You may often wonder what the appropriate amount of days to work out each week is. It depends on the type of workouts you are doing. Our suggested amount of workouts is three days per week because of the intensity of our workouts with your Roswell fitness coach. When you meet for a training session, you will be challenged and pushed through a thirty minute, high intensity workout full of compound movements that focus on either the upper or lower body. When we first meet with potential clients, they always assume like many other people that you need to work out every single day.

I am here to tell you right now that is the farthest thing from the truth. First of all, it is extremely important to have a rest day at some point during the week. You do not want to push your body to the extreme because that can lead to injuries, which can become serious injuries if you are not taking the proper rest your body needs. Your Roswell fitness coach will talk about the suggested amount of days during your free fitness assessment when you first come to Built Phoenix Strong. They will explain why working out at least three days per week is the best decision for you and your body. If you are working out for thirty minutes, at a high intensity three times per week then you are expected to lose twenty pounds or four percent body fat like our average clients do. We recommend doing an upper body workout one day and then switching to a lower body workout the next time you have a training session because you want to try to avoid working the same body parts back to back.

This can also lead to straining of the muscles and eventually an injury possibly. When you meet with a Roswell fitness coach for a free fitness assessment, they will discuss how many days per week you are currently working out and what type of workouts you are doing. Then, they will create and design a workout plan that best fits your needs and can help you reach your goals within the first three months. Think about what you want your body to look like three months from now. How long has it been that you have been working on these fitness goals? How long have you been trying to lose that unwanted weight but hit a plateau everytime?

We are here to help you and tell you that you should work out at least three days per week. That is what our average clients do that lose either twenty pounds of four percent body fat in their first month. Yes, in their first month. That is why we are the number one rated and reviewed gym in Roswell. If you give us a call today, then we can schedule your free fitness assessment to go over your fitness goals and see where you would like to be three months from now, even six months from now. Then, we can come up with a plan for you that works best.

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How much water is too much water? It is important to make sure you are drinking enough water during the day especially after a workout with your Roswell fitness coach. When you wake up in the morning, you should drink at least a glass of water. This has many health benefits such as weight loss and healthier, brighter skin. If you begin your day by drinking a glass of water, then you are more likely to continue drinking water throughout the day. By drinking more water throughout the day, you will reduce inflammation in your body and be more hydrated.

Your Roswell fitness coach will talk about the three most important pillars of health before your fitness assessment. The three pillars of health that Built Phoenix Strong developed are fitness, nutrition, and accountability. You will receive a fitness nutrition guide that talks about what types of foods you should be eating and you should be drinking water with every single meal. It is highly suggested that you drink at least a gallon of water every single day. You will have really healthy skin, less inflammation, reduced weight, and other health benefits. When you meet with your Roswell fitness coach for a training session, it is extremely important that you are taking quick water breaks during that workout to replenish all the water your body is losing because of the high intensity workout.

You are more than likely going to be sweating so much from pushing your body so hard that you are going to need water. By drinking more water you will start to feel full before you finish all of your food during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One thing to be careful of is drinking too much water at one time. I know sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. At first, it will be very challenging to drink a gallon of water if you are not used to drinking that much water. If you are one of those people, I would suggest starting with drinking a glass at every single meal you eat that day. And during your workouts at Built Phoenix Strong.

The most important time you should be drinking water is right when you wake up and during and after a workout. Your body is losing so much water from sweating during your workout. You will also feel less bloated when you are getting the suggested daily intake of water. When you wake up in the morning, you will start to notice that by drinking water, you will look less bloated when you look in the mirror.

You can also try to drink a few ounces of water every hour throughout the day that helps ensure you are drinking at least a gallon of water every single day. You will start to notice all the differences when you are drinking water instead of tea, coffee, soda, and more. While you are working out with your personal trainer, you can ask them to grab a quick sip of water to replenish your body from doing so many repetitions and sets.