Health is not a destination but it is more so a lifestyle. This lifestyle is choosing to be healthy day in and day out with the actions that you do on a regular basis. In order for this to happen three main stars of Health needs to exist in your life. Getting these pillars started begins at built Phoenix strong the number one personal training facility in Roswell. We specialize in getting for athletes to be in phenomenal shape again. What we do is a three point system Fitness Nutrition accountability. this triangle leads to short-term and long-term results for all of our clients. For personal training Roswell when key is to do not isolation movements but more so compound exercises. Compound exercises are going to give you a chance to work a variety of muscles at the same time. These muscles them learn how to work together and grow together while burning fat. As these muscles grow together that’s where the toning and the tightening of the body comes from as they burn away the fat it gets rid of any looseness and cellulite that maybe on the skin. This will give you a positive look when you look in the mirror and have your body looking the way you want it to look. In order to get your body looking the way it did when you played Sports it comes from accountability. That’s really the biggest thing that changes when you stop playing sports nobody is holding you accountable anymore. So many former athletes upon completion of sports slowly lose their health and fitness because they are not being held accountable. Many when playing sports have bad habits like eating bad foods and going out and drinking and other various thanks. So when this person is no longer in a structured environment where their coaches are providing them with their workouts, and their coaches are providing them with their meals, and their coaches are holding them accountable,. The next thing that happens to these former athletes is that they begin making their own choices and regards to workouts. It is at this moment that former athletes realize that they do not know how to create their own workout personal training Roswell. They then need guidance so what they do is they go to Google and they search for many many workouts. They try work out after work out but they do not see the results that they want. And the reason why is because they do want to work out for two weeks and they do not stick to anything. So they do not give their body enough time to actually change. The way to change your body comes from repetition, repetition will lead to both definition as well as Aesthetics. So when a person switches from multiple workouts they don’t give their body a chance to get familiar with anything therefore they do not see the results that they want it. So in order to fix this you must have a plan that is tailored for you and your personal goals. This is the first thing we do for our clients that’s built Phoenix strong. Each new client comes in and does an initial assessment with our founder plastid a joker II. At this time he analyzes where they’re at and what their goals are and where they are trying to go. He then puts together a step-by-step process to their results. This process is called the success Road met. He has given this roadmap as a visual of what it is going to take for them to reach their newly desired goals. After this is given the client and rolls in a trial and during this trial are professional trainers are able to diagnose what area is the client is weekend so that the appropriate any deals for them. Also during this initial assessment nutrition is discussed in a deep session. The founder himself builds out nutrition plans reach new client so that they can stay in shape and reach their health and wellness goals. The nutrition guide is merely a guide. It is not a strict diet. The purpose of the guide is to make nutrition sustainable while allowing the clients to see results. Often times people will do diets for personal training Roswell but these diets will lead to Temporary results. When the muscle memory of the body takes in again the body will go back to what it used to look like as soon as it is not on bad to diet anymore. So our customized nutrition guide makes our clients able to eat foods without starving themselves or torturing themselves while still being able to see results taking then continue to eat this way for the rest of their lives because this is a sustainable form of healthy eating. Are accountability meetings with each and every client occur on a weekly and monthly basis this is where the accountability coach assesses where that client is at and what needs to change over the course of the next seven days before they meet again in order for the client to remain on track towards their goals. During these meetings the trainers also able to get their input added on what they think the client needs to work on and what awesome things they’re noticing from the personal training Roswell client. From there the client Begins the athlete Resurrection play in which is broken down into three phases. Phase 1, Phase 2, and phase 3 all train the body in different ways. The reason behind this is to continuously shock the body so that you get results. While still allowing the body to repeat in the fine because the phases are broken in two months. We like to set realistic expectations with our clients but also given them a chance to truly achieve their goals. We break the goals into achievable steps so that the client knows exactly what it is going to take for them to get to where they want to be. In order to make sure our clients are able to do this we are open six days a week in the heart of personal training Roswell. We do this so that clients regardless of their schedule are able to come in and train. We also offer in person as well as virtual personal training sessions so that clients can be on track where they travel for work, or on vacation, or at home, or wants to come in. We set out to make health and wellness as flexible as possible for any person so that everybody can see their goals. We are passionate about helping people reach their goals and maintaining their goals and being able to create new goals so they can be happy with the person that they see in their mirror both now and forevermore.