Built Phoenix strong is a health and fitness studio designed to help people achieve short-term and long-term results in their health and fitness. We specialize in helping former athletes get back their athletic bodies and maintain an athletic body without the rigorous lifestyle of Sports. We also help people looking to lose weight, get in shape, build muscle, and see visible change. This is done through the Phoenix system, which was discovered by our founder coach Placid Ajoku II. The Phoenix system incorporates three key pillars of Health. These three pillars are then taught to our clients in order to allow them to get their results quickly and also understand and be able to keep their results long-term.

The three pillars of Health are fitness nutrition and accountability, we make sure at Built Phoenix strong that our personal training Roswell clients are taught the necessary tools to burn fat, build muscle, and maintain a good healthy lifestyle long term. We teach habits that can be carried on inside and outside of the gym. We help our clients increase their energy, and this increase allows them to devote more to work, family, and extracurricular activities because they’re in better shape. Getting in shape with personal training Roswell gives quick results to get rid of your stomach and allow you to look and feel the way you have desired for a long time.

What we do Is create a success roadmap that is designed to get you from where you are right now straight to your desired personal training Roswell results in a clear pathway. Our road maps are created by our founder Coach Placid Ajoku and then taught by our professional trainers that we have at Built Phoenix Strong. These trainers are the top trainers in the state and are experienced at getting results, toning the stomach, and creating a healthy lifestyle. We Believe that what you do inside of the gym is just as important as what you do outside of the gym.

Our three pillars of health will ensure that you are winning inside and outside of the gym by creating a healthy lifestyle. At Built Phoenix Strong our clients are taught how to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. Nutrition is generally the most difficult thing for a person to learn. Our nutrition system teaches our clients to master nutrition in just a couple of weeks and their results follow shortly. This is why Built Phoenix Strong is Atlanta’s number one gym for personal training Roswell.

Our location is located on Old Alabama Road and we are open 6 days a week in order to help anyone looking to lose weight and get in shape has a home facility in order to do so. We are not open on Sundays. We hold our clients accountable with our weekly and monthly accountability meetings in order to ensure that we stay on track week-to-week and are following our detailed road map to success in order to make sure our clients get their results by their desired date and are happy with their change.

Built Phoenix Strong is the top personal training Roswell gym in the state of Georgia. This is a place where former athletes go to get back in shape. Callie was a former college basketball player after playing college basketball she continuously gained weight year after year, she had worked with over 8 different trainers over the course of two years, and she had lost no weight, in fact, she actually gained a few pounds. She went to her doctor and her doctor told her she has thyroid issues and she will not be able to lose weight instead she needs to work to maintain the way she was at. After meeting our founder coach Placid, he informed Callie that she could indeed lose weight if the three main pillars of Health were installed into her lifestyle. Callie was skeptical at first but gave it a try. In her first three weeks, she dropped 12 pounds. After her first 7 weeks, she had dropped over 25 lbs and almost 10% body fat. She had never lost weight in her life.

This is the kind of story that is created at Built Phoenix Strong because we believe that our personal training Roswell system creates immediate results and changes lives. We strive to make sure that each and every former athlete that steps in our facility is able to lose weight, build muscle, and get the body that they have always wanted. For many former athletes the only time that they like the way their body looks was when they played sports. However, upon completion of sports, their bodies quickly change and they develop fat in areas that they did not before. And their workouts are not the same. We solve this problem at Built Phoenix Strong by bringing back the team-like atmosphere for each and every one of these former athletes and providing them the systems needed to see results and create a healthy lifestyle. What a healthy lifestyle does is it allows our clients to keep their results long-term.

The three pillars of Health that are taught to our personal training Roswell clients are one Fitness, two nutrition, and three accountability,. Our workouts are created by the top personal trainers and health coaches in the state of Georgia, these coaches and trainers put together workouts and success plans that allow our clients to come in and see an immediate change in the way they look and the way they feel. Our nutrition is derived from a customized nutrition plan that was researched and studied over the course of many years by our founder, this nutrition plan teaches our clients how to eat for both short-term and long-term results. The problem with diets is the second you stop a strict diet, muscle memory can cause you to gain back the weight you have lost and have you looking the way you were before.

Our customized nutrition plan allows you to keep the weight loss because we teach the clients how to eat, we teach the system of automatic portion control, until this style becomes second nature for our clients. It takes 21 days to create a habit we blow past 21 days and we preach this habit and teach this habit and enforce it for 90 days so that it becomes who you are and allows our clients to create a new version of themselves and never have to worry about trying to get in shape again.