3 point system is the foundation for personal training Roswell. It is three different areas that we feel like each client needs to work on in order to achieve their Ultimate Health and Fitness. The first point is going to be Fitness. Without Fitness there’s almost no weight and even beginning the journey because why you may be able to lose weight and burn fat you won’t be able to build the muscle that you want which leads to the tighten and tone look without having Fitness in your life. In order to do Fitness properly we teach our personal training Roswell clients compound movements that work several muscles all at the same time. This may increase stamina but it will also build muscle while burning the most amount of fat in a short amount of time which leads to more results for that particular client. The client will progress in a variety of exercises each week. Every day that you’re alive either get better or you get worse so we want to make sure that our personal training Roswell clients are increasing their weights and certain exercises each week. This is called Progressive overload and it leads to a Dynamic and feel. The second step is going to be nutrition and this is really what ties everything together it is the driving force behind your health and your Fitness. Or your nutrition is important that you have three meals a day. This is three Square meals in order for the meal to be continued in sidered square and used to have carbohydrates proteins and good fats these three combined will lead to higher energy as well as boosting the metabolism and changing your appearance both inside and out. The third step is accountability this is where we sit down with each client and we evaluate how they’ve done over the course of the previous week. We let the client know three things as great as well as three things that we feel like they can improve on for the following week in order to stay on track for their targeted goal or even hit their goal faster than originally expected. He’s accountability meetings are what set us apart from everybody else because at most gyms outside of your 30 to 45 minutes with that tree and that you do not hear from them again. It’s builds Phoenix strong our clients hear from their coach every single day. We do this system because we are passionate about allowing people to see a change for themselves. It is so important that a client that enrolls with us is able to not just reach their goals on the scale but also see a visible change when they look in the mirror. Will you want our clients to love what they see every time they look in the mirror, we do not want any stubborn fat laying around or anything else that could leave them unsatisfied with the way their body looks. This is why I we reinforce the three-point system until it becomes automatic or that clients when it becomes automatic that is when it becomes a lifestyle that starts to transition to other areas that are outside of the gym and that is when a permanent change has been created. 

The Phoenix System is exclusive to our personal training roswell clients. It is a system that breaks health and fitness into 3 key points. These points are necessary for the sustained success in your health and fitness. We begin teaching these steps during your initial assessment. In order to schedule your assessment you first give us a call and during this call we will take the time to learn a little about you and your goals. If we both feel we are a great fit for each other then fromFrom there we will schedule your in-person assessment. This is where we will outline exactly what it is we do here at the Phoenix strong that it different from other gents. The first thing that we will outline is that what do you want you to reach your fitness goals and on average our clients lose anywhere from 17 lb of 4% body fat in just their first month. These clients are training at least 3 days a week. The next thing is an increase in energy our clients on average see increases in energy within their first 10 days personal training roswell and we even give them the accountability to maintain that increased level of momentum. From there we talked about your success roadmap which is your outline plan that is going to get you from where you are right now straight to your desired both. This success roadmap is not going to be those cookie cutter workouts that is designed to leave you sweaty and not seeing any change these are tailored towards you and your goals so that you see the change that you’re looking for. We also do nutrition see you were going to have a customized nutrition guide that is tailored towards you and is going to give you fast results wow also teaching you how to keep your results long-term. Accountability for personal training roswell is something that we are big on so you’ll have weekly and monthly accountability meetings with metrics to make sure that you were staying on track towards your goals. These accountability means are led by your accountability coach that is there for you each and every step of the way to make sure that you stay on track and that life events do not knock you off track from your goals. From there you’re 7 day trial assessment. Begins and during this time your train is going to evaluate your flexibility, coachability, stamina, and strength in order to make sure that we put together the appropriate fitness plan that is going to get you to your desired goals. After the 7 days you officially enrolled in the athletes Resurrection plants that is 3 month program that will take you from point A all the way to your desired Point Z. The three-phase system will make your body burn fat while building muscle at the same time so that you see a visible change in the mirror as well as feel visible change when you get up in the morning.