Losing weight is some thing that many people struggle to do obesity rates are at an all-time high in US history right now and the reason why is because people do not know how to lose weight and if they do lose the weight they do not know how to maintain the weight loss. The key to fixing this is the athlete resurrection plan is a plane that is tight at Built Phoenix Strong it is designed to take you from where you are right now straight to your desired goals without you even having to think about it this is a three Parang process that has helped over 2000 former at least get back into shape. Reason why it is very important for my athletes is former athlete Santa game 30 to 40 pounds within 5 to 10 years after they’re done playing sports. And the reason why‘s when you were playing sports your coaches provide everything for you. Echo to provide you with phenomenal workouts. You are typically working out in the gym 3 to 4 sometimes even five days a week at a high intensity level. These Roswell Fitness Coach workouts are compose a compound movements and they’re high tempo see you burning the maximum mount a fat while Brandon Max in amount of calories at the same time. As a result do you the air feet are in great shape. In regards to nutrition especially at the college level most athletes are giving unlimited food. This means the meal that they are allowed to have in their common cafeterias unlimited to them they can have as much as little food as they want. But you have your coaches giving you strict nutrition plans and diet plans and they hold you accountable to these diet plans at the absolute highest level. You are also having accountability means with your coaches where they go over your grades agave nutrition as well as your performance on the field every single day this is sometimes called film sessions. As a result you are in great shape because everything is done for you and puts you in a position to reach your fitness goals on auto pilot. And this is what we do for you at Built Phoenix Strong our custom tailor system is going to get you into the best shape of your life. We’re gonna provide you with a customized fitness plan this is also known as your success roadmap is a detailed plan that has step-by-step action steps that are going to take you to where you need to be and help you reach your goals and even faster rate than you originally planned. All of our clients also receive customize Roswell Fitness Coach nutrition guides this is key to making nutrition sustainable said you can keep your results forever. Maybe he will lose weight and gain it back at Built Phoenixstrong your weight is gone forever. We are the highest rated in most of you Jim and all of the city because we take the time to make sure that her clients are reaching their results. Our accountability meetings are the one thing that client server because these do not take place at the James. We care about our client Losing weight does not need to be as difficult as many people success I want to Fastrak you to where you want to be. So we do it very different from any other personal training service in the start of your success roadmap that’s the plan that we’ve been talking about it’s a Taylor towards you step-by-step plan to get UT results. It’s not going to be those cookie cutter work as it happened at the other gyms those plants in to be generic and they designed to keep a person active and moving but you will not actually reach your goals. Built Phoenix Strong we want you to reach your goals and be happy with you and success Tony weight loss in progress. From there we’re also going to have accountability meetings we’re going to weekly and monthly accountability meetings with metrics with you to keep you on track to your goals where is the most places there is no accountability. Outside of that 45 minutes to an hour with your Roswell Fitness Coach trainer you typically do not hear from this trainer again until it’s time for you next workout there’s so many hours ago by in between sessions Adam (Client) and Fowler but we

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Losing weight does not need to be as difficult as many people and make it if you have a simple system and a Roswell Fitness Coach. This makes it very possible to lose the way that you desire. The way to do this is the dealer step-by-step plan it take to get from where you are now to your desired goals without you having to think about the process that you go through to get there. This can be very difficult for me people to think about it when you hire professional and get started with a personal trainer this girl becomes very achievable. This path is what is known as a success roadmap. When I met one of our Built Phoenix Strong clients Susan several years ago before hiring a roswell fitness coach she was a grandma four grandkids and the mother of two kids and she was very out of state. She would walk on the treadmill for countless hours every single day and if not understand her nutrition. She starts new everything about working out I was confused as to why she’s not seeing the changes that she wanted in her body. To help with this all we did is we set up an assessment for her to show her what can be done to get her to where she wants to do. Once she started doing interval training working with her roswell fitness coach instead of walking on the treadmill she dropped 4% body fat and just one week. And the reason why is because interval training allows you to train at a higher intensity and burn the mass amount of fat and the maximum mount of calories in a short amount of time. Many people just walk on the treadmill this is low intensity. The problem with low intensity were in a little bit of that little bit of calories, but you actually burn a muscle at the same time too. Instead of building muscle like many people aspire to do actually burning away their muscle which sets them back significantly. They put together a plan I was going to show Susan how to do this. And she began doing it this way she knows that her muscles became much cleaner and she started building the Muscle in her body that she wanted. Is he can’t sustainable for her as well because he also tire nutrition a broken into the three main food category groups which are proteins carbohydrates and good fats. If a person can understand went to have each one and how much do how each meal they can message her body and they can Mesa nutrition and they can look exactly how they want to look. This is why we do it this way a Built Phoenix Strong so we can get all of our classrooms also they desire for themselves.Built Phoenix Strong is the Place for personal training if you’re looking to get in shape and change your Health and wellness forever. We have a custom tailored system that’s going to get you to where you want to be in your Health and wellness. One thing that we do to her from any other gym as accountability meetings. You will meet with your trainer on a weekly basis this meeting safe place every weekend we go over what needs to be done in order to keep you on track to where you want to go.