If you are looking for the number one highest-rated and most reviewed personal training studio in Roswell built Phoenix strong is the place. We are the number one personal training Roswell facility. We feature the Phoenix Training Method. This method has been used on over 600 former athletes to get these athletes back into shape after they had gained weight and fallen out of shape after their Sports careers ended. This Sports career could have been in high school, college, or even professional, for many people once they’re done with sports they fall out of shape because they do not know how to truly stay in shape themselves. The Phoenix method takes clients through a 90-day program designed to create results both inside and outside of the gym.

When personal training Roswell with us you will always see success, and visible changes in your body and the way that you look and the way that you feel. This is what we strive for at Built Phoenix strong and why we are so highly rated and respected in the city. Our training system is for anybody age is 18 all the way up to 65. the truth is if you have a desire to get in shape, then you can get in shape and at built Phoenix strong personal training Roswell, we will get you in shape. This begins first with nutrition, our clients first learn how to eat, because this is what most people struggle with. One of our clients Janine really struggled with her eating. She would eat well during the weekdays and then on the weekends she would reward herself with cheat meals time and time again this led to her gaining weight.

Once she learned the Phoenix Training Method she then learned how to eat and get in shape without giving up the food that she really likes. After a few weeks of working with us, she lost over 22 pounds and 8% body fat just by using our method. To this day she is still in great shape and very happy with the way she looks and feels this all starts with the first color nutrition.

Fitness is the next pillar, now the thing about Fitness is that it only works if you do. Our clients workout anywhere from two to four times a week this gives the body ample amount of time to work, rest, and recover. When following this system it allows for quick results as well as long term results for each and every client. Our client Rachel had really been struggling with her weight. She didn’t realize she needed a change until her boyfriend gave her a hug and she could feel him grab her side fat, this was her sign that it was time to get in shape. She had always been in shape when playing softball in both high school and college.

However, after finishing her Sports career she had been]] slowly gaining weight and did not even realize. The reason many do not realize that they are gaining weight is that people look at themselves in the mirror every single day so it is difficult for them to notice a change. This is why it is important to have a coach and trainer in your corner to keep track of your body measurements so you can stay on track towards your goals for personal training roswell. If anything changes you know right away and are able to make the necessary adjustments to get you back on track towards your goals.

Built Phoenix strong makes sure that every single client that comes in leaves knowing how to stay in shape. For many athletes in particular College athletes, they do not have the best eating habits. But the athlete’s workout so much during their season and also the offseason and they’re able to maintain a tremendous shape even though they do not eat very well. However when sports are over the former athlete is not working out as intense anymore but those poor eating habits are still present so after a while the weight slowly adds on in particular to the stomach, the inner thighs, the legs, and the back of the arms. The Former athletes’ metabolism is now slowing down and is not as fast as it once was, so this leads to them gaining much more weight than they’re used to having.

Many people will eat great during the week and then reward themselves at the weekend. However, with low metabolism, those few weekend meals can lead to massive weight gain over the course of one month or two months so on and so forth. When your metabolism is low certain bad meals can take up to 6 to 7 high-intensity workouts to offset that meal. These high-intensity workouts can either be composed of compound movements which is what we do for our personal training Roswell clients leading to weight loss and muscle gain. However, if the metabolism is low and high-intensity workouts are not done with compound movements it can lead to wasted time, weight gain, and frustration for anybody looking to lose weight.

When at Built Phoenix strong we teach a system that leads to success and results for personal training Roswell. This is why I built phoenix strong is so highly-ranked and respected in the state of Georgia. Why do we do this? Because people are working out more than ever but for some reason obesity rates are at an all-time high. I built strong we want to give an option for former athletes not to be a part of this trend, and for former athletes to get in shape and have a way to stay in shape for the rest of their lives. The Phoenix system gave athletes this, and we do not just work with former athletes we are at we work with anybody that wants to get in shape lose weight build muscle and get their dream body.