Who is built Phoenix strong is a question that many people have. The truth is this company was founded several years ago by a former athlete. The name of that former athlete is Placid joku. He set out to help former athletes become healthy again and Achieve sustainable Fitness for Life. His passion for Fitness began after winning his first national championship as a coach at James Madison University. When coach blast it was at James Madison University he noticed that many former athletes would come to visit the games and they would be entirely out of shape. It didn’t occur to him that the reason for these former athletes not being in shape is simply because they are not taught how to be in shape when they are finished playing sports. He created the athlete Resurrection plan to help personal training Roswell people shatter the mold. It’s process of shattering the mold was to create a process through a 12 week program that would allow these former athletes to once again look like an athlete. But over the course of this 12 week program they were not having to live the rigorous lifestyle of an athlete while still getting the desired looks and physique of an athlete. This process took over and spread like wildfire across the country and across three other countries as well. The Abbey resurrection plant has since helped many other personal training Roswell clients get back into shape. When these clients get back into shape they aren’t in shape short term they’re in shape long term because the program is designed to make you stay in shape for the rest of your life. We Begin by teaching you how to eat, many former athletes are not told what to eat they are simply given food by their coaches and their cafeteria staff but they do not actually learn the principles and values of nutrition. This is taught during the athlete Resurrection plan with our second pillar. Another thing many former athletes struggle with his portion control athletes are so used to eating large portions in order to maintain their muscle that once they’re done playing sports they do understand what a good portion is, these bad habits remain in them and leads to them getting massive amounts of weight. We teach something called automatic portion control for personal training Roswell clients that allows them to automatically get the right portion of food in each and every plate and each and every meal that they have so that they do not have to worry about overeating and ruining their Fitness results. For many people mastering nutrition is the hardest thing but we have a step-by-step process that allows our clients to learn how to do nutrition and eat correctly in a timely manner. Usually within 10 days our clients have Master nutrition and a well on the way to eating properly for the rest of their life. This must be done by following a success roadmap which is something that is given to each Prospect after their initial fitness assessment with the founder himself. This success roadmap is given to the client and they are able to keep this as their own personal chart. 

How the Ashley Resurrection plan works is something that is truly remarkable. The Ashley resurrection plant is a step-by-step process designed to take you from where you are right now straight to your desired goals without you even really having to think. We essentially put our clients on autopilot while we create a healthy last offer them that allows them to remain in shape and healthy for the rest of their life. Kathy resurrection plant is a 12-week program that was created by our founder Placid ajoku. the plan is designed to get a former athlete back into shape over the course of 12 weeks. This plan does not just help former athletes it helps anyone that is looking to get into shape, anyone that is looking to get healthy, anybody that wants to see a visible change. Far too often people are looking for a visible change in their health enter unsuccessful. Many will put countless and countless hours of work into their workouts working out multiple times a week only to see that the scale does not change, the body does not tighten up, and the definition does not come. The key to fixing this is to have an actual plan that is designed to make you see the change that you want. The best way to think about this is if you were drawing a picture of the human body you would start with the head then you would draw the neck and you would draw the shoulders then you draw the arms and you would make it down to the feet because you followed the plan. Whereas there is no plan it is as if you drew the head then you tried to draw the left foot then you tried to draw an arm and what you get is a jumbled picture and you crumble that picture up and start over. This starting over is what people refer to as the yo-yo diet or the yo-yo effect in life. The key to getting rid of this yo-yo is to actually have a plan that is designed to get you the change that you want. When you follow a plan you won’t just get change but you will get a visible changes that you can see each and every day when you look in the mirror when you get out of bed when you put on your clothes and when you go to work. This change is yours to keep if you are personal training Roswell because you are taught how to maintain and sustain the changes that you have acquired. Getting visible change can mean losing inches for personal change Roswell or burning fat for personal training Roswell so that you look the way that you desire. This plan has been shared all over the world and is extremely effective for losing fat and acquiring your ideal physique. Our founder Placid ajoku was an All-American football player that was always known for his physique. He noticed that many former athletes that were once known for their physique no longer have that physique when they are done playing sports. The Athlete’s Resurrection plan will get you back to that busy that she once had but more importantly it would teach you how to maintain and sustain that physique so that you never have to start over again. Starting over can be frustrating especially if you do not have a plan cuz you do not know where to start, and even if you do start you’re not quite sure if that is the right starting point. This frustration can lead to stress and stress is actually a contributor to weight gain which only adds on to the pounds that you are looking to lose. But with the right plan in place results are possible. And these results do not only come in town so they can also be an increase in energy, and this increase the energy can affect so many other areas of your life because no matter what it is that she were doing it requires energy.