it is a three point system that guides a client through a success roadmap to get to their desired goals within 14 days the client’s body starts to react automatically to the system this leads to the new lifestyle that is created. We are located in Roswell, and we service cities that neighbor Atlanta, Alpharetta, and many other areas. Because we want to change as many lives as possible, there are people all over the world that are not able to get their ideal help, and are frustrated, and do not know where to start. We are the starting point but it all begins with the athletes resurrection plant this plan is a 12 week plan that goes through three different phases. The first phase build your foundation and assess is exactly where your health and wellness is currently at base to takes you to the next level and really sheds off the fat and builds muscle to replace it. And phase three is all about summoning and making sure you understand how to keep your results should you need to keep them yourself. It’s three points system has changed the lives of over 650 people all across the globe. We are stationed in personal training Roswell because that is our home center. What restart with is a fitness assessment. During this assessment we record a client’s current weight and body fat. We didn’t explain whether this number is healthy or unhealthy based on the science current situation. We then outline what’s number we would like to see them at and then from there it is all about the client watching that number go down in particular body fat percentage number. From there we sit down with you and put together your success roadmap this then begins you are 7-Day trial. Over the course of this 7 days you’ll have three workouts with your personal training coach. During the seven days the coach will evaluate your flexibility, coachability, stamina, and various other areas. From there you will submit pictures of all of your meals to your coaches over the course of the next seven days so that they can accurately assess very nutrition is that. After 7 days you have an accountability meeting with the head trainer himself when he likes you know exactly what has been seen and what needs to be corrected in order to get you by you get you to your desired goal by a certain date. This the end begins your journey on the after Resurrection plan where you progress through the three main phases in order to achieve your health and fitness goals and more importantly be able to maintain your results for life.