Phoenix philosophy is all about creating a healthy lifestyle for everybody. This is for men and women of all ages to get healthy and fit. Far too often people believe that in order to be healthy they have to be young. Any people gain weight as they get older and they begin to blame it on their genetics and other factors. Our personal training Roswell philosophies that anybody can get back into shape with the right plan laid out for them. The first step is the right plan. We are a personal training Roswell Studio that is designed to help people get back in shape and stay that way for the rest of their lives. In order for this to happen our clients must first realize that this is possible and that this can be done if they follow a specific system. Far too often people jump from work out to work out or plan to plan and this causes them to not see the change that they are looking for it.

At Built Phoenix strong personal training Roswell we will you put in the right path so that you can be successful. Our philosophy is that people of any age can be healthy. In particular former athletes, always look back at the younger cells when they played Sports and say that was when they were in the best shape their lives. The reason why is because Fitness Nutrition accountability for all provided for them by their superiors. If these three pillars are reinstalled into a person’s life and they can have success in their health and look great again. What we do is a 12-week program called The Athlete Resurrection plan is designed to take a former Ally from where they are straight to their desired goals without them even having to think about it. We essentially put the clients on autopilot and take them to their results hey, this is done by adding Fitness Nutrition and accountability into their life.

The goal is to rewire someone from the ground up so that they create a new healthy lifestyle, not a short-term diet or quick fix, but a healthy permanent sustainable lifestyle. In order to do this so I must be able to see the exact pathway that they will need to follow in order to achieve their goals. This pathway is the first service that we provide to our clients once they enroll let’s build Phoenix trunk. This is provided in the form of a success road map that details and outlines the exact pattern and steps L needs to be performed in order to achieve the client’s short-term and long-term goals. It all begins with your first phone consultation where we assess what changes you want to see and what Roblox might have been holding you back so far.

From there we schedule an in-person interview where we further assess what is going to take to get you to where you want to be. our first seven days are $1 in order for us to assess your general fitness and put together your success roadmap. I’m down you again evaluating nutrition which is the second pillar of hell, we tell me how many meals are having a day and what kind of day is yours. Nutrition needs to occur in order for you to be successful in your health both short-term and long-term. There we hold you accountable to the necessary path to get you success. This is our accountability pillar which is the most important no because if we were meant to do things by ourselves we would. There would be no teachers, there would be no officers and various other occupations. We need help in building a strong is here to help you reach your health and fitness goals by implementing Phoenix system. At the end of the 12-week program is personal training Roswell clients are able to workout eat and be accountable for us or not.

These workouts are done from our fitness facility on Old Alabama Road. We have various pieces of equipment that will allow someone looking to lose weight be successful it’s been a while so help anyone looking to tone their body or build muscle as well. We have bench presses which are great for building the chest the shoulders in the arms. They also have squat racks that are essential for building the lower body and getting nice toned legs. We also have mats that allow a person to work their core and get rid of their gut and make their stomach look the way that they desire. I also various pieces of cardio equipment that allow you to build up your wind and are great for your heart and cardiovascular endurance which is very important.

We also have a wide variety of dumbbells that allow great ranges of motion and allow you to work multiple muscles at the same time when doing your compound movements so that your results are accelerated. Artur floors allow for high-intensity interval training and are comfortable on your feet as well. Pictures of this facility are located online if you search for us. We take a very individualized approach to personal training. We are right next door to Smoothie King so after you finish your workout you can then properly feel your body for the rest of the day.

We are located on Old Alabama Road. Implements are personal training Roswell Fitness so that you can be successful every day. We are open six days a week allowing you to get your sweat on just about each and every day. Our founder did years and years of study during undergraduate and graduate study work. He was also a pre-med student as well. He is in trials and studies and experiments in order to discover the absolute best processes to see results in your health and fitness. He believes in making sure that your health and fitness are not just inside the gym thing but is outside of the gym as well by creating a healthy lifestyle for all Personal Training Roswell clients.