Who we are is the number one personal training studio in the city. The reason why is because we are going to create plans that lead to our clients get results. There are many people that are looking for personal training Roswell but do not know where to begin. The place for these people to begin is that built Phoenix strong because we care about each and every class, and in order to show this we put together a success roadmap for each and every client. We are a company that has been around for a few years and we were founded by a former the national championship football coach. He is passionate about helping people because when he won his first championship he noticed that many of the former athletes that he came into contact with Ritter drastically overweight her personal training Roswell. So he set out to create a program that would help these former athletes get back into shape. This program became known as The Athlete Resurrection plan. This program began online and eventually started to spread from state to state and Country to Country. Our founder has a degree in health and exercise science as well as cream medicine. He has a passion for helping people and it’s helped hundreds and hundreds of clients across many states and countries get back into shape that they want to be in. The reason for his success is in the thought of a process that is called the Phoenix method, this method is intentional at least two dresick results for our clients. What we first for personal training Roswell is we do  an initial assessment that tells us and tells the client exactly what areas need to be improved in order for results. We also are able to outline the results of the client can expect by a certain date. What we are is a true Fitness family that has a passion for helping all of our clients. We strive to have a high client success rate because we don’t want people to feel like they are not able to reach their goals. Are you going to everybody out there to be able to smile at what they see in the mirror and really enjoy their health. We truly believe that health is well and that begins with r a c Resurrection plan. The first step to the plan is Fitness. Fitness is done anywhere from two to four times a week for the client will come in and work with their assigned trainer. During these sessions which are 30 minute long 30 minutes long. The trainer evaluate the client and their flexibility or stamina and their nutrition. The client will also get their form corrected by the chainer as well as get coach through the exercises in the workout program so they’re not just doing the exercises between them efficiently so they can get the changes that they want in their body both visibly and inside. The second thing that we do is nutrition which we believe is really one of the most important steps that you can do in order to achieve your Optimal Health and life. Far too many people are doing their nutrition wrong we have created a system that allows people to do it right. The reason why many people do it wrong is because they are more times than not doing a very strict diet. This diet may allow them to see some results but a diet is not going to be sustainable long-term cuz it diet is too strict for somebody to do time after time again.

So what happens when people as they do diet and they lose the weight for personal training Roswell and then afterwards they gained all the weight back. The key to fixing this solution is to have a customized nutrition guy this teaches each and every one of our clients what to eat how to eat at how to keep being healthy in regards to nutrition for the so that the client can have the body that they want. This will also affect other areas of the house. More times and not with one person in the family start sweet healthy it affects the other members of the family and they start to eat healthy as well. Many times a spousal come in and be very happy with the way their husband or wife is looking and thank us because they did not know how to tell their spouse to get rid of the way too. But once on the Phoenix system it becomes easy to lose weight because when things are done appropriately in your life it is just simply difficult for your body to hold onto unnecessary and undesired fat. Will you like to use the reference of a track runner many people do not know any track runners that do not have six pack abs. And the reason why is because when you are sprinting at high intensities on a daily basis your body is not able to hold onto fat. This is why we introduce our interval training this is why our clients will go at a high intensity speed followed by a medium intensity speed so that they’re going at rapid Pace has to burn the maximum amount of fat and essentially get the same adverse effects that attract running with that. We do this in one of our two training rooms for personal training Roswell our clients come back and evaluate their workouts. Our trainers are spread out between the separate rooms and I have plenty of space to train their client so that their client can have success. We believe in giving our clients that one-on-one attention because this attention is what leads to intentional change and drastic results. This is why on average are clients lose anywhere from 17 pounds at 4% body fat in just their first month. While many people out there believe that they can only lose 5 lbs in a month. This is why many people from many organizations try to Phoenix system because they see that it works for personal training Roswell and at least the results that they want for themselves. We are open 6 days a week and we tend to be by appointment only. However we are always available for a call. The call is the first step we advise people to call us at anytime and one of our trainers or Associates of pick up the phone and listen to your goals and see if you are a good fit. If you are a good fit we will then schedule your fitness assessment or we will put together the road map that outlines the journey that you are about to go on to reach your goals.