Built Phoenix strong is the essential key to getting healthy for life. It is the personal training Roswell Center for Health and Fitness. This is a gym located in Roswell, Georgia. At Built Phoenix strong we take former athletes and get them back to having their athletic bodies again. For many people when they played Sports was when they were in the best shape of their life. Whether this was 10 15 20 30 or 40 years ago Sports usually equals great shape. But for many former personal training Roswell clients when they finished playing sports they began to gain weight. The reason for this weight gain is they continued bad eating habits, while no longer running around and practicing sports for countless hours a day.

So as result eating habits eventually catch up to these people, and that is where we come in. Are athletes Resurrection plan is designed to get you back in shape in a short amount of time. Does our average client lose around 20 lb in their first month, as well as drops anywhere from 3 to 5% body fat in just their first month? Once our clients lose this weight the weight does not come back, because we teach how to keep your results long-term. Because everybody wants to have a great-looking body, and once we achieve the health and fitness that we were looking for we do not want to go backward.

The reason for this change is the three pillars of fitness and Hell. These pillars are taught at our personal training Studio. The three pillars involve Fitness Nutrition and accountability all three of these are essential and must be included in your life in order to achieve permanent hell results. Permanent health results are much better than short-term health results because you are both healthy now and later. It is best to learn this sooner rather than later because there is no telling what roadblocks lie ahead in life. Our professional trainers and coaches teach the three pillars to our personal training Roswell clients so that they stay healthy and fit and create a new lifestyle as fast as possible. One of the best parts of our company is getting to see the look on people’s faces when they have their athletic body back without having to take hits or go to practice I do other things they did not enjoy when playing sports. We strive to make Health fun again for each and every single one of our clients.

We are the most reviewed and highest rated gym in the city of Roswell because we get results for our clients. We are located in Atlanta Georgia and are near the city of Alpharetta. Our facility is located next door to Smoothie King so that our clients have a healthy protein option when they finished their workouts. When your workout is complete there is a 30 minutes clock going off in your body it is important to get your protein in Within These 30 minutes. When protein is taken in after 30 minutes some of that protein can be stored as fat, which is not what people are looking to do when they are working out. So it is important to get your protein and within 30 minutes of your workouts. 4-hour workouts, clients merely need to bring workout clothes and arrived on time. From there is Coach’s guide our clients through a 30 minutes high-intensity workout that uses compound movements to force our bodies to change in a short amount of time.

When doing personal training Roswell it is important to have a fitness family. You are Community can either Elevate you or break you, that’s built Phoenix strong we aim to provide each and every single one of our fitness clients with a fitness family. These people will be there to cheer you on, be by your side, and push you to the next level. This next-level is not just inside of the gym but it’s referred to outside of the gym as well. Fitness is a lifestyle, not just a work out here and their approach. When training with us you will receive the Phoenix system. This system has helped over 600 former athletes get back into shape. We do not only work with former athletes we work with anybody that is looking to lose weight Gets In Shape build muscle and become a better version of themself. This is what we strive for, and why are our clients are so happy when training with us for personal training Roswell. Will you value each and every one of our client’s nutrition during our accountability meetings.

These are two of our main three pillars of Health that we teach to our clients. We believe that there are three main pillars of health and fitness. As previously stated nutrition is one of them, we have our clients send in photos of each of their meals and this allows our professional trainers to assess the nutrition that our clients have fueling their body. We then greatest nutrition on a scale of 1 to 10 to assess if the client is eating properly or poorly. If poorly we then assign the clients a customized nutrition guide this allows our clients to reshape their eating for both short-term and long-term success. This guy is actually included in our program. We go over these nutrition photos during our accountability meetings with our clients. Accountability meetings can happen weekly and monthly with our clients to make sure that they are staying on the path to success for personal training Roswell.

During these accountability meetings, we let the client know what they are doing great sat, what areas we need to work on, and what our goals are for the upcoming month and or weak. In regards to nutrition, it is very important and cannot be overstated. Will you make sure that our clients are eating at least three times a day, and that these meals are healthy and nutritious so that they can get the results that they strive for in their health and fitness.

Breakfast is a meal that many people struggle with, but breakfast will actually kick-start a person’s metabolism to allow them to burn more fat and calories throughout the day. This is one of the first things that we teach new clients when they enroll with us. Breakfast is key, and so is lunch and dinner. We tried to take out the carbohydrates during lunch. Let me thing the carbs can prevent side fat and various other deposits of fat that many clients are looking to get rid of.