We serve our clients with a three point system that is designed to give them results. This three-point system is broken down into three categories that can lead to major changes in your life. The first part of the system is your Fitness, this is the part that most people enjoy and that many people are doing wrong. The reason Fitness is important because losing weight and burning fat isn’t much fun if you don’t have the muscle underneath to look tightened in town. Without working out you’ll be left with more of a flabby body than a Titan body. What do you want our personal training Roswell clients to see the body that they want every time they look in the mirror. We want our clients to be able to walk around shirtless if they choose and not be worried about how they looked. In order to do Fitness appropriately and to burn the most amount of fat in the shortest amount of time compound movements need to be done so that multiple muscles are working at the same time. When these muscles are working at the same time allows them to build while shedding away fat. We do muscles back to back and we call this a superset a superset is to exercises back to back on the opposite side of the body. Doing this allows you to burn even more fat and really start to make your muscles pop and look good. Supersets are also great for time because a takeout rest time by stacking exercises back-to-back. One exercise that many of our clients love is the bench press the bench press can be done either with a barbell or with dumbbells. Barbells are great for size dumbbells are good for size as well but they are also safe for cheap dumbbells allow a greater range of motion so you then work the deep muscle fibers that you might not be able to reach with a barbell. This is why many of our clients first day we have them do dumbbell bench press so that they can really feel the difference. Many former athletes in particular football players are so used to barbell bench press that they do not even realize the results that can happen with dumbbells. The second area that clients needs a perfect is there nutrition. There’s the old saying that you cannot out train a bad diet and the saying is true so we’ve put together a customized nutrition plan for free for any of our personal training Roswell clients so they get results. This nutrition for personal training Roswell will give permanent results and fast results for the clients that we give it to. The reason dies do not work is because when are muscle memory takes effect it then erases all the work that we’ve done once we stop doing the giant. Diets are more of a temporary fix is like slapping a Band-Aid on a broken heart. It doesn’t do you any good so we do not recommend diets we recommend a nutrition plan that is sustainable so that you can continue to see results as well. Not seeing results can be a very frustrating thing that’s why I feel Phoenix drawing we strive to make sure that every single client is seeing the results that they want. This comes from having a plan that is truly tailored towards you and your personal training Roswell. The third pillar is accountability this is so so important. The reason why accountability is important is because if people were going to do this on their own they would have done it already. Our weekly and monthly accountability beings are where the accountability coach and head trainer sit down with the client to discuss how they did that week. During this time the client also gets a chance to ask any questions that they may have that workouts or nutrition. From there the head coach creates a list about the upcoming week on what the client should strive for and what small goals they should look to accomplish. This keeps the client on a clear understanding with the trainer still at both sides know exactly what is expected entering the week. Our accountability for personal training Roswell is second to none and it is what many many clients say separates us from any other gym or personal training studio if they have ever gone to. We pride ourselves on our accountability and making sure that our clients are able to stay on track and that they always know that they have a fitness family that is going to be by their side and that they are not going to be abandoned and that they will achieve their goals. 1 clients had been trying to get in shape by herself for months and months and have not had any success. Her husband was not on her side when it came to eating well and he was always bringing home burgers and other unhealthy Foods. She found his frustrating and more times than not she was joining in with him and eating these bad foods. Once she joined built Phoenix strong and headache Fitness family by her side she was able to get her nutrition together. The reason why is because she knew she had a coach holding her accountable and somebody that she was going to report you on a weekly basis and she did not want to let that coach down. So this led to her really creating a more consistent and healthy lifestyle and since then she has lost over 40 lbs. She has lost over 40 lb as a mom, and a wife, and while working full-time. Many people use their schedule as a reason why they cannot lose weight but the schedule is not the reason. There is a true belief that if you want something bad enough you will find a way to do it. This is a principle that we build our foundation’s on for our personal training Roswell so that our clients understand that if they really want it we will make sure that they can do it. We will outline the path, it would give them the nutrition to facilitate the path, and you hold them accountable to the end of the path. All I need to do is sign up and schedule their first fitness assessment so they can see what exactly is going to take for them to get to where they want to be.