Built Phoenix strong is a personal training Roswell company that was founded several years ago. The story behind the company is that it is designed to help former athletes get back into good shape. The reason former athletes need help getting back into good shape is because when many people are playing sports their coaches provide them their results. Their coaches give them their workouts, and their nutrition, and their coaches also give them a good amount of accountability. When someone is finished playing sports upon graduation or the end of eligibility they tend to lose all three of these factors immediately. There is no longer somebody in their Corner that is helping them with their workouts, meals, or helping them be accountable. This leads to almost 87% of former athletes being out of shape. Our company set out to fix this problem by creating the athletes the resurrection plant this plan is for personal training Roswell former athletes to follow a three-phase system to getting back into their optimal shape and looking the way that they want to look the first key part of the athlete Resurrection plan is Phase 1. During phase 1 the athletes will assess where the issues are in their health. Once these issues are discovered it is time to fix these issues by creating a success plan that is going to lead to sustainable changes for the client. These sustainable changes give short-term and long-term results which are very beneficial it comes to Health and Wellness. We were founded by Placid ajoku II. he is a national championship Division 1 football coach, but during his tenure at the division one school he continued to notice that many former athletes were out of shape. Athletes would come to the football games and they would be 20 to 50 pounds overweight. At this time by acid realized that his help was needed not on the field but off the field. All four of his players that he coached were drafted into the NFL. However he felt his calling was to help the people that actually we’re not playing sports anymore. The people that are forgotten about, and that is where our personal training Bravo sylheti comes into play. He has since helped over 600 former athletes and non former athletes across the entire world get back healthy. These people usually lose either 17 lb or 4% body fat in just the first month of doing the plan. This plan is a three point system that is designed to patch up all the holes that could exist in someone’s routine. The first hole that civically exists is too much cardio. When someone does a good bit of cardio their body will burn a little bit of fat, a little bit of muscle, and some calories. The issue with this is that the person is burning away muscle, and as you burn away muscle instead of your body becoming find intone it actually gets flabby and you get the reverse effect of what you’re looking for. The key is to do high intensity interval cardio. When cardio is performed in this manner it leads to you burning the maximum amount of fact, the maximum amount of calories, and building muscle at the same time since you are building muscle during this workout at least three more tighten and tone physique which is what many of our clients for personal training Roswell desire. It’s also saves time because it only needs to be 10 to 15 minutes as opposed to the 45 minutes of cardio that many people are doing right now. Workouts need to have compound movements that allow you to work your chest biceps, triceps and various other muscles at the same time. If you can work muscles at the same time then you again burn more fat as well as save time on your schedule. Many people have very busy schedules and the number one reason why people believe they cannot get into shape is because of their schedule. The truth is if something gets scheduled for personal training Roswell then it tends to happen so we make sure that all of our clients that their schedule with their workouts and their trainer so that they stay on track and hit their goals in a timely manner. nutrition comes down to three food groups which are carbohydrates, proteins, and good fats. Each of these serve their own purpose and are very important to reaching your health and fitness goals. Carbohydrates will kick-start a person’s metabolism for personal training Roswell so that when they work out they burn even more fat because their metabolism has been going for a majority of the day. Whereas when your metabolism does not get going in the morning if he comes that much more difficult to burn calories throughout the day. We solve this problem with our personalized nutrition guide.Accountability is a major pillar for personal training bras with clients at built Phoenix strong. We have weekly and monthly accountability meetings with metrics to ensure that our clients are staying on track towards their goals. During this time the clients meets with their accountability coach to discuss where the client may need help and where the trainer in visions of the client to get over the course of the next week. This ensures that the client and the chain to remain on the same page and that the client knows and can rest assured that they are not alone on their health and wellness journey and if they have a coach and Friend by their side each and every step of the way. When somebody knows they are not alone it makes completing the journey much more feasible. Our security stays open or six out of the seven days of the week. The first day is Monday, the second day is Tuesday, the third day is Wednesday, 4th day is Thursday,. These are the days that we are open from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Fridays we are still open at 5 a.m. but we close at 6 p.m. in order to allow our staff to get home to their families for the weekend. On Saturdays we open at 8 a.m. and remain open until 1 p.m. to ensure that our clients can still get their weekend workouts and stay on track towards their goals.