At our facility we look to get our clients not just short-term results but long-term results. Long-term results means when you get your transformation personal training Roswell weather that is losing weight, building muscle, or simply toning your body it is a permanent change in order to do this we established a facility that focus is on getting people back into shape. We work founded by CEO classic Joker he set out to make sure that former athletes were able to stay in shape and they finished playing sports. He did his undergraduate study at lenoir-rhyne University. And while he was there he was able to do test studies and lab reports on the human body while studying health and exercise science as well as free medicine. During this time he learned that there were many issues that can arise when somebody stops playing sports. The main thing being that they lose the systems that are in place while playing sports that allow them to be healthy. He has a team of former athletes that are there to help people get back into shape. This begins with the three-part system that is known as the Phoenix method for personal training Roswell. The first step is Fitness we give our clients 30 minutes to 45 minutes high intensity interval training sessions in order to burn fat, build muscle, and tone all at the same time. This type of training is also a better use of time for the clients because they are not wasting any time, and they are constantly moving, and dust leading them to burn more fat in a shorter amount of time than normal. workouts take place anywhere from two to four times a week in order to make sure that the clients have a true workout schedule. It is very important that you have a work out schedule because this allows you to know exactly when you are going to be working out and also do it on a regular basis for personal training Roswell. When you do it on a regular basis it becomes much more likely for you to have success and see the results that you desire. Seeing results can be difficult you do not have a plan, so what we do is we build a road map that is going to lead our clients to success. This roadmap is tailored towards that specific client and the issues they had in the past in the goals they want in the future so that they can get to their goal an appropriate time manner. The second thing is nutrition which is really the foundation of all of Fitness. So we give our clients a customized nutrition guide. This is given to each new client because we want to make sure that nutrition is no longer a problem for anybody. This is a $300 value that we include for free and each and every one of our packages so that our clients can be successful. The customized nutrition guide will get fast results but more importantly it will make nutrition something that becomes sustainable for our clients so that they keep their results long-term to you when you are able to keep your results long-term what you are doing is creating a healthy lifestyle for personal training Roswell. And a healthy lifestyle is the true key to having long-term success in your health and wellness. We do this in our facility located on Old Alabama Road. This is where we are based and we helped hundreds of clients each and every week reach for their goals and remind these clients that they are not alone. The third thing that we do is accountability and this is also given for free with all of our packages. Each client will go through a weekly accountability meeting in order to make sure that their nutrition was on point over the course of the past week and that their workouts are going accordingly and they are progressing as the trainer wants it. It ensures that the client needs their goals and gets to see the changes that they wanted. We also have monthly accountability meetings with each client to let them know how they did over the course of the entire past month the client has been given a grade that lets them know where they stand entering the next month and what areas need to be improved in order for them to stay on track towards their goals. During this time the trainer also let the client know what changes they are going to make in order to help the client speed up the process and keep them having a smooth transition. We are open six days a week in order to help all of our clients. Our hours are different on Saturdays and Fridays. Our hours are the same Monday through Thursday. This is because we want consistency not just from the clients but also from the business itself so that everybody that is personal training Roswell can have success in their health. Ricky is one of our longest clients. Before he began training with built Phoenix strong personal training Roswell he believed that he was drinking protein shakes after his work out every day. In reality he was buying frosties from Wendy’s. He truly believed that these were protein shakes and had no clue that what he was doing was detrimental to his self. He is not alone here there are many people that do not realize that what they are putting into their body is not healthy. Many people do not find out until it is too late. We are here to help you find out before it is too late, and if it is too late we are here to fix it for you and bring you back to the right standard. Our clients real about the accountability that we provide at our gym. Many people do not have any accountability in their lives whether it’s from their spouses or friends. Many people feel alone when they attempt to achieve fitness goals, and this is why we set out to give our clients a fitness family so that each and every step of the way they have somebody by their side helping them push to the next level so that they can continue to be successful. It’s boils down to working to get at least 1% better each and every day and as this happens after the course of 60, 90 days you do not even recognize the person that you are in the mirror because you have gotten 90% better.