If you’ve been looking for a Roswell Fitness coach built Phoenix strong has just that for you. Bill Phoenix strong was founded in the year 2018 the division of helping former athletes get back into shape. Many times when people play sports whether it’s high school or college or professional when they look back at their life and years later they realize that they were in the best shape of their life when they were playing sports, and when they had a Roswell Fitness coach. I never once sports are over people tend to fall out of shape. But then a few years they have gained large amounts of weight, their cholesterol is high, their blood pressure is high, and they’re closed do not fit anymore because they are out of shape.

In order to fix this you must realize where it came from. You see when you are playing sports your coaches YG with everything it is like a luxury serviced. Your coaches provide you with your workouts. Many athletes workout 345 sometimes even 6 times a week with their coaches. They a fleet’s never have to come up with these workouts they are prepared for them in advance the athletes simply shows up before I was at a high-level listens to what the coaches say and address out there in Tip-Top shape for their Sport and 4 Life.

The next thing is nutrition many times especially the higher the level you go your nutrition is provided for you if not a meal plan like in college a professional you actually have a full-time nutritionist that prepares your meals for you tells you what to eat when to eat it and keep you on track. This make new trishan very easy. You also have accountability there are weekly monthly sometimes even daily meetings for the players to ensure that they are staying on track. Never once you stop playing the sports all of these are gone overnight.

So the average athlete about 93% gain at least 20 lb within 10 years of no longer playing the sport. And the reason why is because they don’t have a system in place. In order to get this system in place you need to hire a Roswell Fitness coach so that you can get back the balance that you once had. We call this balance at built Phoenix strong the three pillars of Health Nutrition, accountability and also Fitness. To get these and starting a new life we will implement the systems that you need so that it is back in full speed.

This starts with what we call your personalized success roadmap. This is truly a map to success. It is going to map out the detailed steps that need to be done by you daily, weekly, and monthly in order to reach your goals. This is huge for people because more times than not people have no idea where to start but I built Phoenix strongly make sure that you are put on track and you do know where to go and you do know what to do so that you can be happy with your body and reach your Wellness goals.